Written by Frank Garcia

Work of Various

103 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Robert Hirsch.
Language: English

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Frank Garcia Acknowledgements 4
M.P. Ryan Presenting... Frank Garcia 6
Unknown Introduction initials B.S. 8
Frank Garcia Introduction 10
David Bornstein Poetry in Motion painting aces on rubber side of close-up pad 15
Kurt Freitag Vienna Dice Change pips on dice change, paddle move 19
John Cornelius, Frank Garcia The Memory Expert Outdone finding missing card with card counting 22
Frank Garcia Matching the Cards Sequence 25
Frank Garcia A Subtle Piece of Business method for turning the top half over in classic routine 27
Dai Vernon Triumph Shuffle 28
Frank Garcia, Francis Carlyle Copper and Silver Transposition ungaffed extra coin 32
Francis Carlyle Coin Switch 33
Nate Leipzig 2nd Phase to Silver & Copper Transposition 34
Tom Ogden The New York Puzzler bill penetrates bill, gaffed bill 37
Frank Garcia A Secret Tip 42
Frank Garcia, Matt Schulien A Handful Of Entertainment color changing knives routine 44
Unknown Paddle Move 45
Unknown Double Paddle Move two knives between different fingers 47
Joe Artanis The "Artanis" False Shuffle delayed strip out ala Mysterious Kid 53
Joe Artanis The "Artanis" Load-On Technique for simplified riffle stacking, probably standard 58
Frank Garcia Aces at Chosen Numbers 59
Frank Garcia, Edward Marlo The Miracle Worker aces change to kings, then a heads-up poker in which the deck is cut for every cardRelated to 62
Frank Garcia I Win, You Lose! cards transform some times, gambling presentation 69
Majax Uncanny card turns over from itself at fingertips 72
John Murray Spectacular Prediction Coincidence 73
Jim Cellini Something for Nothing purse frame and sponge ball routine 85
Jim Cellini Real Magic wand vanishes and is pulled from small purse 88
Flip Hallema Flipstick Move 89
Jim Cellini The Elevator Move 94
Jim Cellini "Cellini" writes about Magic 97
Unknown Endorsements and Testimonials for Frank Garcia 100
Frank Garcia The Grand Finale 103