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Harry Lorayne The Epitome Location Introduction
- Basic Principle
- Reasoning and Logic
- Calculations
- Endings
- Presentations
Edward Marlo Direct Statement Fishing 13
Unknown Color Separation Shuffle jog shuffle 15
Harry Lorayne Stalemate two cards removed, magician divines both 16
Harry Lorayne Poker Face finding mate of freely removed card by looking at dealt poker hands 17
Harry Lorayne Twice as Fast counting only one color 21
Harry Lorayne Simplified Super Riffle Diffle for colorsInspired by 22
Harry Lorayne Another Way one-way deck to find out color 24
Harry Lorayne Completely Impromptu Half at a Time strategy for faster deal-through, 50% of the time 24
Harry Lorayne Triple Mate one removed and two thought-of cards foundRelated toVariations 25