Written by Al Leech

Work of Al Leech

60 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.

Language: English

(26 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Leech Speedy Transposition 5
Dai Vernon Simplified Curry Related to 5
Al Leech The Snide variationAlso published here 7
Al Leech The Marked Card humorous interlude 9
Al Leech Doubly Marked variation on "The Marked Card" 10
Al Leech Vanishing Card card is rubbed, changes color, vanishes 12
Al Leech Three Plus One visual Gag 13
Al Leech Flip Flop Floop routine around a move 15
Al Leech Top to Bottom Change 19
Al Leech A Divination two Cards tell value and suitRelated to 22
Al Leech Four Ace Vanish not visualVariations 23
Al Leech Right, Wrong, Right two cards match 25
Al Leech A Chameleon Pair similar to "Right, Wrong, Right" 27
Al Leech Face up Coincidence mates 30
Al Leech Triple Coincidence 32
Al Leech Pseudo Color Change no palming 35
Al Leech Two Hands: Four Aces "sleeve Aces"Variations 37
Al Leech Paint Brush card is changed into mate 41
Al Leech Five Aces into Aces 43
Al Leech Cut the Aces face up double cuts 46
Al Leech The Back Scratch finesse 46
Al Leech Double Vanish on the pack 48
Al Leech Pseudo Boomerang invisible flight into pack 50
Al Leech Phantom Monte all three cards changeVariations 51
Al Leech Four Aces not visual, four four-of-a-kinds are produced 54
Al Leech The Better Magician 55