Written by Jack Carpenter

Work of Jack Carpenter

102 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joshua Torgerson.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Darwin Ortiz Foreward 7
Jack Carpenter Introduction 9
Jack Carpenter Preliminary Notes and Credits credits for the Freeman Display 11
Jack Carpenter A Dance for the Devious queens vanish one by one, reproduced at once together againRelated to 15
Edward Marlo, Jack Merlin Drop Switch 17
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 20
Jack Carpenter The Flash Production 23
Jack Carpenter A Potent Presage three predictions, Gemini Twin type procedure, four-of-a-kind kickerInspired byRelated to 26
Jack Carpenter The Impulse Change card sticking out of deck visibly changes 34
Cliff Green Double Card Pick-up from deck 34
Jack Carpenter An Impulsive Premonition chicago opener style effect 38
Jack Carpenter Steppin' out with Molly three card monte routine with several effect, signed money card to card case climaxRelated to 41
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 42
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 46
Jack Carpenter, Ben Harris One-handed Change sandwiched card changes visuallyInspired by 47
Paul Harris All Alike Sequence three cards 48
Gordon Bean, Brother John Hamman Hamman Switch Variation tabled 49
Jack Carpenter The One-for-One Change card visibly changes when move through two piles of deck 53
Jack Carpenter Quick Slick performer cuts to ace of spades, he cuts to ace of spades again, tabled ace is now remaining three AcesInspired by 56
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer brief 57
Jack Carpenter Simplex Backfire 58
Larry Jennings, Jack Carpenter Three Card Rhythm Count 63
Paul Harris Tip-Over Change Load 66
Jack Carpenter The Sweep Control deck cut into four piles, ace on bottom of each, tabled 71
Jack Carpenter Riffle 'n' Roll one-shuffle stack, Aces for five hands 77
Jack Carpenter Running Load running cut to prepare and preload for riffle stacking 78
Jack Carpenter Nine Angry Men one shuffleVariations 80
Jack Carpenter The D.C. Hustle kings and queens on top, one-shuffle stack, five players, kings, queens, x, x, aces 85
Frederick Braue, Jack Carpenter Big Block Braue Addition 87
Jack Carpenter Nova Royale Freeman Display with five cards (Royal Flush) 94
Jack Carpenter Tabled Slip Cut Handling 94
Jack Carpenter The Carpenter Overhand Stack 100
Jack Carpenter A Finesse pulling off 2 (or more) cards at a time when overhand stacking 102