Written by Tom Stone

Work of Tom Stone

259 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Stone.
Language: English

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Tom Stone Debts of Gratitude vii
Håkan Berg Most books I have read have had a preface by someone important... ix
Tom Stone What Is This Thing Called Book? xi
Tom Stone Thieves and Sheep Ideas discussion of various ideas xiv
Tom Stone, Andy Nyman Of Dice and Men presentation for 1 out of six prediction, inspired by Andy Nyman's "Diceman" 3
Tom Stone Dice Force simple gaffed die to force a number 4
Tom Stone Complicated Exchange within deck, brief 6
Tom Stone Silver & Sorcery routine for and thoughts on John Ramsay's "Cylinder and Coins" 7
Bob Chesbro, Tom Stone Thumb Tip Coin Vanish Inspired by 13
Tom Stone Crossing The Gaze Multiple Coin Vanish one by one 16
Tom Stone Stack Transfer as visible coin is transferred to other hand 18
Geoffrey Latta Nowhere Palm finger palm to third finger curl palm, multiple coins 21
Tom Stone Magnetic Multiple Vanish to ditch multiple coins silently 24
Tom Stone The Safe Bullet-Catch bang gun bullet catch 24
Tom Stone Wet Russian russian roulette with water pistolsAlso published here 25
Tom Stone, Stewart James DacheBox various unfinished ideas for Stewart James' Sefalaljia
- Silks from Another Century
- Wired (featuring idea for Ted Lesley's "Mind Bender")
- Ceiling Thoughts
- Shivers
- Vanishing Sefalaljia
Tom Stone Burn Remedy thoughts about spectators that burn the performer 32
Tom Stone Brutus's Gift knife of chosen color is stuck in magician's back with dramatic presentation, see also T.A. Waters' "Backdate" 33
Tom Stone, Robert E. Neale Sole Survivor in 3-D non-card presentational idea for Robert Neale's "Sole Survivor" (Magic & Meaning) 35
Tom Stone White Lies classic one-ahead trick with blank cards on which writing appears with ashes rubbed on 39
Tom Stone Clink-Catch elbow catch, vanish or transformation 41
Tom Stone Bottled Up production from under spectator's arm 43
Tom Stone Bottled Thoughts ideas and sequences for the "Multiplying Bottles" plot
- Stirring up the Still
- Don't Stare at my Bottom
- Glasswhere?
- Glass-Bottle-Can
- Multiplying Glasses
- Redneck Remedy
Tom Stone Prediction Ajar 65
Tom Stone Siamese Book-Test 67
Tom Stone The Forbidden Palm black art 69
Tom Stone Black Art on Close-up Pad credit information 69
Tom Stone Black Art Card construction of card with black back 70
Jason England Angled Rub-a-Dub-Dub Vanish 72
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 73
David Ben, Bernard Bilis Tabled Spread Turnover 74
Tom Stone Card Box Animation card case moves by itself 75
Tom Stone Oh No! Thimbles routine 77
Unknown Forefinger Catch 81
Tom Stone The Ultimate Sub Trunk idea for outdoor version 82
Tom Stone Paper Bag Cut cutting deck inside paper bag, ACAAN suggestion 83
Tom Stone Sentient Sand design drawn in sand is duplicated 87
Tom Stone Chinese Lubricant suggestion for Chinese Sticks 90
Tom Stone Amore Motel using four of a kind and two of a kind, credit information on Hotel Mystery 91
Tom Stone Chairport Chair Prediction 96
Tom Stone Eye of the Last Dragon discussion and technical sequences with multiplying billiard balls 97
Tom Stone Peaks and Valleys 104
Tom Stone Mitosis Maneuver one ball becomes two which become four, sequence with shell 107
Tom Stone Negative Structure 110
Tom Stone Back to de Kolta holdout principle for balls 112
Tom Stone The Shell as Topit 113
Tom Stone Shell Lapping 115
Tom Stone Ball Mélange three balls vanish one by one 117
Tom Stone Ball Climax molded four-ball-climax 119
Tom Stone, Bob Ostin, Bob Cassidy Bank Naught marking methods with two presentations:
- Psychic Losery
- Weightmaster
Tom Stone Dance Shtick ideas for prop construction 123
Tom Stone Mental Posterior method for chair predictionAlso published here 126
Tom Stone Electro-cute sight gag with electric deck 127
Tom Stone SloMoSub idea for slow motion subtrunk 130
Tom Stone Tesla's Knot cut and restored cable 131
Tom Stone Derringer cards at 2 named numbers are predicted, stooge 133
Tom Stone Open Billet Switch secret exchange of two visible billets 134
Tom Stone Eggs from Bombay combo with silk to egg, eggs under bowl (Benson's Bowl), multiplying eggs 135
Tom Stone Portable Table Servante Contruction 138
Tom Stone Quick Memo edge marked cards in memorized stack, spectator peeks at card which is divined 148
Tom Stone Paperback Writer words chosen from lists predicted as story 149
Tom Stone Waiting for a Sign thoughts, followed by handlingsInspired by 151
Tom Stone Sign of the Count "signed card" with mark on isolated card 152
Tom Stone Crossed Sign "signed card" with mark on isolated card 153
Tom Stone Gesture Switch 154
Tom Stone, Henrik Holmberg Time Operator I joker placed aside, selection transforms into joker with card identity written on it, isolated joker is selection, no signature 154
August Roterberg Push-In Change 156
Tom Stone Time Operator II joker placed aside, selection transforms into joker with card identity written on it, isolated joker is selection, no signature 158
Tom Stone Fake Casing apparently placing two cards in case, only 1 158
Edward Marlo Case Removal from underneath 160
Tom Stone Signed Transformation 161
Tom Stone Sign of the Boxer 162
Tom Stone Switch with Card Case heavily gaffed 162
Tom Stone Homer's Case switch or vanish of card put beneath case 165
Tom Stone Occhamman Card "signed card" with mark on isolated card 166
Unknown Tweezer Double 168
Ken Krenzel, Tom Stone Monte Plus Plus Variation with a double backer 170
Tom Stone Occhamman Now! "signed card", isolated card marked with paper clip 171
Daryl Martinez, Bill Simon Daryl-Simon Convincing Control card ends in cop position 173
Tom Stone Paper Clip Switch 177
Tom Stone Wooden Sign "signed card" with isolated card stapled to piece of wood 178
Tom Stone The Collective Blink byplay with joker that travels from table back into deck 180
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal Force very brief 181
Tommy Wonder, Tom Stone Secret Pick-Up tabled card secretly transferred to deck 182
Ken Krenzel, Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Plus 184
Tom Stone Hip Hip Hurray! using hinged/flap card box 185
Max Milton The One-Handed Top Change also known as "Ultra Move" 187
Tom Stone Sir Offalot ideas if the spectator miscalculates sum 192
Tom Stone, Dr. Raymond L. Beebe Challenge in Silk vanished silks pop out of pockets and are knotted together, inspired by Beebe's "Smart Slik" (Encyclopedia of Slik Magic 1) 193
Tom Stone Well-Timed Miracle card at number determined by stop watch is predictedVariations 202
Tom Stone The Tutorial sucker explanation with card from lefty deck 203
Tom Stone Going Bananas 2-person comedy act in which fake banana becomes real 206
Tom Stone, Finn Jon Thumb Tip as Sound Gimmick 208
Tom Stone Things That Go Cluck in the Night silk to egg routine with spectator following along and succeeding 209
Tom Stone The Voice of the Public joke about the notion that card tricks are not popular 222
Tom Stone, Harry Riser Glitching the Aces 223
Tom Stone The Hat Trick top hat on table 225
Tom Stone, Stewart James, Max Maven Synonymax cards with pictures and words, selections are divined, inspired by Stewart James' "Book of the Dead" & Max Maven's "Soloflex"Inspired by 229
Tom Stone Tripodal by Sundown - Mental Pursuit spectators select questions, performer divines answers, quiz show presentation, de bruijn/gray code 237
Tom Stone Quean of the Quiz confabulation type prediction with quiz show presentation and envelope loading stand 241
Tom Stone The Quiz Show classic Frank Lane comedy quiz show with final loads 244
Tom Stone Turbo Change Bag one-handed plain change bagAlso published here 246
Tom Stone Acknowledgements 257
Tom Stone Publishing History where things appeared previously 259