Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of David Roth

370 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

(164 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Dai Vernon Foreword 1
Richard Kaufman Introduction to Section One 5
Dai Vernon, David Roth Retention Vanish David Roth's handling of Dai Vernon's Retention Vanish 7
David Roth Fingertip Retention Vanish 9
David Roth The Shuttle Pass - Shuttle Pass
- Reverse Shuffle Pass
- Half Shuttle Pass
- Shuttle Pass From The Lap
David Roth Roth Palm Change 12
Michael Skinner Skinner's Spidergrip Vanish Related to 14
David Roth The Scoop Addunder Addon, addition 15
David Roth Lapping a Coin From the Closed Fist - Tap Lap
- Closed Revolve Vanish
Fred Kaps The Kaps Subtlety Related to 18
John Benzais Benzais Friction Palm 19
David Roth Three-Coin Click Pass 20
David Roth The Flurry Quick series of vanishes and reproductionsInspired byVariations 23
David Roth Producing a Coin at the Fingertips from finger palm 23
David Roth Standup Flurry Climax Jumbo Coin Production 26
David Roth Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies 29
David Roth Deep Palm Tenkai Double Vanish Double Vanish 31
David Roth Deep Palm Tenkai Merge Two half-dollars transform into a dollar 32
David Roth Karate Coin For Professional Performance 34
David Roth Continuous Spellbound 36
David Roth Pulling Off Ten Cents Pulling off a small piece of a half dollar, which transforms into a dime 39
David Roth A Mighty Squeeze Fold a coin in half and then quarters 40
David Roth Squeeze It Handwashing coin vanishInspired by 42
David Roth Sleeving Method One Sleeving clean up for a vanish 43
David Roth Sleeving Method Two Sleeving clean up for a vanish 43
David Roth A Funnel Coin in Bottle Coin in bottle through a funnel 44
David Roth New Wave Coin in Bottle 47
David Roth Folding Coins Through Table 52
Harvey Rosenthal Click Pass 55
Unknown Han Ping Chien brief 55
David Roth Folding Coins Across 56
David Roth Winged Silver Coins Across 57
David Roth To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group 58
David Roth E.Z. Coins Across Coins Across 60
David Roth Shell Coins Across Variations 62
David Roth The Original Chinese Coin Assembly No-card coin assembly, hands as only coverVariations 65
David Roth The Magician's Chinese Coin Assembly No-card assembly, hands as the only cover 70
David Roth Twentieth Century Coins Copper coin ends up between two silvers in the spectator's hand 72
David Roth The Scoop AddBetween 72
David Roth Digital Copper/Silver spectator holds copper/silver coinAlso published here 73
David Roth The Fist Switch unusual 74
David Roth Tabled Copper/Silver 75
David Roth Winged Silver on Edge Coins Across 79
David Roth Method One for Getting Into Edge Grip 79
David Roth Edge Grip Display 80
David Roth Edge Grip Load 81
David Roth The Original Hanging Coins Variations 82
David Roth The Feint Coin jumps back 83
David Roth Method Two for Getting Into Edge Grip 83
David Roth Flash Production with Four Coins 87
David Roth Shuttle Pass Drop from Edge Grip 88
David Roth Curl Palm 88
David Roth Two-Hand Production From Edge Grip 89
David Roth Flash Production with Five Coins 91
David Roth Wild Coin on Edge 92
David Roth John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins (With Edge Grip) 95
David Roth Method Three for Getting Into Edge Grip 98
Unknown Deep Backclip 102
David Roth Deep Backclip - The Basic Method Method for getting into backclip 102
David Roth The Flash Change 103
David Roth Copper/Silver Deep Backclip Routine (with a Gaffed Coin) 105
Unknown Turning Over a Copper/Silver Coin In The Fist 105
David Roth The Deep BackClip Switchout And Recovery 107
David Roth Copper/Silver Deep Backclip Routine (With an Extra Coin) 109
David Roth Commercial Copper/Silver With Deep Backclip 110
David Roth Two Coppers and One Silver Deep Backclip Routine 112
David Roth Deep Backclip Exhibition Coins Across 114
David Roth The Deep Backclip Reverse Load 114
David Roth Deep Backclip Coins Across 115
David Roth Deep BackClip Recovery 116
David Roth The Deep Backclip Steal 117
David Roth Down The Sleeve in Deep Backclip Inspired by 119
Unknown Thumb Palm & Breast Pocket Ditch 121
David Roth Wild Like No Other Wild Coin 123
David Roth The Double Steal Related to 123
Unknown Shuttle Lap as a ditch, with noise reduction if coins are already in lap 125
Derek Dingle Sucker Change 126
David Roth No Lapping Wild Coin No. 1 128
David Roth No-Lapping Wild Coin No. 2 130
David Roth Favorite Wild Coin 132
David Roth The Fake Take 133
David Roth The Fake Put 133
David Roth A Changeover Palm 134
David Roth The Legendary Four Coin Trick Four coin repeat 137
David Roth The Legendary Count False Count 137
David Roth Squash Coins through the table 139
David Roth Stonehenge Coin Assembly rock production climaxVariations 142
David Roth The Lapel Coin One Coin Routine 148
David Roth The Eraser Erase pieces of a coin 152
David Roth The Fugitive Coins Spectator feels a coin grow in their hand during transposition 156
David Roth Linking Coins fusion of two, then three half dollars 158
David Roth The Link Move Fusion 159
Richard Kaufman Introduction to Section Two 167
David Roth The Click Pass Click pass into coin box 169
David Roth Covered Click Pass click pass into coin boxAlso published here 171
David Roth Steals to Position steals from under coinbox
- Steals to Position - Left-Hand Steal No. 1 (to fingertip rest)
- Steals to Position - Left-Hand Steal No. 2 (to finger palm)
- Steals to Position - Left-Hand Steal No. 3 (to edge grip)
- Steals to Position - Left-Hand Steal No. 4 (to finger palm)
- Steals to Position - Right-Hand Steal No. 1 (to finger palm)
- Steals to Position - Right-Hand Steal No. 2 (to fingertip rest)
- Steals to Position - Right-Hand Steal No. 3 (Delayed Steal to Thumb base Concealment or Fingertip Rest)
- Steals to Position - Right-Hand Steal No. 4 (Multiple Steal to Finger Palm)
David Roth Finger Base Click Pass coin box click pass 180
David Roth Tabled Click Pass Coin box click pass 182
David Roth The Bold Steal (And Moves To Various Positions)
- Direct to Right-Hand Fingertip Rest
- Direct to Right-Hand Finger Palm
- Delayed to Right-Hand Fingertip Rest
- Delayed to Right-Hand Thumb Base Concealement
- Direct to Right-Hand Edge Grip (Two-Handed)
- Direct to Right-Hand Edge Grip (One-Handed)
David Roth Rim Steal No. 1 coin box steal 187
David Roth Rim Steal No. 2 coin box stealVariations 188
David Roth Rim Steal No. 3 coin box steal 189
David Roth Stack Rim Steal No. 1 coin box steal 190
David Roth Stack Rim Steal No. 2 coin box steal 191
David Roth The Spillout Steal coin box steal 193
David Roth Lid Load No. 1 coin box lid load 195
David Roth Lid Load No. 2 coin box lid load 196
David Roth Repeat Lid Load coin box lid load 197
David Roth Loaded Lid Pickup 198
David Roth Lightning Turnover coin box turnover 199
David Roth Snap Turnover coin box turnover 201
David Roth Table Turnover coin box turnover 202
Unknown Standard Turnover coin box turnover 204
David Roth Third-Finger Turnover coin box turnover 205
David Roth The Final Turnover coin box turnover 207
David Roth Shuttle-Pass Box Switch 208
David Roth Sweeplap Box Switch 209
David Roth, Fred Kaps Roth/Kaps Box Switch - Fred Kaps Sokito Application
- Boston Box Application
- As A Production
- As A Vanish
David Roth Sound Box Switch 212
David Roth Metamorphosis Box Switch (Opening Production No. 1) 215
David Roth Opening Production No. 2 (The Boston Palm Load) Four coin production from coin box 216
David Roth Opening Production No. 3 four coin production from coin box/ box switch 218
David Roth Opening Production No. 4 (The Triple Load) four coin production / coin box switch 219
David Roth Out With Four extract coins from coin boxVariations 222
David Roth Out With Five extract coins form coin box 226
L'Homme Masqué L'Homme Masque's Load 226
David Roth Out In Out extract coins form the box, then they go back in 228
David Roth Coins Through Hand coins penetrate coin box and hand 231
David Roth Four Halves to Four Dimes Coins transform in the coin box 233
David Roth A Chinese Climax Transformation in the coin box 235
David Roth Thumb Steal to Edge Grip coin box steal 236
David Roth Out With Four a la Edge Grip Coins extracted from coin box 237
David Roth Copper Flight Copper coin disappears from between two silver coins in the coin box
- Method One (Click Pass Without Duplicate)
- Method Two (Click Pass With Duplicate)
- Method Three (Rim Steal Without Duplicate)
- Method Four (Rim Steal With Duplicate)
- Method Five (The Tower Trick)
David Roth Triple Change Climax two silves and one copper change to two coppers and one silver (coin box) 242
David Roth Copper/Silver For Magicians No. 1 coin box copper silver 243
David Roth Copper/Silver For Magicians No. 2 coin box copper silver 244
David Roth The Drop Load Spillout Steal 245
David Roth Three Silvers and One Copper coin box copper silver 246
David Roth The Sokito Box Solid Okito Box Routine 248
David Roth Four Coin Transposition four chinese coins transpose with 4 silver coins in coin box 249
David Roth The Heavy Box Routine Heavy Coin Box Routine 251
David Roth The Nokito Box using bottomless Okito box 255
Richard Kaufman Introduction to Section Three 263
David Roth The Table Coins through mini table, then mini table through big table 266
David Roth Purse and Glass Copper Silver Exchange effect with six coinsRelated toVariationsAlso published here 273
David Roth False Putting into Purse apparently coins are put into purse 275
David Roth The Ruler Coins across with a ruler 280
David Roth The Portable Hole Related to 284
David Roth The Frontal Imp Pass 289
David Roth The Micrometer Standing production, vanish and transformation routine 294
David Roth Table Edge Servante 294
David Roth The Planet Signed coins appear in small globe 300
David Roth Fingertip Rest to Thumb Palm 303
John Cornelius Metamorphosis Change 305
David Roth The Funnel Coins change into tiny coins to fit through funnel into bottle 310
David Roth Linking Coins II Fusion of two coins, then three 316
David Roth The Rainbow Coin color change routine 318
David Roth The Sleeve Coins vanish and reappear in a separate detached sleeveVariations 325
David Roth Silly Putty Coin folds in sympathy with a silly putty impression of it 336
David Roth The Salt Shaker Coin in Salt Shaker, Shaker through Table 343
David Roth The Stamp Trick Stamped pictures of coins move on paper then turn into coinsRelated to 349
David Roth The Tuning Fork Manipulate the sound and physical coins separately 361
T. Nelson Downs, David Roth Modified Downs Sound Gimmick 361
David Roth Slydini Coin Clip Handling 366