Written by John Bannon

Work of John Bannon

142 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Amado Narvaez.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harvey Rosenthal Introduction iii
John Bannon Foreword v
John Bannon Play It Straight (Triumph) ordered suit reversed & distributed as finaleRelated toVariations 1
John Bannon Discrepancy City Prediction three mates used to predict free selectionVariations 4
John Bannon Discrepancy City Display showing four cards as four of a kind even though there are only 3 and one indifferent 5
John Bannon The Unreal Work queens placed on top, they jump to bottom, middle, top, sleeve 6
Larry West Mirage Display/Count Rhythm Count alternative 6
John Bannon, Jerry Sadowitz Cries and Whispers four Jacks "whisper" three selections and transpose with themInspired by 8
Unknown Double-Buckle Center Lift removing second and third card as one in 5-card packet 9
John Bannon Oh Calcutta thought of and dealt-to card are predicted, one aheadInspired by 11
John Bannon Card Box Billet Switch see also page 16 13
John Bannon End Grip Bottom Deal bold, from small packet 14
John Bannon Twilight Zone Assembly four blank cards, progressive assembly with backfire 17
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 19
John Bannon Twixt The Devil 22
John Bannon Tourist Class Travellers 25
John Bannon Travelling Jack's Sideshow Aces jacks vanish from their packets, fourth packet transforms into aces, jacks from pockets 28
Jerry K. Hartman DRED - Discrepant Reverse Elmsley Display used to vanish an ace in an assembly 30
John Benzais Benzais Spin-Out 31
John Bannon Wild in the Straights Monte Routine with five cards (4 jokers & selection), transform to royal flush as climax 33
Larry West, John Bannon Mirage Display/Count Variation Rhythm Count alternative 34
John Bannon A Little T, T, & A "Topsy Turvy and Aces" 37
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Spin-Cut Revelation 38
Paul Harris Tilt Display 41
John Bannon Shock Treatment thought-of-card placed in pocket as prediction, another selection is foundRelated toVariations 42
John Bannon Creased Lightning into fourth or eighth under the deck, also right after convincing controlVariations 45
John Bannon Terrorist Card Vanish combining "Homing Card" with folded card in boxInspired by 50
Bob Kohler Two Ahead (Is Better Than One) 53
Edward Marlo Marlo Vanish as coin is scooped up and put in hand 55
John Bannon Revolutionary Penetration coin with hole frees itself from shoelace, ungimmicked 59
John Bannon The Brass Zero ring rope penetration 63
John Bannon Chop2 66
John Bannon Glass Reunion four coins from hand to glass on table 72
Unknown Han Ping Chien into Glass 73
Harvey Rosenthal Misdirection Coin Steal from left fist into right hand 74
Larry West Spill Out Addition palmed coin added to coins that are spilled out of glass 74
John Bannon Shanghai Surprise silver coin to copper, silver appears again as well, both change to chinese 76
Harvey Rosenthal Toss Retention Vanish 77
John Bannon Of Cups and Fuzzballs 82
Unknown The Reverse Stack Count 83
Unknown Cup Through Cup 84
Harvey Rosenthal The Retention Toss coin vanish adapted for small ball 84
John Bannon The Trick Pick - Something New ball removed from cup and reloaded at same time 84
Unknown The Slide Move - Another Standard Cups Move 85
John Bannon Shuttleball - Another "New" Sleight 85
John Bannon The Big Loads - A Few Words On Timing 86
Bob Kohler Brass-Ackwards Production four coins produced from Boston Box at once 94
Alan Nguyen Flurry Production coin vanishes and reappears, splits in 2, vanish again, split in 4 97
John Bannon Triple Threat three coins, without table, also through table possible 100
Michael Rubinstein Coin Steal into Tenkai Pinch 100
Larry Jennings Heel Steal 101
David Roth Back-Clip Steal 102
John Bannon Silver/Silver Transposition half dollar and quarter transpose 104
John Bannon DeManche Change Variation 106
Bob Kohler Return to Spender reverse matrix with two cards 108
Bob Kohler Spider Vanish Handling 110
John Bannon Photologic on slip of paper, image of selection appears magically (spirit photography) 113
Jack Birnman The Birnman Revelation performer cuts deck swiftly into four piles, Ace on top of each, including a handling by John Bannon 118
John Bannon Split-Braue Reversal cards are reversed but also distributed to two different positions 118
John Bannon One-Handed Buckle Slip Cut 121
John Bannon Coins Across the Water three coins vanish one at a time, reappear in sealed envelope in wallet 123
Unknown Pocket Ditch as sleeve is pulled up 125
John Bannon Shriek of the Mutilated torn and restored cigarette paper 128
John Bannon Real Men Don't Carry Purses concepts and ideas for a purse called "Coin Pouch":
- Introducing the Coin Pouch
- The Action Load
- The Action Steal
- Not so Secret Compartment
John Bannon Coin of Voodoo marked coin with hole vanishes from cord, reappears in coin pouch/purse 136
Emile Clifton, John Bannon Clifton's Ring Move Variation 136
John Bannon Pouched Copper/Silver one coin in pouch/purse 138
John Bannon, Al Koran Five-Star Engraved Prediction four cards selected, reduced to one, this is engraved on brass disc in purse, inspired by Al Koran's "Five-Star Prediction" 139
Derek Dingle No-Lap Switch - Second Variation 140
John Bannon Endpapers 142