Written by Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon

Work of Dai Vernon

72 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Dai Vernon.
Language: English

(36 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Faucett Ross The Manuscript Story How the $20 manuscript was put together 7
Dai Vernon Sales Letter The letter introducing the prospectus that described the ten effects to be included in the $20 manuscript 10
Faucett Ross The Prospectus Faucett's description of the ten Vernon miracles that was submitted to Fulton Oursler 11
Dai Vernon Vernon Five Card Mental Force Variations 20
Dai Vernon Vernon Miracle Card Location daub on case 21
Dai Vernon Club Version of the "Miracle Card Location", daub, full deck stack, four or five cardsRelated to 22
Dai Vernon Vernon Super Count Down thought-of number is dealt, performer finds it out, also with selection, red-black alternating set-upVariations 23
Dai Vernon Red-Black Alternating Shuffle 23
Dai Vernon Vernon Super Card Prediction stabbing force with principle that used deck splits always at same point 24
Dai Vernon Vernon Poker Demonstration 26
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Stack 26
Dai Vernon Vernon Automatic Second Deal hole in top cardRelated to 28
Dai Vernon Slow Motion Card Vanish 29
Dai Vernon The Vernon Card Puzzle 32
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 32
Dai Vernon Packet to Packet Transfer 34
Dai Vernon The Vernon Four Aces Nomad style 35
Dai Vernon Reverse Count Switch aces counted off and replaced on pack 35
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 36
Dai Vernon The Vernon Card Divination card thought of from half the deck, multiple out divination 37
Dai Vernon Follow The Leader 42
Howard Lyons Further Data on the Foregoing Trick credit information on "Follow The Leader" plot 43
Dai Vernon Another You Do As I Do 45
Dai Vernon Novel Card Transposition card on table with card at chosen number in deck 47
Dai Vernon Perfect Coin Vanish 48
Dai Vernon Short Change With Long Green using glued bills 49
Dai Vernon Five Card Mental Selection card of five cards divined an placed in pocket 54
Dai Vernon Another Smear gum from envelope 55
Dai Vernon New Super Countdown red-black alternating set-up, gilbreath 55
Dai Vernon Puzzling Demonstration top two cards transpose, also as fake second dealRelated to 56
Dai Vernon Edgewise bottom card of deck changes 57
Dai Vernon Improved Card Puzzle 58
Dai Vernon New Divination one of top twelve, card and position remembered 60
Dai Vernon A Peek jog 63
Dai Vernon Vernon Poker Routine - Revised 64
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Stack 65