Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

80 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo, Joe Fenichel Acrobatic Cards brief descriptions of different kinds of acrobatic flap cards 3
Edward Marlo Introduction 3
Edward Marlo Secretly Setting the Gaff six methods (two-handed, one-handed, tabled) 5
Edward Marlo Placing the Selection getting a selection next to set-up acrobatic card, three methods 10
Edward Marlo Uses of the Acrobatic Card - Effect 1 selection appears face up on deck, see also page 26 14
Edward Marlo Effect 2 two cards pop face up on top of deck 14
Edward Marlo Effect 3 selection appears face up on deck, with clean-up, see also page 29 14
Edward Marlo Effect 4 Queen and Ten visually change into 2 Queens 15
Edward Marlo Effect 5 two selections, two cards shown but only one selection, other one transforms into second selection 15
Edward Marlo Effect 6 face-up card in face-down deck transforms, see also page 29 16
Edward Marlo Effect 7 card visually comes to top twice, see also page 29 17
Edward Marlo Effect 8 card changes reversed in pack, see also page 29 17
Edward Marlo Effect 9 free selection pops face-up on deck, see also page 29 18
Edward Marlo Effect 10 - A Transposition of Two Cards see also page 29 18
Edward Marlo Effect 11 - Double Whammy three selections found with transformation surprise 19
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Effect 12 - Thought Force borrowed deck, selection jumps off deck, see also page 27 22
Dr. James Nuzzo Effect 13 - Nuzzo's Projecting Card card sticking out of deck visually changes 23
Edward Marlo Effect 14 - Marlo's Application - In the Fan Change card seen in small fan visibly changes, see also page 27 23
Edward Marlo Effect 15 - Marlo's Visible Reverse card visible reverses in deck 24
Edward Marlo Marlo's Secret Gimmick version of Acrobatic Flap Card 24
Edward Marlo Effect 1 top card jumps to selected side (left or right) 25
Edward Marlo Effect 2 card jumps off top of deck, twice, double jumps from deck 26
Edward Marlo Effect 3 two selections, first jumps off deck, transforms into second, first from pocket 26
Jon Racherbaumer Gaff Possibilities table with possible Acrobatic Flap Gaffs 31
Jon Racherbaumer Flipped Out selection slides out of spread and turns over 36
Jon Racherbaumer, Gene Gordon Sprite Sleight (or Glorpy Rides Again) deck underneath handkerchief, card moves and turns over on top of deckVariations 38
Edward Marlo The Gone Ghost silk over deck, glorpy type movement, then selection (ghost) gone 42
Jon Racherbaumer Quad Aces, Acrobatically three Acrobatic Flap Cards, inspired by "Marlo's Aces" (New Tops) with half card gaffs 43
Jon Racherbaumer Monte Muddle 48
Edward Marlo Marlo's Cleanup for "Monte Muddle" just described 55
Edward Marlo Partial Switch one card of several 55
Jon Racherbaumer Flambeau-Flam deck in flash paper, burnt, selection pops out on top 57
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Flambeau-Flam - String Version deck tied with flash string, burnt, selection pops out on top 58
Edward Marlo The Acrobatic Vanish from small packet reversed into pack 59
Edward Marlo Thought Reversal from small packet thought of card turns over, Acrobatic Cards 62
Edward Marlo The Acrobatic 21 63
Edward Marlo, Dr. James Nuzzo The Queen's Escape or "The Tale of Two Kiddies", transpo with case and acrobatic card 65
Edward Marlo Card and Balloon Related toVariations 67
Edward Marlo Signed Card and Balloon 69
Edward Marlo The Universal Acrobat blank card into three cards, then blank againRelated to 72
Edward Marlo Lift Shuffle Force spectator says stop during shuffle 75
Bob Koch Visible Poker Hand Change three acrobatic flap cards, "Zapped!" 80