Written by Frank Garcia

Work of Various

224 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ed Tricomi.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Frank Garcia Preface 3
Frank Garcia Foreword 10
Jerry Solomon Endorsement 12
Mike Tannen Endorsement 13
Unknown The Jacket Lapel Move stealing from behind lapel 15
Frank Garcia Behind the Tie holdout behind the tie 16
Unknown Up to my Neck in Sponges to get an extra sponge ball into play 18
Unknown Let's Have Some Elbow Room to get an extra sponge ball into play 20
Unknown "The One, Two, Three Knock-Out Routine" 22
Unknown "Wrapper Magic" sponge ball from cigar wrapper 25
Bob Baxter "The Mayfair Mountebank's Move" tips for holding out a sponge ball 26
Al Cohn Under the Jacket Move holdout edge of jacket 28
Frank Garcia "The Basic Garcia Master Move" Also published here 31
Unknown The "Clipped" Vanish 35
Unknown "Exercise" 38
Unknown The One, Two, Three Vanish Also published here 40
Bob Baxter Now You See It, Now You Don't 43
Bob Baxter Two to Nothing false transfer for 2 sponge balls 45
Frank Garcia, Audley Walsh Quick Vanish 49
Frank Garcia The O.K. Vanish Also published here 52
Unknown The Rolldown Animated Vanish 55
Unknown The Bold Vanish 57
Unknown The "Bluff" Vanish 59
Unknown Another Bluff Vanish 60
Unknown The Pretended Place Vanish 62
Unknown The "Toss Vanish" 63
Unknown The Squeeze Vanish 65
Unknown Pretend Take Vanish 67
Frank Garcia Nip and Tuck No Skill Vanish 69
Unknown "The Hook Vanish or Under The Nose Vanish" 71
Unknown The Impossible Challenge Vanish 74
Unknown "The Back Palm Vanish" 79
Unknown Spongeball Back Palm 80
Unknown "The Deliberate Vanish" 82
Mike Tannen "Mike Tannen's Fork Move" Also published here 84
Mike Tannen Tannen's "In" Move thumb tipRelated to 86
Frank Garcia The "Gaff" Vanish pull 88
Unknown The Magic "10" Count - "Chinese Version" 91
Frank Garcia "Four Plus" - Second Version ten count with four sponge balls 93
Frank Garcia My Version of the "10" Count balls appear from purse frame 95
Al Cohn Al Cohn's Spongeball Routine 97
Unknown Ball Hideout small ball hidden behind large ball 100
Unknown "The Slow Motion Transposition and Impromptu Routine" sponge from purse frame, split in two, one in each hand, travel into one 102
Martin Gardner Holding Two As One Subtlety 107
Derek Dingle Undercover Move ball into spectator's hand 109
Frank Garcia Spur of the Moment Routine 111
Frank Garcia Pop Up Move 112
Frank Garcia Short and Sweet 115
Frank Garcia The "Slick" Routine two in hand, one in pocket 118
Frank Garcia, George Schindler My Routine, By George! 125
Unknown Classic Palm 125
Unknown Simply Commercial purse frame 128
Bob Baxter Sleightly Superlative 132
Unknown Flash Opening balls from flash paper flash 137
Peter Samelson The Peter Principle 138
Peter Samelson The Drop Ploy subtlety for sponge-to-spectator's hand 140
Peter Samelson Peter's Switcheroo 141
Frank Garcia Right Through through table 142
John Benzais, Frank Garcia Sponge Through Table into Spectator's Hand 143
Frank Garcia Hanky Panky with handkerchief 147
Frank Garcia, Roy Benson Sometimes bowl routine 151
James Renaux Jimmy Reneaux's Idea 155
John Francis Where Did They All Come From using Goshman cube sponge gaff 156
Frank Garcia Veil of Darkness with handkerchief 159
Unknown The Sacrosanct Routine flesh color ball as container 161
Frank Garcia, Slydini Head to Head Migratory Balls inspired by Slydini's "Balls into the Hat" 167
Bob Elliott The Bob Elliott Razzle Dazzler two in the hand, one in the pocket 171
Frank Garcia The Soft Chop-Chop or You Don't Have to Be Chinese to Do This Trick chop cup routine with sponge balls, magnet in sponge 173
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian's Spongeball Routine 178
Frank Garcia The Grand Finale purse frame, many small balls appear 183
Roger Klause Hidden Factor subtlety for hiding out palmed ball 187
Frank Garcia Cute Opener 191
Frank Garcia The Spongeball Trick thoughts on the ball to spectator's hand 192
Frank Garcia Spongeball Vanish 193
Frank Garcia Ideas, Reflections and More Ideas ball to rolled up bill 194
Lenny Greenfader Mis-Direction 195
Al Cohn Spongeball to Rubber Nut 196
Frank Garcia Heavy Balls apparently balls are heavy, gag 197
Frank Garcia My Tradeshow Spongeball Routine 198
Frank Garcia Playing Cards to Balls sponge balls from card case, gag 199
Frank Garcia Imaginary Sponge 200
Bob Baxter Within the Folds Knee Holdout 201
Johnny Paul On Palming a Spongeball 202
Frank Garcia "Number One" Sponge idea 202
Philippe Fialho How to Make A Sponge Ultra Soft 203
Mike Tannen, Bob Baxter Ball to Cube 203
Unknown Cat Gut Vanish loop attached to ball 204
Bob Baxter Criss-Cross subtlety for ball-into-spectator's hand 205
Frank Garcia Hollow Egg and Lemon Idea 206
Frank Garcia Two in the Hand, One in the Pocket Bit 206
Frank Garcia Balls to Cube 206
Frank Garcia Phantom Whiskey Glass 207
Frank Garcia Tablecloth Surprise ball appears under table cloth 208
Frank Garcia Box of Mystery box prop to transform sponge balls 208
Frank Garcia Retention, Vanishes, Take My Advice tips on vanishes 210
Frank Garcia More Thoughts, Ideas and Reflections - Pop-Up Routine
- Interesting Start
- My Preferred Pop-Up Routine
- Different Method
Peter Wong Peter Wong's Spongeball Routine 216
Frank Garcia Al Goshman's "Number Four" 218
Frank Garcia Rubber Frankfurter Finish 219
Bob Baxter The Rabbit Trick using sponge rabbits 219
Frank Garcia Epilogue 221
Frank Garcia Supreme Sponge Cake 222
Frank Garcia Never Fail Sponge Cake 223