Written by Stephen Minch

Work of John Carney

266 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles.
Language: English

(107 entries)


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John Carney Acknowledgements iv
Michael Skinner Introductory Encomia vii
Mike Caveney Introductory Encomia vii
Stephen Minch Introductory Encomia ix
John Carney Secret Philosophy - Progress Well Begun
- Approaches to Artifice
- Beyond Craft
- The Magical Muse
- Perspective on Our Personal Planets
- The Shape of Cut Cloth
- Misdirection
- In Conclusion
John Carney Current Classic sponge ball appears, vanishes, reproduced from spectator's pocket, splitting in two, spectator's hand finish 3
John Carney Sponge Ball Production visualRelated to 4
John Carney False Transfer 6
John Carney Predictable Surprise prediction on napkin is correct, selection travels under napkin 11
Unknown Tabled Jog placing deck with jogged card on table 11
Max Malini One-Hand Break at Jog 12
Unknown Dribbling the Cards 12
Unknown Dribble Force 12
John Carney Side Glide Handling 12
Unknown Bottom Palm brief 13
John Carney Straggler all cards except selection penetrate napkin 15
John Carney Final Trace deck wrapped in napkin vanishes, napkin is burned and on arm name of card appears after rubbing of ashes 19
John Carney Full Deck Cop 22
John Carney Soft Glass coin penetrates bottom of glass multiple times, then glass is covered and penetrates table, for coin trough bottom sequence see also Joaquin Navajas "Moneda a traves de un vaso" in "Monedas Personales" (1985)Related toVariations 25
Unknown Topple Vanish 26
John Carney Chill Pack 33
John Carney Poor Man's Card Manipulation three cards vanish and reappear, for close-up useRelated to 36
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 38
Unknown Open Finger While Classic Palming for manipulation 39
John Carney Aerial Production Variation 41
John Carney Ethereal Pack joker shows up again and again instead of selection, deck vanishes except selection 43
Dai Vernon Tilt 44
Howard Schwarzman, Charles Aste Jr. Tilt Finesse pushing some cards from center 44
Unknown Cop from Double copping bottom card from double 48
John Carney Streamlined Cylinder and Coins Variations 50
John Ramsay Pivot Vanish 55
John Carney Clockwise Vanish one of two coins 59
John Carney Stack Steal 61
John Carney Side-pocket Transpo one in coat pocket 65
Dai Vernon Double Push-Off one-handed 65
Dai Vernon Swivel Replacement 66
Harry Houdini, John Carney, S. W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon Houdini/Erdnase Transformation 67
Edward Marlo, John Carney Stud Turn Palm as top double is turned, "a minor variant" (35 Years Later) 69
John Carney, Alfonso Trans-essence using only two cards, nothing more 71
Unknown Double Snap-Over 72
Unknown Cop from Double copping bottom card from double 72
John Carney Inscrutable joker shows up again and again, four of them change into Aces, presentationInspired by 74
Edward Marlo Reverse Drop Switch 77
John Carney Another Side Glide Handling 78
Jerry K. Hartman Popover Flourish 78
Piet Forton Snap-Over Change application to make it look like four cards changeRelated to 81
John Carney Half Dollars in the Mist two half dollars vanish and reappearVariations 83
Dai Vernon Covered Deep Back Clip display 84
John Carney One-Handed Coin Vanish Related to 85
John Carney Versa Switch including credit informationRelated toVariations 89
John Carney Kings and Aces Change Places 94
John Carney, Edward Marlo Single Bottom Card Palm for single cardRelated to 96
John Carney Fruit Cup chop cup routine with bill and coffee cup, lemon appears, bill inside lemon 98
John Carney Natural Selection empty hand catches card, thread 107
John Carney Australian Aces dealing to four numbers, aces on bottom of pilesVariations 111
John Carney Bottom Deal Psychology in magic context 112
John Carney Wired subtlety for "name any number" nailwriter prediction 115
Douglas Dexter False Turnover often credited to Francis Carlyle, credit information 117
John Carney Bull Session assembly, using large piece of black tissue 118
Don Alan "Big Deal" Switch with jumbo card or similar object 124
John Carney Simple Switch with jumbo card or similar object 125
John Carney Suicide Match matchbox opens itself and match slides out 128
John Carney Seconds on Jack Sandwich selection travels to tabled sandwich cards, repeat phase 133
Edward Marlo Standard Sandwich Load 133
John Carney Sandwich Load and Switch palmed card is loaded into sandwich with switch 135
Dai Vernon Alignment Move 137
Dan Tong Pad Spread 138
John Carney The Logical Bill Trick three half dollars are produced from 1$ bill, changes into 100$ bill 141
John Carney The Slide to Home Prediction stop trick procedure used as predictionRelated to 152
John Carney Tabled Side Steal transferring bottom card of tabled packet to top with master palm 153
John Carney, Edward Marlo The Yenrac Packet Switch Related to 156
John Carney To the Sticking Point three coins through table into glass 159
Ross Bertram Moisture Palm 159
John Carney Triumph Rip-Off cards shuffled face up / face down, face up cards are "ripped through" deck except selectionVariationsAlso published here 164
Unknown Turnover with Arm Cover 167
John Carney Bullet Train four Aces up the SleeveRelated to 168
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm from small packet 172
John Carney False Transfer with Card 174
John Carney Quarter Spin bottle appears, quarter travels in and out of bottle two timesRelated to 176
John Carney Upside-down top card changes with 9 to 6 patter 186
John Carney Hinge Color Change Variation 187
John Carney Transplant picking off the pip, moving pip to other cardInspired by 190
John Carney Slick Pip a Two transforms into a Three in reverse "picking off the pip" style 194
Edward Marlo Slip Force Related to 194
Unknown Spread Cull Control 196
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 197
Larry Jennings T.N.T. Bottom Deal 197
John Carney A Polite Penetration cap and pence with rolled up bill instead of cap 200
John Carney, Tenkai Ishida Tenkai-esque "A Center Steal Handling"Related to 208
John Carney, Brother John Hamman Hammanesque "A False Spread Display", casual spread alternative to Hamman Count 212
John Carney Slow Fade to Red first cards in a small packet, then full deck change color 215
Dr. James William Elliott Color Change Cover for Herrmann style pass 218
Edward Marlo Tabled Flat-Palm Steal 219
John Carney, Hiroshi Sawa Hot Slot Variations 222
John Carney Large Stack Transfer from hand to hand with glass 227
John Carney Sanverted red aces come to top multiple times, then Daley's LastInspired byVariations 229
John Carney Double Lift Handling from Packet turning two cards over from 4-card packet, one of them being a double 230
John Carney Oil on Troubled Waters 3&3, deck separation climax 234
Unknown Simple Red-Black Shuffle 235
Unknown Spectator's Red-Black Shuffle 235
John Carney Calligraphic Cash signed bill changes place with ink cartridge from ball-point pen 241
Unknown One-Handed Tilt Get-Ready 250
John Carney Rubber Detective rubber band around deck vanishes, encircling half deck in center, in second stage only selection 250
Unknown Color Change Pass 251
John Carney Everywhere, Nowhere and on Your Face three cards all become selection, then indifferent again and card is on foreheadVariations 254
Unknown Center Slip Out 255
John Carney The Thirteenth Victim bullets travel from hand to hand, presentation for marble trick 259