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William Goodwin A Trick for a Danish Prince rubber band on top of deck visually encircles entire deck 1
William Goodwin Lunch with Leipzig 2
William Goodwin Subtlety for Screened Leipzig Pass for Ron Bauer's "Screened Leipzig Pass" (Genii 47/2, Feb 1983, p. 113) 2
Michael Skinner, William Goodwin New Year's Resolution spectator cuts deck in four piles and selects four cards from second deck, those values are used to count down to the aces in the four piles 3
William Goodwin Pack Flip 5
William Goodwin, Roy Walton Trigger Variation apparently deck is turned over, but only single card is turned over and rest remains, similar to "Trigger" 5
Ray Kosby The Coffin Change brief 5
William Goodwin Selection Foretold selection matches in value the prediction-three-of-a-kind, face-up classic force with out 7
Larry Jennings Reversal Strip-Out Addition reversing bottom cards while stripping out 7
William Goodwin Three Phase Exchange top card transposes with reversed card in center three times 9
Edward Marlo, John Carney Stud Turn Palm as top double is turned 9
Daryl Martinez, William Goodwin Bold Center Unload as double is stroked, bottom card is unloaded in center 10
Unknown Double Spin spinning double card between fingers 10
Daryl Martinez Center Unload Transformation as double is stroked, face card is unloaded in center of deck 11
William Goodwin Off Balance Transposition three phases, single card with four-of-a-kind 12
Dai Vernon Creeping Reverse very brief 13
William Goodwin The Delayed False Shuffle in-the-hands-spread delay 15
William Goodwin Delayed Triumph 16