Written by Syd Segal, John C. Wagner

Work of Syd Segal, John C. Wagner

34 pages (Stapled), published by A G Films Production
Illustrated with drawings by RFA Productions.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John C. Wagner, Syd Segal A Logical Lesson two four of a kinds change into a straight from ace to tenInspired byVariations 2
Larry Jennings Rhythm Count "Double Olram Subtlety" 3
Syd Segal Very Fair Triumph 5
John C. Wagner Final Closer aces produced, lost and spelt to, deck sorted in suits as climax, reworked handling
- Extra Thoughts & Substitutions
- No Cop/No Switch Method by Syd Segal
Inspired by 7
Ian Baxter Ace Cutting 8
Gene Finnell, John Hamilton Free Cut Principle 9
Unknown Gambler's Cop 10
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer Move 12
Syd Segal T(w)oo Wild Jokers three joker change into kings to match selection 14
Max Holden Criss Cut Force 14
Daryl Martinez, Peter Duffie Daryl Martinez Change Variation card changes as it is pushed into deck and extracted againInspired by 15
Syd Segal Fake Card in Box Insertion really behind cellophane 17
John C. Wagner, Paul Green Even More Four on the Floor four random cards used for twisting routine and dropped on floor, card chosen by spectator transforms there to previous selectionVariations 18
John C. Wagner Wagner Displacement Count showing four cards one by one and placing them aside while hiding one face 20
Edward Marlo KM Move Variation 20
Syd Segal Thank You Le Paul Inspired by 22
Chris Kenner For 4 For Switch 22
John Cornelius Winter Change 23
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo KM Move 24
Unknown Top Change 25
John C. Wagner, Jim Steinmeyer Packet Lie Detector #2 Inspired by 26
John C. Wagner Simple Control 26
John C. Wagner Interview with a Legend 29
Anthony Miller Questions that didn't quite cut it... 31
Syd Segal Credits and References 32