Written by Robert Parrish

Work of Charlie Miller

71 pages (Spiralbound), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Howard Bamman.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Introduction 3
Robert Parrish About Charlie Miller 5
Charlie Miller Mugs and Hats short assembly with two hats and four paper balls, then two beer mugs and whiskey flask appearRelated to 9
Charlie Miller The Jest of the Joker or "The Joker Is A Diakka", joker placed aside, ace with three x cards on table, other aces vanish, pile becomes four jokers, joker becomes ace, then pile becomes aces againVariations 18
Charlie Miller The Torn Card seated, directRelated toVariations 22
Charlie Miller Imitative Cards 26
Charlie Miller Packet Palm Switch 29
Charlie Miller Bold Miller Force from fan of small packet, not really a force 31
Charlie Miller The Eight Card Trick two piles of four cards each, a card travels from packet to packet, repeat, saliva 34
Charlie Miller The Upside Down Trick value cut to is counted down to find selection, featuring face-up bottom deal 36
Charlie Miller Face-Up Bottom Deal 36
Charlie Miller, C. O. Williams The Card in the Pocket number thought of and card at position remembered, vanishes and appears in pocket, lazy man 37
Charlie Miller The Great Billet Test spectator writes name on one of several billets, billet and word on it are divined 38
Charlie Miller, David Devant A Lesson in Magic with assistant, one claims to teach "handkerchief to lemon", handkerchief changes to small pieces, to ribbon, then to lemon, handkerchief inside, center cut out of two handkerchiefs, mismade handkerchief restoration, handkerchief to liquid, restored handkerchiefs reappear 41
Unknown Sleeve Pull fishing weight 46
Charlie Miller The Homing Deuces four Twos keep reappearing on bottom of deck, sucker phaseRelated to 60
Charlie Miller Overhand Shuffle Multiple Shift with a credit to Canar (?) 60
Charlie Miller Notes on the Bottom Change also as packet switch 64
Bob Madison Psychological Riffle Force "think a card" 65
Charlie Miller How Not to Palm a Card common mistakes pointed out:
1. Forgetful Freddie
2. The Little Finger Fault
3. Where's the Audience?
4. The Corpse in the Closet
5. Placement
6. The Duck-Bill Thumb
Robert Parrish Backstage Scene picture with Fabian, Charlie Miller, Jay Marshall, Robert Parrish 69
Robert Parrish To the Reader 70