Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

48 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Gordon M. Howatt.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Foreword 1
Edward Marlo Four Dice and Two Hats matrix type assembly, giant die finale 2
Edward Marlo Die False Transfer 4
Edward Marlo Through the Table four dice, with hat 5
Edward Marlo Three Dice and a Hat form hand to under hat 6
Edward Marlo A Dice and a Hat die vanishes and reappears audibly in hat 7
Edward Marlo Dice Transposition three red and three white dice 7
Edward Marlo Triple Dice Routine two in hand one in pocket, with surprises (shrinking dice, coin appearance) 9
Edward Marlo "It's Old But It's New" intro to Section II 11
John Paul The Dice Stack routine, ends with vanish of all dice from the dice cup 12
Edward Marlo Pick and Drop 17
Edward Marlo Four of a Kind - The Farmer Shake rolling wanted values 18
Edward Marlo Hold Out Methods 21
Tony Platt Tony Platt Hold Out 22
Edward Marlo They're Loaded rolling five aces 24
Edward Marlo Foo Dice Cup cup for switching dice 24
Edward Marlo Chinese Dice Box 26
Edward Marlo Three Dice and a Coin dice travel from hand to hand 28
Edward Marlo The Thumb Twister paddle move, with misspotted die 28
Unknown Dice Control on a Hard Surface 31
Edward Marlo Dice Control section intro 31
Edward Marlo Marlo's Control Related to 33
Edward Marlo Dice Control on a Soft Surface 33
Unknown Soup! liquid to make dice temporarily sticky 34
Edward Marlo Crooked Dice Set No. 1. Tops and Bottoms
Set No. 2. Shapes or Buffed Dice
Set No. 3. Trip Dice
Set No. 4. Filler or Loaded Dice
Set No. 5. Tapping Dice
Set No. 6. Paint Work
Set No. 7. Capped Transparent Dice
Set No. 8. Magnetic Dice
Edward Marlo Advice to Service Men on cheating 38
Edward Marlo Rules for Detecting Crooked Dice 39
Edward Marlo Dice Switches 1. The One Hand Switch
2. Money Switch
3. Cuff Switch
4. Table Switch
5. Single Dice Switch
Edward Marlo The Dice Switch Routine color changes 43
Edward Marlo Gambling Demonstration Routine 44
Edward Marlo Explanation of Terms 45
Edward Marlo The Hand Behind the Dice Cup hand care 46
Laurie Ireland Round Dice - A Novelty 47