Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Ken Krenzel

210 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles.
Language: English

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Ken Krenzel Magical Magic essay on hands-off magic vii
Ken Krenzel Box Top card comes to top inside case, cased versionInspired byRelated to 3
Ken Krenzel Simulacrum Mirabundum two decks, a bit indirect procedure 9
Henry Christ Stop When Ready Force Related to 13
Ken Krenzel Remote Change out-of-hands, double facerInspired by 17
Ken Krenzel Open Prediction: A New Angle lap 21
Slydini Imp-Pass 21
Edward Marlo, Ken Krenzel Adjustment Misdirection to add palm in Tenkai PalmRelated to 22
Ken Krenzel Halfway to Hell card in sandwich vanishes and reappears in deck, out of hands, two double facers 24
Ken Krenzel, Harry J. Smith Shoe-in force from card case from where cards are removed one by one, ungaffed methodInspired by 29
Ken Krenzel, Karl Fulves The Other Shoe force from card case, ungaffedInspired by 33
Ken Krenzel Around the World in Several Ways face up card is pushed around the deck when half way outjogged, transforms, two methods 39
Edward Marlo Center Reverse injogged card is reversed to bottom when deck is turned over, Bottom Reverse from Center 43
Ken Krenzel Change at a Rapid Clip four aces appear face up on the deck one by one 48
Ken Krenzel Tabled Clip Change 49
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K-M Move 53
Dr. Jacob Daley Double Turnover Reverse reversing second card 55
Ken Krenzel Slip-Lap Change top card is lapped 56
Ken Krenzel Sequence Mechanique card turns over, rises to the top, triumph sequence 60
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 61
Ken Krenzel It's a Wrap card rises from center to top face up with no handling 67
Frederick Braue, Ken Krenzel Side Steal Reverse as deck is turned over, with credit informationRelated to 68
Ken Krenzel Wrap Color Change 70
Ken Krenzel Pocket Passport first in performers hands, then in spectator's hand and pocketVariations 75
Max Malini Malini Subtlety 76
Ken Krenzel Flipperoon visual 79
Ken Krenzel Coin-Card Gimmick double backer with coin glued on one side 79
Looy Simonoff Flippant Change brief 83
Ken Krenzel Obstacle Course coin through glass, then coin into cased deck next to selectionInspired by 86
Ken Krenzel Fake Pick-Up from card case 87
Ken Krenzel Flippant Alchemy doing "Flippant" with double sided coinInspired byRelated to 92
Ken Krenzel Flip-Over View 94
Ken Krenzel Visible Transposition two copper-silver-coins 96
Jules DeBarros DeBarros Display Two-Card-Monte move with two double-sided coins 96
Ken Krenzel Poor Miser sequence for Miser's Dream routine 97
Ken Krenzel The Million Penny Mystery pencil vanish and appearance, clean 100
Ken Krenzel, Franklin V. Taylor Peak Decks approaches for the Taylor Peek Deck 111
Franklin V. Taylor Taylor Peek Deck brief, glued pairs 111
Ken Krenzel A Natural False Cut 116
Ken Krenzel Top-Cover Dribble Pass 120
Ken Krenzel, Irv Weiner Mr. Fingers Goes to the Bottom fan steal into bottom palm, inspired by Irv Weiner (Hugard's Magic Monthly 15/6) 125
Ken Krenzel The Eclipse Production aces appear reversed in face down spread without coverRelated to 128
Ken Krenzel Opti-Stack aces inserted in fan 131
Ken Krenzel The Lost Aces of Louie the Loser aces visibly vanish when dealt in poker deal, reappear in one of the other hands 137
Unknown Bottom Tenkai Palm bottom card into right hand, here called Marlo Palm Position 139
Ken Krenzel, Lennart Green JB Kop Laser Deal "Laser Deal" with JB Kard KopRelated to 139
Herb Zarrow, Ken Krenzel Block Addition Version 143
Ken Krenzel Cloning Queens queen is split in two, split again, miniature queen appears, they all melt back into one 145
Edward Marlo K.M. Move with Reverse Fingering 151
Ken Krenzel The Last Heist four touched cards are jacks, distributed and come together, repeat, they change back colorRelated to 152
Dai Vernon, Lin Searles Strip-Out Addition Handling 153
Tommy Wonder, Ken Krenzel Wonderrevers Handling 158
Ken Krenzel Gravity Travelers 161
Ken Krenzel Gravity Center Steal cards palmed out of center when deck is dropped into pocketInspired by 161
Ken Krenzel, Edward Marlo, Gary Kurtz False Breast Pocket Extraction one of several cards palmed in left hand 163
Edward Marlo, Ken Krenzel Transfer with Jacket Related to 164
Unknown Double Steal card from double is palmed off 166
Ken Krenzel Under Wraps performer knows position of selection in shuffled deck, wrapped in a napkin, deck switch, memorized deck 168
Ken Krenzel Wrap Switch as deck is wrapped in napkin at table edge 170
Bert Allerton, Ken Krenzel Stabbing to Any Named Card deck wrapped in napkin 173
Ken Krenzel Poles Apart widely separated black Twos come together to sandwich selection, then travel away again, two double facers 175
Charles Nyquist Ribbon Spread Hide-Out 177
Ken Krenzel Sand-Witches red queens disappear face up from deck, reappear in middle sandwiching selection 179
Frederick Montague, Ken Krenzel Empty Bluff Pass directly to top 180
Dai Vernon Reverse Fan Load 181
Edward Marlo Rise-Rise-Rise Tabled Palm 183
Ken Krenzel Sluggard's Monte three slow-motion sequences:
- The Slow Show
- Slow Second
- Slow Slip
Inspired byRelated to 186
Ken Krenzel Strip the Leader two leader card in front of two shuffled piles, they become black and red pile, follow the leader phase, they shuffle again by themselves, stripper deckRelated to 195
Ken Krenzel, Kenton Knepper, Larry Becker Fired Up equivoque selection process, single prediction card in case, approach to Kenton Knepper's "Kolossal Killer" 200
Ken Krenzel Leaving Cards in the Case two methods 204