Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Various

559 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph Wierzbicki.
Language: English

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Harry Lorayne Forword 15
Harry Lorayne Tilt Sandwich Location mates come together from different parts and sandwich selectionVariations 21
Dai Vernon Tilt brief 21
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 22
Harry Lorayne Ace Sandwich Four aces are lost and found with sandwich cards 26
Edward Marlo Simple Shift brief 27
Harry Lorayne Lorayne Force brief 28
Harry Lorayne Ace Sandwich Four #2 aces are lost and found with sandwich cards 33
Harry Lorayne Sandwich Change 34
Harry Lorayne Ultra Pop-Up Cover Pass cover pass handlingVariations 37
Harry Lorayne Sandwich Ramblings sandwiched card in deck changes place (visibly) with isolated card, eleven methods 43
Unknown Snap Over Change 45
Harry Lorayne Brush Change stroked with left thumb, left hand holds deck 48
Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne Slip Cut as Cover Pass Substitute two methods 53
Harry Lorayne Tom Mullica mini bio 55
Tom Mullica The Future Change as card is pushed aside with hand that holds deckRelated to 56
Tom Mullica The Future Spread tabled card changes visibly as spread is scooped up, see also Eidetic ChangeRelated toVariations 59
Tom Mullica Future Toss 61
Tom Mullica Mexican "Change" Over card is scooped up and turned over on deck (not table)Variations 62
Harry Lorayne Ken Krenzel mini bio 66
Ken Krenzel Flip (Change) Over card is flipped over in hand and changes, no-deck-methodInspired by 67
Harry Lorayne Martin Nash mini bio 73
Martin A. Nash Fast Stack one shuffle and some cuttingRelated toVariationsAlso published here 74
Frederick Braue Brause Secret Add-On 75
Harry Lorayne A. Berkeley Davis mini bio 78
A. Berkeley Davis Square Up... And Away card travels from one half to sandwich in other half, duplicateRelated toVariations 79
Harry Lorayne Quadruple Jeopardy after some counting a layout of two four-of-a-kinds is there, or even three (see Afterthoughts) 83
Harry Lorayne Larry Jennings mini bio 87
Larry Jennings Count Me In top card turned over, value used to count down, selection reversed 88
Larry Jennings Cover Up Cut Alternative 89
Larry Jennings Open Control Related to 92
Harry Lorayne David Grenewetzki mini bio 96
David Grenewetzki, Brother John Hamman "TSHocker" with new deck order kickerInspired by 97
Harry Lorayne Concert Aces 100
Harry Lorayne Charles Hudson mini bio 104
Charles Hudson Sum Hummer Ace to Ten packet, mixed face up and down by spectator, number of reversed cards and their total predicted, CATO principleVariations 105
Charles Hudson The Royal Computer Kings and Queens are given to spectator for CATO procedure, two card turned over, two previous selectionsVariations 109
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch 109
Harry Lorayne A Card To Remember convoluted handling 115
Wesley James Coming Up In The World 116
Harry Lorayne Jean-Jacques Sanvert mini bio 120
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Instant Spread Reverse table spread, card placed in tabled spread and slid freeVariations 121
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Ribbon-Spread Techniques - Glimpse two glimpses of card inserted in table spread when spread is scooped upRelated to 125
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Psychological Force "Ribbon-Spread Techniques"Related to 128
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Almost Automatic Force "Ribbon-Spread Techniques" 128
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Control "Ribbon-Spread Techniques" 130
Harry Lorayne Sid R. Spocane II mini bio, Persi Diaconis 131
R. Sid Spocane II Fascinating Pair mini stay stack used to produce a mate 133
Persi Diaconis Anti-Faro Generalization up-down-jog procedure with two, three, four cards at a time as mixing procedure 134
Harry Lorayne Double Duck deal and duck in pairs of cards instead of singly, some applicationsVariations 138
Harry Lorayne Terry Lagerould mini bio 140
Terry LaGerould Fanta-Spread key card placement after domino spread turnover 141
Harry Lorayne Kings Find Queens inserted in table spread by magician next to them 142
Terry LaGerould Calling Card magicians names a card and cuts to it, repeated 144
Unknown Triple Under Cut 144
Terry LaGerould Pseud-O-Mem spectator names his card, magician its position 147
Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne A Sweet Four-Card Change get intoInspired byVariationsAlso published here 150
Harry Lorayne, Frederick Braue Braue Reversal Variation reversed cards end up below a cover card 150
Harry Lorayne Tom Craven mini bio 158
Tom Craven Three By Two pair of mates find three selections 159
Unknown Half Pass basic half pass, briefly 160
Harry Lorayne Edward Marlo mini bio 165
Edward Marlo Zig-Zag two methods 166
Edward Marlo Switchless Switch 167
Edward Marlo A Little More Nerve Inspired by 171
Edward Marlo A Little More Zip two cards are tossed to sandwich selection 173
Harry Lorayne, Reinhard Müller "Snap" Sandwich handling for the 3 Card Catch 175
Harry Lorayne Allan Ackerman mini bio 179
Allan Ackerman Ultra Sucker Insertion Ace of spades changes into selection with stabbing-presentation 180
Dai Vernon Running Cut Placement 180
Edward Marlo Book Break 181
Allan Ackerman Stabbing Force card stabbed into deck 181
Allan Ackerman Ultra Four Spot 183
Unknown Somersault Riffle Force bold discrepancy 183
Harry Lorayne Phil Goldstein mini bio, Max Maven 186
Philip T. Goldstein Double-Bluff two cards transpose from deck to deck (different back colors) two times 187
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Half-Faro Glimpse card peeked at in incomplete faro condition is glimpsed during waterfall 190
Tom Craven Incomplete Faro Jog Control 193
Harry Lorayne Harry Levine mini bio 195
Harry Levine HaLo Five basically cutting to royal flush 196
Harry Levine Con-Fusion three card location with transformations and stuff 198
Harry Levine Another Braue Reversal Variation cards reversed one single cover card 198
Harry Lorayne Herb Zarrow mini bio 200
Herb Zarrow Faro Throw-Off locator card changes into selection, faro is apparently used as part of method 201
Unknown Partial Charlier Cut to get break at reversed card 202
Harry Lorayne Easy Slider Walton/echter/Cummings/Dingle sliding productionVariations 205
Harry Lorayne J. K. Hartman mini bio 213
Jerry K. Hartman "Image-ician" using diminishing lift sequence 214
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 214
Edward Marlo Diminishing Lift Sequence 215
Ken Krenzel Spring Thought card is thought of during spring flourish 221
Ken Krenzel The Top Change discussion of Krenzel's methodVariations 224
Harry Lorayne Richard Kaufman mini bio 230
Richard Kaufman, Harry Lorayne General-ly 231
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move 231
Richard Kaufman Second-from-top Card Change 233
Richard Kaufman, Brother John Hamman Even Odder Ace to Four of Clubs, odd and even cards change place, all change to Hearts, ungaffed handlingInspired byRelated to 236
Harry Lorayne Meir Yedid mini bio 242
Meir Yedid Mixed-Up Poker 243
Harry Lorayne A Cutting Reverse flourishy cutting sequence to reverse half the deck in off-beat 243
Meir Yedid Thirteen Less One all cards of same suit as selection turn over in order, selection is missing and comes from pocket "or what have you"Related to 247
Harry Lorayne Michael J. Gerhardt mini bio 250
Michael J. Gerhardt Super Triumph Inspired by
  • "Triumph im Triumph" (Ernst Schösser, ZauBerlin, 1979, issue 2)
Related toVariations
Harry Lorayne, Robert E. Neale Voice Print eight cards, programming, binaryRelated toVariations 256
Unknown Small Packet Fan Faro 260
Harry Lorayne Bob King mini bio 262
Bob King Programmed Lie Detector full deck 263
Bob King All-Fair Poker real shuffle, yet straights for all and royal flush for performer, gilbreath 267
Harry Lorayne Tim Wenk mini bio 273
Tim Wenk A Good Case card to card case, folded 274
Tim Wenk One-Handed Fold palm fold to quarters 275
Harry Lorayne Nick Pudar mini bio 279
Nick Pudar Fold-er-ol folded card in case, unfolded card outside box, the folds transpose 280
Harry Lorayne Eddy Taytelbaum mini bio 284
Eddie Taytelbaum Inter-Dimension card through card case 285
Eddie Taytelbaum Produce Four card appears outjogged in fan 291
Harry Lorayne Jim Swain mini bio 294
James Swain Roundup three cover-passes-handlingInspired by 295
James Swain The Vanishing Aces aces vanish and reappear face up in center, passesRelated to 298
Harry Lorayne, James Swain Vanishing Aces Explored additions for Swain's effect:
- The Card Between
- Kings Between
James Swain Innov-ace-tion aces pushed in deck separatedly, one to top, one to bottom, one reversed, on sandwiched between to previous selections 307
James Swain Ladder ATFUS 308
Larry Jennings Double Peek One Cut Control 312
Harry Lorayne Reinhard Müller mini bio 313
Reinhard Müller, Justin Branch "Mish Mosh" gilbreath and dealing procedure to separate suits, non-faro method of a Justin Branch effectVariations 314
Harry Lorayne André Robert mini bio 320
André Robert Strategy two cards trap two selections bit by bit with faros in between 321
André Robert Treasure Hunt aces show up face up and sandwich selection, faros 324
Terry LaGerould Gone With The Wind stand up deck vanish except selection 331
Unknown No Deck Tilt tilt under single card, apparently whole deck 332
Ken Krenzel Through The Fist Double 333
Terry LaGerould The Nickel Knows spelling using words on coin leads to all Fives, using a coinInspired by 334
Harry Lorayne Out Of Hand distant key, faroVariations 337
Harry Lorayne Faro Sandwich brief 341
Harry Lorayne Paul Gertner mini bio 342
Paul Gertner "Unshuffled" faro, based on concept by Michael S. Ewer described by Charlie Miller (Genii Vol. 37 No. 11, Nov. 1973), see also Robert Wicks for credit informationRelated toVariationsAlso published here 343
Harry Lorayne Jon Racherbaumer mini bio 347
Jon Racherbaumer Mutual Aid Sandwich two selections sandwich a third selectionInspired by 348
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Cut 348
Henry Christ Henry Christ Force 349
Jon Racherbaumer The Aces Turn To Collect Twisted Collectors plotRelated to 352
Edward Marlo ATFUS 353
Jon Racherbaumer Reflex Spell selection by cutting off a number of cards and remembering card at that position, automatic placement 356
Harry Lorayne Looy Simonoff mini bio 359
Looy Simonoff Two Spread Bottom Palms: Spread-Pass Bottom Palm 360
Looy Simonoff Counter-Clockwise Bottom Palm 363
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne "Spread Out" spread pass with single card from center, also into right palm 366
Harry Lorayne Weird Spread Palm selection in center is turned perpendicularAlso published here 371
Harry Lorayne Snap Lap bottom cardsAlso published here 376
Harry Lorayne HaLo For Four multiple card lap, cutting actionAlso published here 378
Harry Lorayne Aces Vanish Quickie Also published here 380
Harry Lorayne Center Deal Demonstration 381
Harry Lorayne Bob Farmer mini bio 385
Bob Farmer Reversatility method for facing the deck or reversing cards at center:
- To reverse a card
- Without a tabletop
- To reverse a card at a known position
- To reverse cards throughout the deck
- To reverse a card in a packet
Charles Hudson Invisible Inserts two selections reverse one by one, invisible card presentation 395
Harry Lorayne Dennis Marks mini bio 398
Dennis Marks That's Incredible spectator cuts to his own selection 399
James Steranko, Jerry Andrus Lateral Palm Side Steal 399
Dennis Marks Lateral Palm Hold Out shuffling while holding a card in lateral palm 399
Dennis Marks Lateral Palm Replacement 401
Jerry K. Hartman Whole In One torn in half and restored, signed 404
Harry Lorayne Push-Through Change see also notes 3 and 4 on page 411 408
Harry Lorayne Don England mini bio 414
Don England Open Travelers Plus aces to kings transformation as kickerInspired byVariations 415
Edward Marlo Card Substitution as cards are removed while spreading and placed to back 415
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 416
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 418
Don England Twisted Hofzinser comboVariations 420
Geoffrey Latta, Robert Walker "Bass Ackward" Wily Turn twisting sequence 423
Harry Lorayne "Kick-Strip" Control in the hands cutting sequence 424
Harry Lorayne Strip-"Kicker" card tossed in deck turns over and finds two selections 427
Harry Lorayne, Bruce Elliott The Lorayne Control to second from bottomInspired by 431
Unknown Side Glide 432
Harry Lorayne Robert Walker mini bio 435
Robert Walker Surface Sandwich two cards appear one by one between sandwich cardsVariations 436
Robert Walker, Edward Marlo ATFUS Variation 438
Tom Craven Rising Sandwich card peeked at in bottom half appears between sandwich cards in top half 441
Harry Lorayne Bernard Bilis mini bio 447
Bernard Bilis A Visible Transposition a card injogged and a card outjogged face up, visible transposition 448
Unknown Injogged Color Change injogged card changes, forefinger push 449
Harry Lorayne Jeff Altman mini bio 451
Jeff Altman Top-Cover Sandwich Related to 452
Unknown Bluff Fan Insertion apparently at different positions in fan 453
Jeff Altman Miracle Time wrong card that's reversed in deck changes into previous selection 455
Larry Jennings Ribbon Spread Reverse card reversed during ribbon spread turnover, credit unsureRelated to 456
Jeff Altman, Art Altman Cen-Transpo tabled card with card in center 459
Jeff Altman The Altman Maneuver card in center is apparently turned over, but comes from top 459
Harry Lorayne Triumphant Cut-A-Way aces reversed at end 461
Harry Lorayne Another Triumph Cutting Display Variation Inspired byRelated to 461
Harry Lorayne Peter Marshall mini bio 464
Peter Marshall, Gene Maze Troika two wrong cards sandwich actual selection, inspired by a Gene Maze routine 465
Peter Marshall Conglomer-ace-tion using different ideas, including Marlo's "Bluff Aces" 468
Frederick Braue, Harry Lorayne Braue Reversal Variation enamed "RTP" - Reverse To Position 468
Philip T. Goldstein Ascension transformation kicker, inspired by of Roy Walton's "Oil and Queens"Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 473
Unknown Elmsley Count with Packet in Hand 473
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count brief 474
Harry Lorayne Jack Birnman mini bio 477
Jack Birnman False Identity Ace to Three are removed, named value transforms into selection 478
Jack Birnman Cover Control card controlled to small number from top, cover pass substitute 479
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Moving Up black Aces keep juming to top in four Ace packet, inspired by Hartman effect, two methodsInspired by
  • an idea from "Odd Lifts" (J. K. Hartman)
Related to
Harry Lorayne Revers-able for one card, cutting thing, two handlingsAlso published here 495
Harry Lorayne Revers-able For Four for small number of cards, cutting thing, two handlings 498
Larry Jennings Spectator-Peek Glimpse after peek 501
Larry Jennings Try To Remember out of hand selection, faro, performer knows position of card 504
Unknown Faro Slough-Off 506
Larry Jennings, Edward Marlo All Systems Go beginning by Marlo 507
Henry Christ Christ Twist 509
Harry Lorayne Swing Cut Reverse 511
Harry Lorayne Ron Ferris mini bio 512
Ron Ferris, Harry Lorayne Firestorm Two top cards of freely cut to packets are divined, one ahead, red black separation kicker 513
Ron Ferris Sandfire top and bottom cards of packets are divined, then suddenly royal flush in all packets 519
Harry Lorayne Steve Minch mini bio, Stephen 521
Stephen Minch Aces Over Teakettle 522
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve 523
Bruce Cervon Pivot Revelation 525
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move 526
Stephen Minch Force Feed biddle count, spectator says stopRelated toVariations 528
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Between 530
Harry Lorayne Spectator Force Feed Between 530
Harry Lorayne Spectator Force Feed Between #2 531
Harry Lorayne Between Four four Aces trap selection 531
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Eight two four-of-a-kinds 534
Harry Lorayne Ultraces Aces lost, come to top at once 539
Harry Lorayne Ultra Move also to add a card to small packet 540
Harry Lorayne Ultroon coin vanishes when picked up from deck 545
Harry Lorayne, Richard Kaufman Two-Handed Ultra Move 548
Harry Lorayne The Lazy Man's Ultra Move Related to 553
Harry Lorayne Ultra Location red black alternating deck 556
Harry Lorayne Last Word 558