Written by John Bannon

Work of John Bannon

164 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

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John Bannon Acknowledgements
Simon Aronson Introduction 9
John Bannon Foreword 11
John Bannon Heart of the City card spectator cuts to is predicted, another signed selection travels to envelope which has been on tableVariations 13
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 15
John Bannon Discrepancy City Display showing four cards as four of a kind even though there are only three and one indifferent 15
Edward Marlo, John Bannon "Signed Card" Switch tabled card is placed between apparent mates and switched for one of themRelated to 17
Edward Marlo On The Marlo Switch tabled card is placed between apparent mates and switched for one of themRelated to 19
John Bannon On The Elmsley Count brief 19
John Bannon, Bob Farmer Clock O'Doom clock trick with small packet triumph sequence, selection travels from packet to deck, inspired by Bob Farmer's "Hand O'Doom", see Racherbaumer reference for credit informationRelated to 20
Edward Marlo Bold Face-Up Switch 22
Paul Harris Tilt Swindle 24
John Bannon Divided Biddle Steal alternative do Marlo's "Bold Face-Up Switch" 25
John Bannon On Sid Lorraine's Slop Shuffle 25
John Bannon Shake Well Before Using red black separated cards instantly mixRelated to 26
Alex Elmsley, John Bannon False False Shuffle faro fan 27
John Bannon One is the Onliest one coin routine with signed coin and jumbo finale, coin to nest of boxes 29
Bob Kohler Bertram Spider Vanish Handling 30
John Bannon I/O Holdout Input/Output, clip for stealing and retrieving flat body loads 30
Bob Kohler Acquitment 31
John Bannon Fat City whole deck travels between isolated sandwich cards, leaving selection behind 35
Edward Marlo ATFUS Sandwich Handling 36
John Bannon Tattoo You spectator's initials are transferred from red to blue card, red/blue double backerVariations 38
John Bannon Minus One Force here credited to Sid LorraineInspired by 39
Dai Vernon Optical Monte Move 41
John Bannon Masquerade four jokers assemble and change to aces 44
John Bannon Broken Flushtration Count 47
Unknown Push-In Change with small packet 48
Unknown Flick Change card is flicked onto some cards on table and changes visually, here credited to John Cornelius (?) 50
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count brief 50
John Bannon Outer Limits spectator cuts off half the deck and thinks of any number card, fishingRelated toVariations 51
John Bannon Beyond the Pale no totally free choice 51
John Bannon "Double No" Fishing Binary-Majority Sort in Bob Farmer's terminology 54
John Bannon Alternate Indexing Schemes index methods for eight cards 57
John Bannon Alternate Fishing Systems commentary 58
John Bannon Trick Shot Production producing eight ball from card caseAlso published here 59
John Bannon Bottom Bluff Force see also page 61Also published here 59
John Bannon (The Mystery on the) Aztec-Orient Express routine for Connie Haden's Two Copper/One Silver or Presley Guitar's Copper/Silver/Brass set 61
John Bannon Take Two Switch picking up coins from Two Copper/One Silver or CSB set 63
James Lewis Visual Change Move with CSB set 64
Dan Garrett Pinch Switch here as transformationRelated to 67
John Bannon, Larry West Strangers' Gallery Related toVariations 68
Unknown Swing Cut 69
Sydney Bergson Bottom Slip Force here credited to Sid Lorraine 70
Unknown All Alike Phase 71
Unknown Snap Over Change 72
Dai Vernon Through-The-Fist Flourish 73
Charles T. Jordan The Jordan Count brief 74
Unknown The Flushtration Count brief 74
John Bannon, Richard Himber The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Card Trick in case all cards are shredded to pieces by themselves except selectionInspired by
  • Richard Himber's "Surprise Stab"
Scotty York Flap Case card case with blank card as flap in it 75
Daryl Martinez Pocket Search Switch 76
John Bannon Single Bullet Theory large steel bearing from paper bag after routine with small steel bearing and bag 79
John Bannon Reversal of Fourtune Variations 82
John Bannon, Bernard Bilis Biddle Grip Bilis Switch 84
John Bannon Boogie Woogie Aces royal flush kicker 87
Edward Marlo Le Temps Pull-Off Switch as top card of small packet is drawn onto deckRelated to 90
John Bannon The Ace-Man Cometh matching the cards with transformation after every phaseInspired by 92
Edward Marlo Sleightless Drop Switch 94
Frank Thompson Triple False Cut shown to Bannon by Harvey RosenthalRelated to 95
Randy Wakeman In Lieu of the Slip Cut Inspired by 95
John Bannon, Ron Wilson Hop Two It two cards from red half to black half, two-card variation of Ron Wilson's "Highland Hop"Inspired by 96
Ron Wilson Highland Hop Move transfer from packet to tabled spreadInspired by 99
John Bannon Detour de Force humorous prediction effect with obviously but wrongly marked cards 102
John Bannon Directed Verdict actually "Directed Verdict IV"Related toVariations 106
Gary Kurtz Overhand Shuffle Placement set-upInspired by 106
John Bannon SWAK - Swindled With A Kiss transferring a card from packet in end grip to packet in other hand 107
John Bannon, Edward Marlo "Bold Control" Bottom Deal 108
John Bannon Directed Verdict II 109
John Bannon Directed Verdict III Related to 110
John Bannon Directed Verdict V 110
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Stop 111
John Bannon, Brother John Hamman Duet To It two cards transform to resemble other cards, then become two previous selections, inspired by Hamman's "Magic Cards", two handlings with and without duplicates 113
Paul Harris Flip Flop Plop 114
Arturo de Ascanio Bottom Double Lift from small packet 115
John Bannon, Jerry K. Hartman On The Secret Subtraction Switch see also page 114 117
John Bannon Steel Convergence impromptu method for John Kennedy's "Mid-Air Card Stab" 118
Jack Merlin Drop Sleight 119
John Bannon OZ Deposit card changes to $100 bill, card in wallet, with variations:
- Way Ahead Variation (Bob Kohler)
- Compromise Variation
- No-Palm Variation
- The OZ Envelope and Remote Change
- OZ Recombinant
John Bannon Return of the Magnificent Seven ungaffed 127
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 128
Ken Krenzel Pressure Hideout 130
John Bannon Ton-Toid royal flush ending, ungaffed close-up handling for Ton Onosaka's "Tonte" 133
Edward Marlo KM Move Variation illogical double lift 135
Larry West, John Bannon Mirage Count Variation Rhythm count alternative 136
John Bannon Creased Lightning Again Creased Lightning III, also right after convincing control 138
John Bannon Real Secrets card to card box, then folded to small box 141
John Bannon Misdirection Card Steal choreography to palm off a card 142
Edward Marlo Card to Case 142
John Bannon Underhanded 144
John Bannon, Rick Johnsson Vacuum Packed folding coin, removed with tweezers, two handlingsAlso published here 148
John Bannon Care And Feeding of Folding Quarters 151
John Bannon, Alex Elmsley Vicious Rumors Inspired by 153
John Bannon Assisted Switch Elmsley Count type switch in the spectator's fingers 155
Theodore Annemann Jinx Switch brief 156
John Bannon Do the 'Twixt Inspired by 157
John Benzais The Benzais Spin-Out brief 160
John Bannon Timely Departure three cards are thought-of via "packet is cut off and counted..." procedure, they disappear and reappear face upRelated to 160