Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Jay Sankey

122 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

(57 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Max Maven Introduction 9
Jay Sankey Elastic Infiltration rubberband around card case is initialed, vanishes and reappears inside case around deckRelated toVariations 11
Jay Sankey Please Don't Feed the Playing Cards one-handed method with rubber bandInspired by 13
Bert Fenn, Charles T. Jordan Self-Cutting Deck rubberband 15
Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz Cartesian Coins tabled, offbeat use of shell 17
Jay Sankey The Substitution Shuttle 17
Jay Sankey The Lift Over Switch 18
Jay Sankey Forgery an X is transfered from card to card 20
Jay Sankey Mineral Withdrawal four coin production 23
Jay Sankey Drop Transfer 23
Jay Sankey Drop Outs no-table handlingInspired by 24
Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders Squiggle spectator marks card, marking, pen color and card are predicted 25
Tom Sellers Dryed-Out Marker Principle 26
Unknown One-Hand Bottom Deal Force brief 27
Jay Sankey HPC-CPH No. 1 Han Ping Chien in which unloaded hand is reloaded instantlyRelated to 28
Jay Sankey Shattered! dollar is shattered into loose change 30
Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders The Red Prediction signature travels onto odd-backed prediction 31
Jay Sankey Claustrophobic Coins three transpositions, last one with a coin in card case, c/s coin 33
Jay Sankey Palm-Up HPC-CPH 34
Jay Sankey Clue detective story in which kings change to 2s, a back-marked card becomes signed king 36
Jay Sankey Case Load two cards apparently put in case, one on the outside 37
Jay Sankey HPC-CPH No. 2 39
Jay Sankey Underwraps coin and purse transpose, coin to purse finale 41
Jay Sankey Bill Fusion two 5$-bills become 10$ bill and back 43
Jay Sankey, Peter Cork Invisible Companion two decks openly used 46
Edward Marlo Center Reverse Future Reverse 47
Jay Sankey Dump Switch deck dumped out of bigger case 48
Jay Sankey Hotcross clean 50
Jay Sankey In-Transit Transfer 51
Jay Sankey Bridging The Gap using a clear glass tube as gag explanation for Coins Across through which rolled up coin slides 53
Jay Sankey Only In Self Defense card is thrown into deck and shoots out selection, lands between 2 other selections 57
Jay Sankey The Copper Clutch c/s coin 59
Jay Sankey Floater whole deck, ungaffed 61
Jay Sankey Split Ends selection is stabbed and its cardboard layers split, then restored 64
Jay Sankey The Money That Can't Be Spent signed coin travels into bunch of coins in glass 67
Richard Sanders Signature Duplication apparently wiping signature away, here with coins 68
Jay Sankey Memory Ink coin is signed, wiped away, signature reappears with flash 69
Jay Sankey Meltdown cards in case are wrapped in aluminum foil which reappears as finale 70
Unknown Pocket Deck Switch 71
Jay Sankey The Four Dimensional Coin coin visibly penetrates bill, shellVariations 72
Jay Sankey Down In Flames signed small paper airplane is burned and appears elsewhere 74
Jay Sankey Hotfoot ambitious sequence with signed card, then with second card, fusionRelated to 76
Richard Sanders Two-Card Monte Switch Variation 78
Jay Sankey, Michael Weber Tightfisted in Italy with purseInspired by 79
Jay Sankey Two For The Spice Of One Related to 81
Jay Sankey Sound For Thought coins across with two sound gimmicks, back into purse as finale 83
Jay Sankey Turn of the Century date of coin changes when spun on table, travels back in timeVariations 85
Jay Sankey Collect Me Not 87
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 88
Jay Sankey The Revolution Count apparently showing collectors-sandwich of seven cards, really only three selections 88
Jay Sankey Tempus Fugitives three selections jump from 4 blank cards in collectors-configuration into deck, then back, then blank cards vanish and travel to wallet 91
Jay Sankey Change Under Pressure coin into balloon 94
Jay Sankey The Cardboard Contortionists torn into quarters, fuse back togetherRelated to 97
Jay Sankey The Visible Coin Assembly four chinese coin visibly travel on table into one corner, thread 103
Jay Sankey Airtight deck travels into balloon, selection is pulled outAlso published here 106
Jay Sankey The Cups Runneth Over monster routine, inspired by Frank Garcia's "Five Ball Routine" 110
Jay Sankey Sankey's Last Word Essay on some thoughts on creativity, structuring routines etc. 120