Written by Frank Garcia

Work of Various

125 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Frank Garcia Introduction 6
Lou Lancaster Introduction 7
Father Cyprian Performer Second to None 8
Jerry Solomon "The Oldest Deception" 9
Amazing Randi Introduction 12
Frank Garcia Acknowledgement 14
Frank Garcia The Oldest Deception comments 15
Frank Garcia The Frank Garcia Million Dollar Cups and Balls Routine - First Phase of Frank Garcia's Routine
- Variation on the "Oldest Deception"
- Phase #2
- Phase #3
- Phase #4
- Phase #5
- Phase #6
- Phase #7
Frank Garcia The "Garcia" Master Vanish Moves false transfer for small ball 24
Frank Garcia The "Scoop" or "Lift Up" Move showing cup empty despite ball 34
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The "Galloping Post" Move 35
Charlie Miller Miller's Drop Through Move 51
Horace Goldin "Click" Move ball vanishes between to cups that are banged together 61
Old Pop Kreiger Shower of Balls 65
Paul Gertner The Cups and Balls with Steel Ball Bearings 81
Unknown The Finger Palm with steel ball 82
Paul Gertner Secret Loading of a Ball Underneath a Cup with steel ball 82
Paul Gertner The False Load steel ball apparently placed under cup 84
Sam Leo Horowitz S. Leo Horowitz's Cup & Ball Routine 91
Horace Goldin The Horace Golding Baffling Cup gaffed cup to vanish a ball under it 103
Frank Garcia Further Ideas and Reflections 103
Frank Garcia Passing a Wand Through 3 Nested Cups 105
Sam Leo Horowitz Coin Through Cup 106
Unknown Cup Through Cup 109
Herb Morrissey Fako Move sequence for showing cups empty 111
Frank Garcia, Max Malini Magical Odd Facts About the Cups and Balls, Ideas and Further "Reflections" about Malini's Cups and Balls 114
Francis Carlyle "Proposition" Bet exploiting optical illusion of cup design 115
Francis Carlyle Francis Carlyle's Patter Introduction to Cups and Balls 116
Unknown To Show that a Cup is Deeper Inside than Out 117
Frank Garcia Additional Sequence 117
John Northern Hilliard Some Great Quotes 119
John Northern Hilliard Some Great Quotes by the Late John Northern Hilliard who wrote "Greater Magic" 119
Frank Garcia Epilogue 121
Frank Garcia Secret Recipe for Better Magic 123