Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Various

567 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Robert E. Lorayne.
Language: English

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Harry Lorayne Foreword 15
Harry Lorayne Mike Gallo mini bio 19
Mike Gallo Direct Jack Sandwich two separated cards come together to sandwich selection, odd-backed sandwich cardsInspired by 20
Harry Lorayne Peter Marshall mini bio 25
Jay Marshall, Mike Gallo Same-Color Direct Jack Sandwich two separated cards come together to sandwich selection 26
Harry Lorayne Direct Sandwich Expansion after preceding sandwich routine, second selection turns over in deck 29
Mike Gallo Radi-Cull four indifferent cards change to selection, selection disappears, small packet all backs, all change to kings 32
Mike Gallo Simple Control 32
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change 34
Unknown All Alike Display 35
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 36
Harry Lorayne Jonathan Townsend mini bio 39
Jonathan Townsend Wild Coin Surprise copper/silver wild coin sequence, chinese coins climax 40
Jonathan Townsend Shuttle Pass very brief 41
Unknown One Handed C/S Coin Turnover as transformation 42
Unknown Spellbound Transformation 43
Jonathan Townsend Full-Deck Oil and Water actually Triumph 45
Edward Marlo Perfect False Riffle Shuffle very brief 45
Edward Marlo Table Palm 46
Jonathan Townsend Waving In Triumph 48
Jonathan Townsend Tenkai Palm Scoop Up Replacement as spread deck is scooped up 50
Harry Lorayne Michael Rubinstein mini bio 52
Michael Rubinstein Case Solved marked coin and card travel into card case (with slit) 53
Unknown Holding Back Card in Case 55
Peter Marshall Off-Color Monte four cards 58
Peter Marshall Flushtrated Elmsley Count 59
Harry Lorayne Louis Falanga mini bio 65
Louis Falanga Jo-King four jokers to kings 66
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move 66
Unknown Broken Elmsley Count 68
Louis Falanga In Case of Fire double backer 70
Louis Falanga Ace-Sumed Coincidence spectator touches aces, double backer 73
Harry Lorayne Randy Tanner mini bio 75
Randy Tanner The Rubber Band Deck Switch accidentally breaking rubber bandRelated to 76
Randy Tanner The Magician's Piggy Bank four half dollars travel into card case, as climax it is full with forty-two coins 79
Harry Lorayne Joey Gallo mini bio 84
Joey Gallo Qua-Druple face up face down shuffle, aces found, change to kings, aces from pocket 85
Unknown Swivel Cut 86
Unknown Injogged Drop of top half 86
Joey Gallo Red Herring Location reversed card ends up next to selection 91
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 92
Harry Lorayne A. Berkeley Davis mini bio 95
A. Berkeley Davis Roger And Out spectator divines card, instant stooge 96
Harry Lorayne Lorayne Force to Hide Card in fan 98
Peter Marshall Mental Sandwich 100
Audley Walsh Bluff Fan Insertion apparently at different positions in fan 101
Peter Marshall Mentally-Per thought-of card vanishes from packet to anywhere, double facer 103
Unknown Automatic Placement Force 104
Harry Lorayne Gerald Deutsch mini bio 109
Gerald Deutsch Colorful Spell card is spelled to, reversed itself, color changing backs kicker 110
Terry LaGerould Calling Card magicians names a card and cuts to it 112
Gerald Deutsch Eye Cop sandwiched selection cut in deck transforms into different card, selection from "wherever" 114
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Cop here to first cop then lap the card 115
Gerald Deutsch Key Ring impromptu method for ring flight 117
Harry Lorayne Fred C. Baumann mini bio 122
Fred C. Baumann Left Face - Right Face two wrong cards found, transform in right card, wrongs from pockets, double facer 123
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Cut 123
Fred C. Baumann Cultural Exchange copper silver transpo, change to four Chinese coins 126
Unknown Purse Palm Morritt Palm 128
Harry Lorayne Robert Bengel mini bio 130
Robert Bengel Signatures Attract business card finds selection, prediction on business card 131
Harry Lorayne Lorayne Force brief 131
Robert Bengel Flight For 3, Rescheduled three selections vanish from queens, reappears between aces in deck (interlaced vanish)Inspired by 135
Frederick Braue, Harry Lorayne Braue Reversal Variation broken up with selection process during cutting action 135
Paul Cummins Small Packet Reversal reversing one of four cards as they are displayed 137
Paul Harris Interlaced Vanish Display Count 139
Harry Lorayne Bob King mini bio 142
Bob King Direct Stop 143
Bob King Center Deal 143
Bob King Small Packet Turnover Bottom Deal small tabled packet is apparently turned over with its top card, but it's the bottom one 145
Bob King Mental Poker 146
Bob King Turnover Lap Switch card is scooped up and turned over at table edge 148
Harry Lorayne Mike Bornstein mini bio 150
Mike Bornstein On Target featuring a key card cutting placement 151
Unknown Injogged Spring springing top half onto selection 151
Mike Bornstein Svengali Prediction svengali deck 155
Harry Lorayne J. K. Hartman mini bio 161
Jerry K. Hartman Mini Ha Ha card shrinks to miniature card 162
Jerry K. Hartman Suit-De-Suit different method without bluff-switchInspired by 169
Harry Lorayne Curtis Kam mini bio 174
Curtis Kam Jack In The Box joker vanishes from card case visibly and reappears inside 175
Curtis Kam Palm to Case Transfer palmed card is loaded under case in gesture 176
Curtis Kam Case Extraction 178
Curtis Kam "Lonely" Coins Through Table getting rid of superfluous couting 180
Edward Marlo Rub-Back Move rubbing coin on table, vanish, lapping 182
Mike Gallo, Curtis Kam Coins Through Table Kicker 183
Curtis Kam A Cardcase Vanish cardcase gaff with flap 185
Ken Krenzel, Curtis Kam Ken Krenzel's Suggestion card case and selection vanishes, reappear in pocket 188
Harry Lorayne Lou Gallo mini bio 190
Lou Gallo Dribblation spectators stops while dribbling to form four piles, aces 191
Lou Gallo Im-Packed disguised Christ Force, selection changes back color 196
Harry Lorayne Russell Barnhart mini bio 200
Russell T. Barnhart Follow That Card indifferent card changes into selection away from deck, clean 201
Russell T. Barnhart Squeeze Steal from center, in-the-hands spread cover 201
Russell T. Barnhart Adding Card in Master Palm to Single 204
Russell T. Barnhart Squeeze Steal as Switch with double 205
Russell T. Barnhart My Best Trick card on table not shown during transposition, changes into previous selection 208
Russell T. Barnhart Top "Snap" Change similar to so-called Hofzinser type Top Change 209
Harry Lorayne Michael Louis mini bio 211
Michael Louis Goin' Fishin' - With Friends revelation of selection, then the 3 matesInspired by 212
Harry Lorayne Goin' Fishin' pop-out production using HaLo Cut 214
Harry Lorayne Barry Stevenson mini bio 221
Barry Stevenson The Leeds Production cards from empty hands production, wrist watch hold-out 222
Unknown Rear Palm position 223
Barry Stevenson Split Waterfall stealing cards into back palm during waterfall flourish 228
Harry Lorayne Sol Stone mini bio 231
Sol Stone Linking Rings a pair of chain links links and unlinks, several phases and ideas 232
Harry Lorayne Nick Pudar mini bio 240
Nick Pudar "Block"Buster Ace Assembly at the end all packets are glued together ala solid deception 241
Nick Pudar Pips Queek Five of Clubs to Four of Clubs by removing the center pip, then four pips fall off leaving holes 245
Michael Louis Easy Pickings Inspired by 247
Dai Vernon "No Palm" Color Change 250
Nick Pudar Perspective picture of joker gets smaller and bigger on card 253
Randy Tanner The Psychic Queen index of card is printed on a queen for instant stooging 256
Harry Lorayne Ken Krenzel mini bio 259
Ken Krenzel Point of Contrast card at thought of number travels to named numberRelated to 260
Ken Krenzel Deck Turnover in context of trick 261
Ken Krenzel No-Switch Upjog Control Related to 263
Harry Lorayne Dan Garrett mini bio 267
Dan Garrett Force-Ooth rub a dub-dub vanish as switch or force 268
Harry Lorayne Richard Vollmer mini bio 273
Richard Vollmer N-E-T Profit two-pile-stop trick with Eight/Nine/Ten set-upRelated to 274
Unknown Faro Slough-Off 274
Richard Vollmer A Royal Flush Dream some pile making and dealing to produce royal flush 277
Jerry K. Hartman Top Draw-Er spectator choses card to complete royal flush 280
Tom Mullica Mexican "Change" Over card is scooped up and turned over on deck (not table)Related to 281
A. Berkeley Davis Poker/Bridge Demonstration full deck stack, automatic reset, faro 285
A. Berkeley Davis Non-Faro P/B Demonstration Poker/Bridge, full deck stack, automatic reset 290
Harry Lorayne Meir Yedid mini bio 292
Meir Yedid Born Again double backer is split into two cards which produce another card (baby) 293
Jeff Busby Squeeze-Out card rises out between two other cards, for credit information see referenceRelated to 296
Meir Yedid My Son, My Son female names on faces of all, single male name on back of selection 299
Meir Yedid Envelope Switch switch with prediction envelope as cover 300
Barry Stevenson Signed Sandwich card (signed by performer) travels between aces in spectator's hands, half forcing deck with signed duplicates 303
Harry Lorayne Edward Marlo mini bio 307
Edward Marlo Wrong Coin with 4 different coins, international matrix 308
Harry Lorayne Jean-Jacques Sanvert mini bio 313
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Visual Turn deck turns over twice 314
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Twisting The Colors ace to four turn over, color changing back kicker 317
Michael Louis All Alike Display 325
Harry Lorayne Walter E. Cummings mini bio 325
Walter E. Cummings Match Game quick production sequenceVariations 326
Unknown Top to Bottom Transfer without disturbing the top stock 326
Walter E. Cummings Faro Location/Display using incomplete faro 329
Harry Lorayne Display Reversal after incomplete faro productionInspired byAlso published here 331
Walter E. Cummings The Karate Move with several applications, does the same as the ultra move 333
Walter E. Cummings Ambitious Karate using Karate Move 333
Walter E. Cummings Karate Top Change not really similar to classic top change 336
Walter E. Cummings Karate Card Control 337
Harry Lorayne, Walter E. Cummings Karate Secret Reversal 338
Harry Lorayne Walt Maddison mini bio 340
Walt Maddison Computer Style incomplete faro sliding block revelation 341
Walt Maddison Eenie Meenie, Mienie, Mo 347
Sol Stone Inflation bill switch 351
Harry Lorayne Jeff Altman mini bio 357
Jeff Altman High Speed spectator and magician each find two Aces, are lost and found reversed in center 358
Art Altman Slip Force Handling Variations 358
Art Altman Riffle Force 359
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 361
Jeff Altman Startling Sandwich selections travels to tabled sandwich cards 366
Unknown Triple Cut to Top brief 366
Ken Krenzel, Harry Lorayne Invisible Reverse Transfer center card reversed to anywhere 367
Randy Tanner The Covered Switch jinx switch dynamics 371
Randy Tanner Perfect Poker any named value is dealt, magician becomes royal flush 375
Unknown Riffle Stack basic procedure 376
Edward Marlo After Rhod tableing double cards from small packets, as much as four doubles (eight as four) 381
Daniel Rhod Four as Three Laydown four card packet, laydown on table with 1 double and 2 singles 381
Edward Marlo Pivot-Jog Turnover pivot spread, book break, also with multiple breaks 381
Edward Marlo Four Packet Ambition four aces on four packets are placed to bottom and travel back up 384
Edward Marlo After Rhod, Continued four ace switch using double card handling from small packet 4 times 389
Edward Marlo After Rhod, Center Laydown double card laydowns from center of deck 390
Edward Marlo Snap Card Changes tabled card or double in hand changes with a snap of the right fingers, two methods 393
Unknown Instantaneous Vanish 394
Meir Yedid Bill Of Fair 397
Harry Lorayne Phil Goldstein mini bio, Max Maven 402
Philip T. Goldstein Future Indicative deck cut in 4 packets, spectator choses top card of one pile, top cards of other piles are used to count down, mates to selection found 403
Harry Lorayne Past Participle deck cut in four packets by spectator, spectator choses top card of one pile, top cards of other piles are used to count down, mates to selection found 406
Harry Lorayne Dangling Participle spectator cuts deck in four piles, value of top card of piles are counted down to find their mates 410
Harry Lorayne Robert Farmer mini bio 414
Bob Farmer The Packet Transfer (PAT) Switch versatile switch on top of deck without breaks
- PAT Switch I: for partial packet switches
- PAT Switch II: for complete packet switch
Related to 415
Bob Farmer To Add 1 Card, Subtract None PAT Switch variation 420
Bob Farmer To Switch One Card Of 3 (Add 1, Subtract 1) PAT Switch variation 420
Bob Farmer A Face-Up Switch PAT Switch variation 421
Bob Farmer, Frederick Braue Braue Add-On Handling PAT Switch application 421
Bob Farmer Ambiguous Snake Of A Thousand Laughs three cards transform multiple times, ungaffed 423
Bob Farmer Mixdemeanor 4&4, oil & water in reverse 430
Philip T. Goldstein Sub-Scription signed joker travels up and down in 4-card-packet, double backers 437
Philip T. Goldstein, Brother John Hamman Pinch Grip Flushtration Count 438
Bob King Bluff Cut Aces and KingsVariations 442
Edward Marlo, Bob King Drag-Off Switch 444
Bob King Simplex Reverse Matrix 446
Jonathan Townsend Instant Wild Coins dimes and pennies, edge grip, HPC 450
Unknown Edge Grip 450
Jonathan Townsend Han Ping Chien from Edge Grip 451
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Wild Jokers Transposed four jokers change into aces one by one 453
Dan Garrett Master's Open (Prediction) performer deals 457
Harry Lorayne Stephen Minch mini bio 461
Stephen Minch Main Attraction any named card turns blue, two selections are found on both sides of itInspired by 462
Unknown Ovette Master Move to second from bottom 465
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Again selection and mate are found 468
Stephen Minch Force Feed 468
Michael Louis, Daryl Martinez Chameleons All odd-backed packet changes to duplicate of three selections 471
Jeff Altman Call Again The Visitor 476
Harry Lorayne Ben Harris mini bio 483
Ben Harris Signed Blendex odd-backed card finds signed selection, then becomes signed selection 484
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm brief 485
Harry Lorayne Double-Lift Palm palming second card the instant the top card is removed 487
Ben Harris Peek Finesse featuring a break display 491
Michael Rubinstein Giant Coins Through Table 494
Harry Lorayne Charles M. Hudson mini bio 500
Charles Hudson Smart Deck cards reverse that indicate color, suit, value... 501
Keith Breen, Edward Marlo Successive Reversals one by one cards can be turned over, alluded Marlo creditRelated to 502
Charles Hudson The Visine Trick all black climaxInspired by 506
Harry Lorayne Tom Mullica mini bio 509
Tom Mullica Fourthright Christ Aces with four selections instead of aces 510
Tom Mullica, Brother John Hamman Two-Card Trick, Revisited two red backed cards change to blue, then backInspired by 516
Theodore Annemann Alignment Move 517
Harry Lorayne Tom Craven mini bio 520
Tom Craven Expanded 10-20 Force for two cards 521
Unknown Milk Shuffle 522
Tom Craven Blank(et) Prediction 524
Frederick Braue Braue Secret Add-On Move 525
Tom Craven Spin Change wrong card is tossed and splits into two selections in the air 527
Harry Lorayne Tony Noice mini bio 533
Tony Noice Nice Touches indifferent card visually changes into selection 534
Tony Noice Single Card Half Pass bottom card 534
Tony Noice Ultra Jokers two jokers transform into selections 537
Richard Vollmer Together At Last Variations 540
Mike Bornstein Stretch Out long spread of card between the hands without visible support, rubber band 544
Meir Yedid Cliff Hanger long spread of card between the hands without visible supportRelated to 546
Robert Bengel Flight Unseen three silver coins in napkin change place one by one with 3 copper coins 549
Gerald Deutsch Four Through four aces through the table one by one, similar to Miesel's "Four Aces Through the Table" (MUM, 11/1971) 553
Gerald Deutsch Top Card Lap as some tabled cards are scooped up 553
Slydini, Gerald Deutsch Timing Principle Lap 555
Edward Marlo Screening Action Lapping 556
Gerald Deutsch Table Card Vanish lapping 558
Harry Lorayne Terry Lagerould mini bio 559
Terry LaGerould Lost And Found backwards count as prediction, "Countdown Force"Related toVariations 560
Terry LaGerould Relationships deck of cards and dice are used to force letters A and D, Ace of Diamonds is foundVariations 563
Harry Lorayne Relationships Plus deck of cards and dice are used to force letters A and D, Ace of Diamonds is found along with other AcesInspired byRelated to 565
Harry Lorayne Last Word 567