Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Jay Sankey

86 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

(42 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jay Sankey Foreward 7
Jay Sankey Definitely Warped no cover 9
Jay Sankey Wild Thing selection turns over in deck, between two cards and inside out when folded, Jumping Gems with a folded playing card 13
Jay Sankey Going for Broke spoon is broken and restored 16
Jay Sankey The Mexican Jumping Coins two coins across, third coin into purse 18
Harvey Rosenthal, Richard Himber Click Pass 19
Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders The Pointing Transfer 20
Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz Exodus sugar/salt vanish, pen cap instead of thumb tip 23
Jay Sankey Cut and Restrawed drinking straw is ripped and restored 25
Jay Sankey Trio two cards are stapled and placed on deck, vanish and trap a selection, still stapledRelated to 27
Jack Merlin, Dr. Jacob Daley, Jean Hugard Herrmann Turnover Pass 28
Jay Sankey Maaatchbox drawer of matchbox is stretched 32
Jay Sankey The Company One Keeps multiple phase bill change routine 34
Jay Sankey "#*@!" folded paper clipped card turns out to be later signed selectionRelated toVariations 36
Jay Sankey Paper Clipped Switch Related to 38
Unknown Mercury Card Fold fourth 38
Jay Sankey A Fold in Time card folded under watch 39
Jay Sankey Fiery Reunion lit match is broken and restored 42
Jay Sankey Dough pen through billRelated toVariations 43
Jay Sankey Balancing Act paddle routine with chop sticks 47
Jay Sankey Breakout four jacks put in wallet, reappear elsewhere, selection in walletRelated to 49
Jay Sankey Wrap It Up used gum is placed on wrapping paper and visually restores to new gum 52
Jay Sankey Identifying Features two bills transpose, one signed, one with torn off cornerVariations 55
Jay Sankey High Hoe dice assembly, ring subtlety 56
Shigeru Sugawara Squeeze Play Move die vanishes between cards 58
Jay Sankey Ring Around the Collar borrowed finger ring reappears at the end knotted in necktie 59
Jay Sankey Quartertime Two Dollar bill transforms into One Dollar bill and four quarters 61
Jay Sankey A Business Transaction card stapled to business card changes into selection, two methods 62
Jay Sankey Outside In coin travels very visually inside a crumpled bill 64
Jay Sankey, Ken Krenzel The Two-Way Toss Inspired byAlso published here 65
Jay Sankey Tying the Knot bill is folded and tied around finger ring, penetration 67
Jay Sankey Spookey penetration routine with keys and key ringVariations 69
Jay Sankey Mass Consumption four coins vanish except 1, reproduction 71
Jay Sankey Coin Clink producing clink with one hand to simulate coin in other hand 72
Jay Sankey Aerial Shuttle Pass Related to 72
Unknown Classic Click Pass 73
Jay Sankey One-Way Two-Side Toss 73
Jay Sankey Where's There Smoke signed selection becomes scorched on the face, two methods 75
Jay Sankey Homebodies "The Travelers" with four coinsInspired by 78
Edward Marlo Friction Palm 79
Jay Sankey Gift of the Magi deck transforms into gift-wrapped bundle with ribbon 81
Jay Sankey Stirring Silver finger ring penetrates spoon on wide endRelated to 83