Written by Michael Close

Work of Michael Close

167 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Susan Kern.
Language: English

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Michael Close Introduction 1
Michael Close Assumptions 3
Michael Close The Lie Detector Lie Speller Plot, with prediction 7
Michael Close, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Under-the-Spread Force Handling 9
Bruce Cervon The Cervon "Perfect Speller" 11
Michael Close, Shigeo Takagi You Hue spectator's name is duplicated, using name index, variation on Takagi's "The Wild Blanks" 16
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Rhumba Count 19
Michael Close A Trick for O'Brien prediction with one-way deck kicker ("You will not pick the Joker"), back of selection changes 21
Michael Close Fortune Sugar prediction of number, color, object (forces and multiple outs) 25
Michael Close Venue 28
Michael Close, Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Reverse Logic four phase routine: named four-of a kind turns overInspired by 30
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 31
Unknown The Elevator Pass center block pass 32
Roger Klause Roger's Lovely Idea in spectator's handsInspired by 36
Unknown Packet Flip-Over as it is placed into other hand 38
Michael Close Too Ahead multiple phase routine with six coins, then five, then four 41
Unknown Fist Steal from closed fist 42
Ross Bertram Fist Swing Up Transfer 43
Michael Close The Discrepant Count sound illusion, x as x-1 47
Unknown Two as Three Display two coins quickly jiggled 51
Michael Close Personality 55
Michael Close On Sleights - It Starts with a Letter
- The Big Question
Michael Close The Bottom Deal 61
Michael Close, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Culling 62
Michael Close The Faro Shuffle 65
Michael Close The Last Card Push handling the last block in an undercount 67
Michael Close The MC Spread Double Lift additional ideas, no descriptionRelated to 68
Michael Close Out of U and ME clean turnover of one card, full deck of double backers 68
Michael Close Renaldo the Great routine for the vase and string trick, Chinese Prayer Vase 70
Michael Close, Jerry K. Hartman Pink Floyd four blue-backed jokers turn red, then blue again 78
Michael Close The Tamariz Rabbits presentation for Juan Tamariz' card set 85
Michael Close, Edward Marlo Red Blue Mama Fooler sticky tapeRelated toAlso published here 88
Michael Close Memorized Mama Fooler method with memorized deck and sticky card 91
Michael Close Rocco Returns routine for Ton Onosaka's "Lucky Lady" prop 93
Michael Close, Gaëtan Bloom Ring Fright ring transposes with car key 98
Michael Close Flourishes essay 101
Michael Close The Unreality Machine matchbook transforms into folded piece of paper 103
Michael Close Stupid Travelers comedy presentation, ambidextrous travelers in which spectator has jacket on and removes cards as finaleVariations 110
Derek Dingle, Michael Close Bluff Shift Handling to top 111
Larry Jennings One-Hand Bottom Palm 113
Larry Jennings, Michael Close L.J. Angle Steal Handling 114
Michael Close Center Steal Jennings' technique from centerInspired by 116
Michael Close Too Jay about Jay Marshall 120
Michael Close On the Memorized Deck - Which Stack?
- Learning the Stack
- The Open Index
- Estimation
- False Shuffles
- Deck Switches
Michael Close The Wishing Trick named card comes to top, any card at any number, memorized deck 126
Michael Close Two For Simon - Tut Tut four aces come together in deck reversed and trap selection, for memorized deck, Aronson Stack only 131
Michael Close Flushed With Success Royal Flush is found in deck via stack and faros, for memorized deck, Aronson Stack onlyRelated to 132
Michael Close Myopia two cards, estimation, inspired by Aronson's "Simon Eyes", memorized deck 134
Michael Close First Finger Estimation finger of left hand estimates thickness of packet it holds 135
Michael Close, Allan Ackerman The Invisible Deck ungaffed, memorized deckRelated toVariations 138
Michael Close The Half Pass cover for stand-up use 141
Michael Close, Roy Walton The Smiling Mule any named card appears in sandwich, memorized deckInspired byRelated to 143
Michael Close Monkey in the Middle routine for Goldman's effect, named card appears in sandwich, memorized deckVariations 145
Michael Close Center Glimpse 146
Michael Close The Haunted Deck named card, memorized deck, small handRelated to 148
Michael Close, Steve Draun Midnight Shift Variation 150
Michael Close Full Deck Passover named card from red deck to blue deck, memorized deck 152
Michael Close The Card Stab stabbing to any named card, memorized deckInspired by 154
Michael Close The Birthday Book memorized deck 156
Michael Close Jazzin - The Trick that Can be Explained finding a named card via improvisation 160
Michael Close Magic and Meaning 164
Michael Close Goodbye 166