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158 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Edward Marlo.
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Edward Marlo Foreword
Edward Marlo Side Finger-Flesh Grip deck placed into right hand fingertips, yet flesh break retained 1
Edward Marlo Definite Fingertip Control with Finger-Flesh Grip 2
Edward Marlo Side Flesh Break applied to Both Hands 3
Edward Marlo Fingertip Spectator's Peek spectator pushed deck open, yet it appears to be a fingertip peek 5
Edward Marlo Observations on Chapter One new vs. old decks for Side Flesh Break Grip 5
Edward Marlo The Crimp - D.F.C. bridge where spectator stops, two methodsRelated to 6
Edward Marlo Putting in the Step five handlingsInspired by 10
Edward Marlo Center Dribble Glimpse from break 12
Edward Marlo Controlling a Card in the Center you know the card and its approximate position, two methods 12
Edward Marlo Center Riffle Glimpse from fine step 13
Edward Marlo Center Step Glimpse from fine step 13
Edward Marlo Moving the Steps three methodsInspired by 13
Edward Marlo Marlo's Favorite (Three Card Control) sequence for three consecutive selections 17
Edward Marlo 1-2 Order Control sequence for two consecutive selections 18
Edward Marlo Double Peek Control (Table Riffle Shuffle) two steps 19
Edward Marlo The Triple Control (Table Riffle Shuffle) three steps 20
Edward Marlo The All Around Square Up five methods with steps, including four "Getting Methods" to regain control over the card 21
Edward Marlo The Double Fingertip Peek two steps & control 26
Edward Marlo Bottom Slip Cut 28
Edward Marlo Triple Fingertip Peek three steps & control 28
Edward Marlo Side Cut Handling two steps 29
Edward Marlo Drop Control Procedure two or three cards, running cuts on table 30
Edward Marlo The Fake Square Up 31
Edward Marlo D.F.C. Procedure for the Triple Fingertip Control 32
Edward Marlo Further Suggestions using Definite Fingertip Peek Controls 34
Edward Marlo The Moveable Jog 35
Edward Marlo Key Card Throw-Offs peek control with key card 37
Edward Marlo Double Key Card Throw-Off peeked cards, two methods 38
Edward Marlo Glimpses for after the Fingertip Peek four methods 40
Edward Marlo Two Card Control with Fingertip Peek and Glimpses 41
Edward Marlo Two more Glimpses 42
Edward Marlo Application of the X Square Up - The Basic Handling of the X Square Up
- First Method: Angle Jogging
Edward Marlo As a Repeat Peek Force jog 45
Edward Marlo The Double Peek Force jog 47
Edward Marlo Triple Peek Force jog 47
Edward Marlo Fingertip Stepping X Square Up, tabled riffle shuffle control 47
Edward Marlo Further Finesse and Shifting of the Step see step 9. 48
Edward Marlo The Double Fingertip Peek two steps followed by tabled cutting and shuffle combinations, multiple methods 49
Edward Marlo Jog Control Technique after (multiple) peek, the breaks are made into angle jogs and the control continued from there on table
- Double Control (two methods, see also page 63 for suggestion)
- Triple Control
- Four Card Control
see page 156 for additional observations
Edward Marlo Jog Fan handling for pressure fan with jog(s) 56
Edward Marlo Two Card Control two methods of Jog Control, in-the-hands 57
Edward Marlo The Insertion Method: As a Multiple Control cards fanned with four jogged cards, overhand shuffleRelated to 58
Edward Marlo Fantastic Fingertip Controls with step fan, and one hand closing of fan, see also page 85 for "Added Notes on the One Hand Closing of the Fan" 60
Edward Marlo Setting up for Fingertip Peek Force with jog fan and one hand closing of fan 63
Edward Marlo Reverse Fingertip Control forcing thick or short card, riffled from the back to the front, two methods 64
Edward Marlo Tapping on Table to locate corner short, see also references where Vernon credits a San Francisco gamblerRelated to 64
Edward Marlo Incredible Fingertip Location two fingertip peeked at cards are located with lots of shuffling by spectator, corner short (Marlo Key Card) 65
Edward Marlo Triple Fingertip Control corner short card (Marlo Key Card) 66
Edward Marlo Impromptu Methods - Double Fingertip Control
- Quadruple Fingertip Control
- Six Card Fingertip Peek
Edward Marlo Marlo Key Card two corner shorts, punch, crimp, edge mark, see page 156 for additional observationsRelated to 69
Edward Marlo Ace Cutting using Marlo Key Card 69
Edward Marlo The Marked Deck "how to control it, without obviously running through the pack to find it, is our concern"
- For One Card
- For Two Cards
- For Three Cards
Dr. James Nuzzo The Dr. Nuzzo Peek fine secret incomplete faro condition to facilitate counting, for credit information see referenceRelated to 72
Edward Marlo The Variant Fingertip Peek applying substance to peeked-at card with right second finger
- The Baisc Method
- Daub Variant
- Saliva Variant
- Adhesive Variant
Variations 74
Edward Marlo The I F Fingertip Peek incomplete faro at fingertips, controlled to twenty-six or twenty-seven from top, see also page 85 for further notes 75
Edward Marlo An Important Tip using secret incomplete faro condition to facilitate side steal 76
S. W. Erdnase, Edward Marlo Erdnase Break obtaining the break from fourth finger break 77
Edward Marlo Square Up Action with an Erdnase Break 78
Edward Marlo Control from Erdnase Break seven methods to control a card marked off by Erdnase break 78
Edward Marlo Erdnase Break Glimpse 79
Edward Marlo The Tight Peek using second finger break 82
Edward Marlo The Marlo Spread Control culling as tabled spread is picked up 83
Edward Marlo Out of Sight fingertip peeked at card is located from fan by sense of touch 86
Edward Marlo The Geiger Discovery selection found in spread, edge marked keyRelated toVariations 86
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Slip Cut using pad of left first finger and friction, a bit similar to HaLo cut 87
Edward Marlo Wet Line Vanish or Control selection vanishes or is controlled, saliva handling 88
Edward Marlo Multiple Fan Jog Effect three cards are thrust into fan, next to three selections 89
Edward Marlo Double Crimp D.F.C. two card controlInspired by 90
Edward Marlo Fingertip Spread Sandwich sandwich cards inserted in tabled spread together, squared, selection appears between them 91
Edward Marlo Try this Trio - First of the Trio spectator finds card via size of cut-off packet, Penelope PrincipleRelated to 92
Edward Marlo Try this Trio - Second of the Trio using stack and naming the stopped-at cardRelated to 92
Edward Marlo Try this Trio - Third of the Trio fishing amongst a restricted rangeRelated to 93
Edward Marlo, Louis Histed No Palm Cards to Pocket two selections reverse one by one, then travel to pockets, double facer, inspired by Louis Histed's "Merlinism" (ABRA, Oct.3 1964) 93
Edward Marlo Fingertip Vanish fingertip peeked card vanishes, double index card 95
Edward Marlo Better Than fingertip peeked at card to any number with faros 96
Edward Marlo Marlo's Miss triumph, only Aces face up with one card in between each, three selections, dated 1962 97
Edward Marlo The Emerging Card or Fingertip Rise fingertip peeked at card rises, thread, dated 1964, see page 155 for additional observations 99
Edward Marlo Fingertip Quickie or "Oh! I Forgot" bottom card is wrong, changed into selection 102
Edward Marlo Easy Tabled Control controlling multiple cards singly, dated 1961Inspired by 102
Edward Marlo Corner Short Control multiple cards one by one using Marlo Key Card, tabled shuffles 104
Edward Marlo Corner Short Riffle Cull culling cards with a corner short or Marlo Key card 105
Edward Marlo Pre-Determined Four four effects, magically reversed card is used to locate two selections (neighbors or by counting to them) 106
Edward Marlo Pre-Determined Four - Fourth Effect A Fingertip Peeked card vanishes, waxed corner short 107
Edward Marlo, Ralph W. Hull Fingertip Tear no duplicate 108
Edward Marlo The Reversible Peek openly turned over card turns out to be later peeked card 109
Edward Marlo Cover-up Cut 109
Edward Marlo Casino Countdown with or without faro 112
Frederick Braue, Edward Marlo Braue Reverse Handling 112
Edward Marlo Marlo Covered Bottom Slip Cut 114
Edward Marlo The Vanishing Card peeked card vanishes, reappears at chosen number, saliva 116
Edward Marlo The Latest selection is found by counting down to value of freely chosen card from a bunch, small set-up 118
Edward Marlo Startling Climax two cards selected, first found in pocket, transforms in second card 121
Edward Marlo One Hand Cop here bottom card of double is palmed 121
Edward Marlo Cut to Transpose cutting sequence that exchanges to card with card in center without altering the rest of the deck 123
Edward Marlo "X" the Unknown selection's position noted by spectator, second selection appears at this position 125
John Scarne Edge-Marking Technique as card is inserted 125
Edward Marlo A Complex Problem two cards turn over and are used to count down to three selections in two piles 127
Bill Simon Block Slip Cut Related toVariations 130
Edward Marlo Reversed Selected Locators four cards selected, two turn over and their value counts to other two selections 134
Edward Marlo Dealing in Oil and Water 4&4, Benzais' Cop, dated 1962 140
John Benzais, Edward Marlo Marlo Variant of Benzais' Cop 140
Edward Marlo, Persi Diaconis Credit Information on the Benzais' Cop credited to Persi Diaconis here 142
Edward Marlo How Many card placed on table, cards dealt onto it, rises to top 142
Edward Marlo Out Biddled Transposition 143
Edward Marlo For Ace Transpositions getting Ace from one packet to another, four methods 144
Edward Marlo Unbelievable Aces Related to 145
Edward Marlo Count Lap Related to 145
Edward Marlo Professional Ace Cutting with crimpRelated to 146
Art Altman The Altman Trap dated 1956 147
Edward Marlo Marlo Repeat Turnover Technique using Altman Trap, one or two handed 147
Unknown Pinky Count very brief 147
Edward Marlo 10 Hands Stack using Zarrow, see page 155 for additional observations, dated 1966 148
Edward Marlo Any Card Called Faro Control any named card controlled in shuffled deck, see page 155 for additional observations 151
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico A Lap Move dated 1950 152
Edward Marlo Card to Pocket lapping 152
Edward Marlo Card(s) Through Table lapping 153
Edward Marlo Vanishing Card a chosen card vanishes from amongst a packet of five cards, lapping 153
Edward Marlo Vanishing Eleven eleven cards vanish, selection remains, lappingRelated to
  • Ibidem No. 24
Edward Marlo Changing Cards four cards change into four Aces, lapping 153
Edward Marlo As a Face-up Exchange Ace switch out, lapping 154
Edward Marlo Re-selection four Aces are lost, spectator selects four cards, turn out to be four Aces, lapping 154
Edward Marlo On the Center Cover Up Cut 155
Edward Marlo Concluding Observations Related to 155
Edward Marlo Long and Short Cards from different decks 157
Edward Marlo Fingertip Peek & Stripper Deck 157