Written by John Guastaferro

Work of John Guastaferro

139 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John Bannon Foreword ix
Jack Carpenter Introduction xi
John Guastaferro About One Degree - The Boiling Point
- One Degree of Connection
- Hitting Your Target
John Guastaferro Truth in Advertising spectator selects only printed card in blank deck, then back of selection changes and blank-printed-situation reverses 3
Unknown Blank Reverse Fan tip 4
John Guastaferro Either Or location routine that allows to build a small set-up for later useRelated to 6
Unknown Book Break Glimpse 6
John Guastaferro Palm Reader Plus four aces change into duplicate aces, then into quartet matching previous selection 9
Daryl Martinez Bluff Pass Force 10
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch 10
John Bannon Discrepancy City Display 11
John Guastaferro Folding Count apparently showing all sides of four cards while hiding one side 12
John Guastaferro, Alfonso Post-Production: An optional kicker Inspired by 13
John Guastaferro Strong Connections 15
John Guastaferro Intro-verted four selections are lost and found, deck inversion during production sequence 19
Cliff Green Cliff Green Push-off outjogging double with right first finger 21
John Guastaferro Extra-verted "A variation using five cards"Inspired by 22
John Guastaferro, Paul Harris Materialization Inspired by 22
Joshua Jay Technicolor Intro-verted "Featuring a color-changing deck kicker"Inspired by 23
John Guastaferro, Jack Carpenter Mr. E. Takes a Stroll in-the-hands variationInspired by 25
John Guastaferro One-Handed Signed Card Switch 26
John Guastaferro Relay three fair selections, card turns over and changes into selections one by one 28
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Spread Force 28
Unknown Crimp in Fan 29
John Guastaferro The Napkin Approach 32
John Guastaferro Quantum Kings Daley's Last with kings, then one king travels to card case 37
Charles T. Jordan, John Guastaferro Jordan Count Variation 39
John Guastaferro Equivoque Force for a suit 39
Unknown Rub a Dub Dub Vanish brief 41
John Guastaferro Impostor four cards are shown to be duplicates of selection, then change to four of a kind 43
John Bannon, John Guastaferro Diminishing Lift Sequence 44
Unknown In the Hands Mexican Turnover 45
Unknown Fingertip Flushtration Count with two cardsRelated to 46
Francis Carlyle False Turnover 46
John Guastaferro Solo 48
Theodore DeLand Fadeaway Card used as eerie vanish in Open Travelers 48
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 49
Andi Gladwin Omni Deck Climax climax for Open Travelers in which whole deck becomes invisible/transparent 52
John Guastaferro Mental Block 53
John Guastaferro, Lance Pierce Homage to Homing selection travels from between jacks to pocket, then jacks to pocket, based on Lance Pierce's "Little Carlyle"Inspired by 59
Unknown Thumb Clip Palm from small packet 62
John Guastaferro Pocket Change interchange with spectator's pockets in which one quartet transforms into something else (blank cards with coin stickers) 64
Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Display 66
John Guastaferro Key Club one of five cards is chosen and predicted on key chainInspired by 69
John Guastaferro Magic T.I.P.S. 73
John Guastaferro Overturned Counts cards are turned over while counted one by one
1. Overturned Elmsley
2. Overturned Stanyon
John Guastaferro Biddleless - The Biddleless Trick biddle trick without biddle steal 80
John Guastaferro Name That Tune presentation for biddle trick 82
John Guastaferro One for the Boys variant of Biddleless Steal 83
John Guastaferro Duplex Change two cards change, unload ditch onto deck 85
John Guastaferro Whispering Jokers two jokers change into selections 87
Jerry K. Hartman, John Guastaferro R.S. Bluff Control Variation see Means & Ends 87
John Guastaferro Duplex Change - Using a tabled spread highland hop typeInspired by 88
John Guastaferro Upstanding Change two jokers change into selections, stand-up 89
John Guastaferro Duplex Change - Standing room only no table version 89
John Guastaferro Boxed Transpo two selections on table transpose with two jokers in box 89
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 90
John Guastaferro Serendipity 93
John Guastaferro Behind-the-Back Triumph spectator mixes cards behind his back 97
John Guastaferro Out in the Open "A variation with the cards in view"Inspired by 99
John Guastaferro Ballet Stunner color changing back kicker 101
Mike Rogers Around the World card moves around the packet 102
Paul Harris Tilt Subtlety 103
John Guastaferro The Ballet Cut: As a color change 103
John Guastaferro More on the Ballet Cut 1. Flourish
2. False Cut
3. Force an odd-backed card
4. Flashy Production
5. Double Production
Jack Carpenter More on the Ballet Cut - 6. Pop-out 108
John Guastaferro More on the Ballet Cut - 7. Color Clash 108
John Guastaferro Lost & Found selection vanishes from clear plastic sleeve, then reappears insideInspired byRelated to 113
Edward Marlo ATFUS 114
Wesley James, Tom Ellis Loading Move 114
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move 117
John Guastaferro Intuition 120
Daryl Martinez Combo Count 121
John Guastaferro Out of the Blue aces and kings transpose, one quartet changes back color 124
Bob Veeser, John Guastaferro Veeser Concept Handling 124
John Guastaferro Vino Aces McDonald's version 129
John Guastaferro Hofzinser Ace Vanish using transparent gaff for vanish sequence 134
John Guastaferro Epilogue 137
John Guastaferro Thanks 139