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Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 1 selected card named and found in pocket 5
Paul LePaul, Charlie Miller Fan Control one-handed fan 6
Charlie Miller Break Glimpse near top 6
Lawrence "Larry" Grey, Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 2 simple spelling, first to "random" card, then selection, "Lawrence Gray" 7
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 3 stabbing between to cards in wrapped deck, stabbing by spectator suggested 10
Jack Merlin Squeeze Insertion 11
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 4 card chosen from and replaced in spread, fair, found via stop trick 12
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 5 shuffled deck cut in three piles, performer always know fifth or so card from top, credit to Hatton&Plate 14
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 6 variation of Hull's "Mental Discernment" starting with freely thought of card, distribution with Erdnase's stock shuffle, OOSOOMInspired by 15
Cardini Stabbing Force stabbed with another card 17
S. W. Erdnase Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 7 Inspired by 19
Cardini Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 8 spectator locates card by stabbing joker in pack 19
Rolland Hamblen, Charlie Miller, U. F. Grant Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 9 spectator remembers card and its position, card stabbed in deck, its value used to count down and find selection 20
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 10 one-handed, otherwise standard 22
Jack McMillen, Judson S. Brown, T. Page Wright Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 11, 12, 13 22
Jean Hugard, Burling Hull Reverse against Body 23
Unknown The Slip precursor of KM Move 23
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 14 24
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 15 26
Jack McMillen, Charlie Miller Version of Jack McMillen's Prophesied Leaper selection vanishes from one half and reappears in other at predicted position, stranger card 26
Cardini Stabbing Force with illustrations 28
Charlie Miller Poker Deal target cards from shuffled first deal placed into own hand via bottom deals 28
Charlie Miller Version of Selbit's Cards and Tray out-of-hand selection of two cards, one from pocket, one caught from thrown up deck 30
Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon Variation of Stanyon's Limit Card reconstructing a trick by Vernon described by Stanyon, two cards removed are divined with other cards 32
Charlie Miller Variation of Mental Discernment OOSOOM, with variations by Vernon 33
Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon Variation of Vernon's Spread Trick 35
Charlie Miller Group Counting 2-3-2-3 35
Charlie Miller Variation of Vernon's Reverse Card Trick only the beginning described, see p. 38 for more information 36
Unknown LePaul Fan Control no credit 37
Charlie Miller The Reversed Card 37
Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon Variation of Dai Vernon's Card Reverse 38
Maly Think a Card tip on restricting selection during fanning 39
Max Malini Think a Card Secret 39
Charlie Miller Multiple Think a Card 41
Max Malini, Dr. James William Elliott Multiple Card Location 41
Charlie Miller The Side Steal tip 42
Charlie Miller Packet Switch one packet starting in holder at jacket edge 43
Charlie Miller The Peek 44
Charlie Miller Color Change sucker 44
Charlie Miller Slap Color Change comment 44
Charlie Miller Color Change peeked-at card appears on bottom of deck 44
Charlie Miller Dealing Seconds tip 44
Charlie Miller, Sam H. Sharpe The Force tip 45
Charlie Miller, Judson S. Brown The Invisible Shift perhaps allusion to Cascade Control?! 45
Unknown Buckle False Count also as ace production 46
Judson S. Brown One Handed Ribbon Drop 46
Charlie Miller The Four Aces and Four Jacks aces removed and placed on hand of spectator, change into jacks, aces reversed in deck 47
Charlie Miller Block Upjog Addition and Switch Related to 47
Charlie Miller Four Ace Cull overhand shuffle multiple shift 48
Harry Canan Harry Canan's Ace Trick overhand shuffle multiple shift 49
Max Malini Malini's Transposition 49
Charlie Miller Transposition card on table with card in deck 50
Charlie Miller, Harry Mendoza Card on Knife stabbed in air 51
Unknown Card Stabbing wrapped in newspaper 51
Charlie Miller, Cardini Miracle Location "Cardini Cut" (spectator cuts at break) 52
Judson S. Brown Stripper Deck 53
Charlie Miller Cards Up Sleeve tip 53
Max Malini Malini's Cards from Pocket short comment 53
Al Baker Card from Hat thread 53
Charlie Miller The Tack Trick thumb tack 54
Harry Mendoza Card and Cigarette only comments, "transposition" with tobacco 55
Charlie Miller Peeped Card Thru Hand through spectator's hand, quickie 55
Max Malini Card Jumps to Top single phase Ambitious Card 55
Charlie Miller Red and Black Packets selected cards from red half and black half transpose 56
Unknown Drop Riffle old terminology 56
Unknown Scott's Move Vernon Transfer from center, unclear credit, apparently shown by Faucett Ross 56
Charlie Miller Static Electricity tip for "spectator grabs card out of his own pocket" 57
Jose Frakson Frakson's Rising Card brief description of gimmick 57
Charlie Miller Dunberry Delusion unclear comment 58
Charlie Miller Two Dollars and Aces aces appear in two envelopes that contained a dollar bill before, P&L Phantastic Card Reel for long spread in airInspired by 58
Charlie Miller The Corner Marked Deck 59
Charlie Miller Behind Back Location 59
Charlie Miller You Do as I Do tip 60
Charlie Miller Rubbing Off the Spot 61
Charlie Miller Palm Change on Deck 61
Charlie Miller Variation of a Jack Merlin Effect three four-of-a-kinds kicker, bottom dealsRelated to 62
Nate Leipzig, Charlie Miller Leipzig's Card Production Variation card clings to hand 62
Charlie Miller Conscience Millerized card and its position remembered 63
Unknown Easy Downjog Second Deal 65
Charlie Miller Two Card Transposition duplicate & two double lifts 65
Charlie Miller Double Lift Management 66
Charlie Miller Card Tricks comment 66
Al Baker Al Baker's Apple Trick effect description 66
Unknown Smoke Rings comment 66
Max Malini Max Malini's Preference comment by Malini 67
Charlie Miller Radio Vanish comment 67
Charlie Miller Best Magician's Wax in the World 67
Charlie Miller Three Blind Mice three toy mice with wrong tails, change into correct mice 68
Charlie Miller Cake in the Hat 69
William H. McCaffrey, Dai Vernon Vernon - McCaffery Name Effect unclear effect description 72
Charlie Miller Fish Bowl Production 72
Charlie Miller Fish Catching bare handed 72
Charlie Miller Bag for Glass of Water Production tip 73
Max Malini Vanishing Glass of Whiskey only effect description 74
Charlie Miller, Max Malini Cups and Balls tip 74
Max Malini Malini's Cups and Balls short comment 74
Max Malini, Charlie Miller Chicks chicks from Cups & Balls, chicks from eggs 74
Charlie Miller Chick Breaking breaking a chick into two chicks 76
Charlie Miller, Nate Leipzig Routine for Leipzig's Two Coin Routine one coin in each hand, one travels across 76
Charlie Miller Mexican Coin tip for half dollar sized copper coin 77
Russel Swan Glass of Milk Vanish 77
Charlie Miller Rice Bowls 77
Charlie Miller Bowl Trick water bowls, "shown by Long Jack Sam" 79
Tenkai Ishida Lighted Cigarette fake lighted cigarette 80
Charlie Miller David Devant's Silver Ball only effect description 80
Charlie Miller Coin in Paper Sack ? 80
Charlie Miller Sun and Moon borrowed handkerchief, center sections transposeRelated to 81
Charlie Miller Torn Cigarette Paper 83
Max Malini Malini's Egg Bag 84
Charlie Miller Rabbit Production 84
Charlie Miller Close-up Magic glass in paper comment 85
Charlie Miller Ring on Stick 85
Charlie Miller The Latest Ring on Stick multiple phase routine 86
Elbert Adams Elbert Adams' Move 92
Charlie Miller, Frank Chapman Comments on Servante 95
Charlie Miller List of 40 Effects suitable for Children Shows 95
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's USO Act 96
Charlie Miller Club Show (1936) list of effects, "The show I give is almost the same as that given by Malini" 97
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's "Shell Christmas" Show Routine 98
Charlie Miller Night Club Routine canary production, glass with drink produced and vanished, egg stuff, snow storm 98
Abel Cantu Cantu comment 100
Charlie Miller Maurice comment 100
Charlie Miller Senor Wences comment 101
Charlie Miller Jack Merlin's Act short description 101