Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Ken Krenzel

237 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Regal Introduction
Ken Krenzel Moveless Magic
Ken Krenzel The Relaxed Tabled Double Lift Gin Pick 3
Ken Krenzel Tabled Lift False Count counting cards from tabled deck into hand 9
Ken Krenzel Relaxation Double Turnover 11
Ken Krenzel The Vertical Slip Force spectator says stop during spreading, also as key placement 17
Ken Krenzel The Direct-Second Switch as card is placed on table during spreading 23
Ken Krenzel The Direct-Second Control 29
Ken Krenzel Three Card to Top 32
Ken Krenzel The Tabled Perpendicular Control see also Juan Tamariz' work on his TPCRelated to 33
Ken Krenzel Spread Reverse Glimpse like a Spread KM Move 41
Ken Krenzel Spread Reverse Glimpse Application invisible card presentation for reverse 46
Ken Schwabe Skinning the Fan top card into cop, earlier version is in Bingham's "Cardboard Capers" 49
Ken Krenzel, Ken Schwabe Skinning the Fan Variation bottom card(s) into cop 52
Ken Krenzel The Bluff Fan Insertion to top 57
Ken Krenzel The Fantraction into a thumb-clip type palm 63
Ken Krenzel The Fanned Bottom Deal bottom deal from fanRelated to 69
Ken Krenzel The Simplex Side Steal with several variations 77
Ken Krenzel The Clip Slip from center into left hand, thumb clip position, see also John Carney's handling (Secrets) 90
Unknown Left Cop to Right Classic Palm Related to 96
Ken Krenzel Clip Slip Reverse deck turned over card, from center 100
Ken Krenzel Cased Clip Slip stealing card from cased deck into left handRelated to 101
Ken Krenzel Striking the Tent face-up, see also Anthony Owen's "Caravan Move" (Genii 59/10) 103
Ken Krenzel The Inertial Top Change extension of the discussionRelated to 109
Ken Krenzel Facial selection reverses and comes to top, then small packet printing and unprinting 117
Dai Vernon, Ken Krenzel Trick That Fooled Houdini Variant 120
Neal Elias, Stanley Collins Collins Paintbrush Color Change Handling 123
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 128
Unknown Double Card Snap snapping double off finger 129
Ken Krenzel Bottom Deal Display flushtration count alternative 130
Ken Krenzel Fan World 133
Ken Krenzel Bob's Your Uncle spelling dressing for stop trick/card at any number 137
Ken Krenzel All-Fair Count inspired by Doug Edwards' Fake-Take Count (Brass Knuckles) 138
"Senator" Clark Crandall, Ken Krenzel Crandall's Card Force Handling 142
Ken Krenzel Ghost of a Sandwich forceps handling, apparently spectator finds card by sandwiching it 145
Ken Krenzel Forceps Switch as sandwiched card is pulled out 149
Ken Krenzel Openly Ignored double facer 153
Unknown Bottom Reverse deck turned over card, credit information 159
Ken Krenzel Natural Ace Assembly 166
Roy Walton, Fred Kaps Transfer Second Deal Related to 166
Edward Marlo, Bob Veeser Veeser Concept Variant 173
Ken Krenzel Build It Yourself sandwich in spectator's hands 179
Sam Mayer, Ed Balducci Cut-Deeper Force with credit information 183
Ken Krenzel Back Stabber 187
Unknown Double Lift Pick Up 189
Ken Krenzel Spell of the Spectator no-touch, memorized deck, spectator spells down and finds named card 195
Ken Krenzel, Al Leech Low Rise card rises out of deck in spectator's handsInspired byRelated to 201
Lawrence Kam Plunger Principle credit information 203
Ken Krenzel Strange Hummer red-black separation by spectator beneath table with ten-card packet, suggests CATO as false trail 211
Ken Krenzel Beneath Table Switch with knee holdout 213
Ken Krenzel Suit Yourself packet of chosen suit arranges itself from ace to king in spectator's hands, see also Lew Brooks' "Order Out of Chaos" (Stack Attack) 217
Ken Krenzel REMOTACAAN no-touch, card selected instead of named, impromptu 221
Ken Krenzel Cut Deeper Self Control spectator controls his own card 223
Ken Krenzel AUTOMACAAN 100% no-touch, card selected instead of named, impromptu, possible over telephone 227
Jay Ose, Paul Harris Spectator's Ose Cut spectator does Ose's cut 229
Ken Krenzel NOVACAAN numbers openly written on back of cards, number and card named, coincidence, memorized deck 233