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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo Foreword 3
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method I two decks, two spectators make a selection each, one only thought of 5
Unknown Center Cut Key Card Placement 5
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method II two cards only thought of, see also page 9 for Variation 6
Edward Marlo Overlap Switch two overlapping cards are turned over 6
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method III two cards counted to are predicted by performer 7
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method IV two cards counted to are predicted, alternating set-up 8
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method V peeked at and thought of card found 9
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method VI two cards counted to predicted 9
Edward Marlo Tray Turn Switch as you turn tray with two glasses around 10
Edward Marlo, Paul Curry Marlo-Curry Change Variation 11
Edward Marlo Double Thought - Single Deck two cards thought of found, one ahead
- Stooge Version
- The Exchange Version
- The Key Card Version
- Memory Version
Related to 12
Edward Marlo Red and Blue - Spectator Coincidence card thought of and touched in other deck, match, two decksVariations 15
Edward Marlo Double Coincidence two cards chosen by performer and spectator turn out to be aces 16
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method VII two cards cut to predicted by performer 18
Unknown Cut Deeper Force 18
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method VIII two cards cut to predicted/matched by performer with other deck 20
Edward Marlo Matcho - Method IX two cards cut to predicted by performer 21
Edward Marlo Double Thought and Two Billets Related to 22
Edward Marlo Gaffed Method for "Double Thought", roughed Mene-Tekel Deck, two methodsVariations 24
Edward Marlo Marked Matcho two decks 27
Edward Marlo Unmarked Matcho two decks 28
Edward Marlo Memory Matcho two decks, one stackedVariations 29
Edward Marlo The Fake Change card added to tabled card(s) as it is turned over 31
Unknown Other Marlo Books 32