Written by Victor Farelli

Work of Victor Farelli

59 pages (Stapled), published by Edward Bagshawe & Co.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Victor Farelli Flourishes 15
Unknown The Standard "Waterfall" Shuffle "Fancy Shuffles" 15
Nate Leipzig The "Double Waterfall" Shuffle 16
Unknown The "Spring" Shuffle Related to 17
Unknown The Cards on the Arm - The "Throw" 17
Victor Farelli The "V.F. Throw and Turn" 17
Unknown The "Slide" 18
John Mulholland The Mulholland "Grab" 18
Unknown The Back to Front "Toss" 18
Unknown Spreading Two Packs 19
Unknown The "Dart Forward" 19
Alexander Weyer The Weyer "Gather-up" 20
Victor Farelli An Easy Combination. Performed on the Bare Arm 20
Unknown The "Boomerang" Card 21
Fred Harcourt Throwing Two Cards in Succession 21
Victor Farelli The "Boomerang" Card - Throwing Cards with Both Hands: No Pack Used
- Card Caught with Hand at Side
- Throwing Two Card Together: No Pack Used
- Catching a Card with Scissors
- Addition to Cutting a CArd in the Air
- Loaded Card for "Boomerang"
Victor Farelli The "One Hand Drop" - The Cards to Use
- The "Blindfold Drop"
- The Vertical "One Hand Drop"
- The "Ambidextrous" Drop
Victor Farelli The "Drop" to Cover the Pass 24
V. Beestonn A Common Fault 25
Jack Merlin, Jean-Nicholas Ponsin, Dr. C. Gautier Turning the Pack to Hide the Pass Related to 25
Dr. James William Elliott The "Move" that Mystified Downs blocking for the pass 26
Dr. James William Elliott Dr. Elliott's Presentation three selections come to top 28
Dr. James William Elliott The Rubber Band Version classic pass with banded deck 28
Alexander Weyer The "Weyer" Version 28
Victor Farelli The Improved "Bluff" Pass to top 29
Victor Farelli The "Charlier" Pass commentary 31
Ernando Veneri The "Veneri" Move management for the Charlier Pass 32
Unknown The "Mahatma" Substitutes Substitutes for the Pass, three versions 32
Edward Bagshawe The Bagshawe Substitute 33
Victor Farelli, Unknown The "Riffle" Substitutes riffle shuffle
- Using a "Longitudinal Bridge"
- Using the Veneri "Flesh" Break
Victor Farelli Deck Bridge 34
S. W. Erdnase, Victor Farelli The "Strip" Cut Shuffle Substitute 35
Unknown Eliminating the Pass for Forcing setting the card in center
- The "Strip" Cut
- "Sighting"
- Shuffling to the Centre
- By means of the "In-jog"
- Pack cut by Spectator
- The "Continental" Cut
Unknown "Sighting" 35
Victor Farelli Forcing - Timing 37
John Mulholland Balance tip 37
Victor Farelli Some "Imperfections" - Closing the Fan
- Suggesting Liberty of Choice
- Aggressiveness
- Exposing on the Stage
Victor Farelli The Nervous Assistant tip 38
Victor Farelli, Sam H. Sharpe Choosing a "Forcee" tip 39
Joaquín Partagás A "Tip" from Spain 39
L'Homme Masqué The Table "Spread" credit unsure, thrown on table, Toss ForceRelated to 39
Unknown A Simple Infallible Force spectator cuts behind performer's back 39
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Touch Method 40
Victor Farelli The "Pencil" Force 41
Victor Farelli Should Cards be Shuffled? 43
Unknown The Roumanian "Fan" Shuffle 44
Unknown The "Lace-Through" Table Shuffle 45
Unknown The Interlocking Shuffle 47
Unknown The "Waterfall" Blind Shuffle - The Oblique Cut
- The Shuffle
Victor Farelli The "Strip Cut" False Shuffle 49
Unknown The "Milking" Shuffle "Setting" the Pack 49
Unknown A Substitute for False Shuffling kind of cuts from overhand shuffle position 51
Victor Farelli Palming - The Cards to Use 52
Victor Farelli Common Faults - Curling the Forefinger
- Stiffness of the Arm
- Spreading the Thumb
Nate Leipzig The Longitudinal Grip how to hold the deck with card in classic palm 54
David Devant The Devant "Mark-Off" how to establish break under certain number of card 55
Victor Farelli First Method of Second Dealing - First Exercise: Moving a Pair
- Second Exercise: The Withdrawal
- Third Exercise: Seizing the Second Card
- Fourth Exercise: The "Swing"
Victor Farelli Second Method of Second Dealing 58