Written by Cliff Green

Work of Cliff Green

159 pages (Hardcover), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings by Ed Mishell.
Language: English

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Cliff Green An Imperceptible "Get-Ready" multiple card buckleRelated to 16
Cliff Green The Double Lift two methods, end for end turnover, thumb pushes behind first fingerRelated to 16
Cliff Green A Get-Ready on the "Installment Plan" 18
Cliff Green The Push-Pull Double Lift 19
Cliff Green Topping the Pass extraction and replacement while showing bottom card 24
Cliff Green Diagonal Insertion Handling 24
Cliff Green An Easy-Going Bottom-Palm 27
Cliff Green, Morris Loewy The Imperceptible Top to Bottom Palm handling of Loewy palm, see multiple card handling at the end 28
Cliff Green Tip on the Palming of Cards thumb position 30
Clayton Rawson, Cliff Green The 90 Per Cent Perfect Change attention to position of feet is givenRelated to 34
Cliff Green The Other 10 Per Cent moving Tenkai Palmed card in more covered position against body 36
Cliff Green The Phoenix Aces aces lost in deck are produced from empty hands one by oneRelated toVariations 39
Cliff Green Pivot Palm multiple cards 40
Cliff Green, Joseph Cottone Squeeze Production Related to 41
Cliff Green A Subtle Control all secretly inserted at same position 43
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Hand Rubbing 44
Henry Christ Henry Christ's Fabulous Ace Routine Variations 48
Cliff Green Spread Reversal single card 49
Cliff Green The Snap Change featuring a double lift unload 53
Cliff Green The Vanish signed card vanishes from face of pack, reappears in pocket 58
Cliff Green Excelsior Change with Deck 60
Cliff Green The Vanish Absolute from face 60
Cliff Green A Whiff of Confusion odd-backed card pushed in deck rises out of it, transposes with duplicate from deck 62
Cliff Green A Challenge Special Delivery peeked-at card to any named pocket 68
Cliff Green The Lay Away Palm Related to 68
Cliff Green A Follow-up for "Special Delivery" card divination wrong, then "really? but that card was in my pocket all along..." 70
Cliff Green Topping the Peek to top after peek, passive 74
Cliff Green The Peek Crimp in context of card to pocket/wallet/... 75
Cliff Green Right Hand Bottom Palm brief 76
Cliff Green Prelude to the Sorcerer's Apprentice three cards transform into the Ace of Spades one by one, free handed 80
Cliff Green All Alike Sequence four cards as three alike cards 80
Cliff Green The Aces of Spades as a Sorcerer's Apprentice Ace of Spades is removed, three more Aces of Spades produced from air, transform into four different acesVariations 82
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 83
Unknown Clip Palm Production 84
Cliff Green Coptomania palming cards off double or multiple card 84
Cliff Green The Evaporating Aces different vanish for each aces 92
Cliff Green Flight of the Blues signed odd-backed cards travelRelated to 102
Cliff Green Multiple Center Steal here done with small packet 105
Cliff Green Finale for the Flight of the Blues signed card vanishes from packed and is produced from air (back palm) 111
Cliff Green A Technical Refurbishing of the Hugard-Braue Passe Passe Aces with transformation/transposition element of red-black acesRelated to 116
Cliff Green The Interlocked Card Production - The Original Version
- The Push-Up Method
Variations 122
Joseph Cottone, Vic Sendax The Cottone-Sendax Method for correction see referenceVariations 128
Cliff Green General Delivery - Cards to the Pockets six cards, red black alternating, vanish and reappear color-separated from two different pockets 134
Cliff Green Birdcage Vanish 135
Cliff Green Classic to Tenkai Transfer 135
Unknown Double Card Snap-Over 137
Howard Schwarzman Impromptu Cards Across 144
Unknown Undercount to Table/Spectator's Hand 145
Cliff Green Top-Palm one-handed top palm for dry hands 147
Howard Schwarzman The Impeccable Double shooting double across surfaceVariations 148
Howard Schwarzman The Impeccable Prediction Variations 150
Dai Vernon A Vernonesque Quickie one of two indifferent cards changes into selection 152
Unknown Snap Over Double end for end 153
Cliff Green Carduplication card peeked at, five cards including selection removed, selection vanishes, odd-backed duplicate from pocket, changes back to match deck 154
Unknown Step Peek 155
Cliff Green Back Palm Steal as packet is tossed on table 156
Cliff Green Behind Back Transfer card transferred to other hand behind back 156
Cliff Green The Pop Up Change card palmed and switched as it is apparently inserted in deck 158