Written by Edward Marlo, Dr. James Nuzzo

Work of Edward Marlo

86 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher

Language: English

(37 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo All Blank Wild Card regular cards are made to change blank on both sides, examinable 1
Ralph W. Hull, Edward Marlo Hide-Out Move Variation card underneath fan of cards 2
Brother John Hamman, Edward Marlo Hamman Count Variation 5
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety Variation 7
Edward Marlo Packet Lap Switch 11
Edward Marlo Second Routine regular cards change to blank and back to regular 14
Edward Marlo Simplex All Blanks several cards change to blank 19
Edward Marlo All Backs Routine packet version, double backer 20
Edward Marlo Impromptu All Backs packet version 23
Edward Marlo Color Changing Backs first packet, then full deck follows, red-blue double backers 24
Edward Marlo The Zerox Card 28
Edward Marlo Partial Biddle Switch using double break 30
Edward Marlo Flexible Count brief 31
Edward Marlo Extended Ascanio Spread 32
Edward Marlo Latest Count Combination five card Hamman Count version from pinch grip 35
Edward Marlo In Lieu of Hammon Switch nine card Hamman Count version from pinch grip 36
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley Stand up Diamonds Inspired by 37
Edward Marlo Wrist Turn Bottom Deal described from small packet 38
Edward Marlo Think-a-card Peek Force spectator thinks of a card while performer riffles through them, psychological force 39
Edward Marlo Small Packet Replacement fan misdirection 40
Edward Marlo Instant Card to Wallet loading in lap, using David Bendix Bombshell wallet 43
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Lap deck turned on edge 45
Edward Marlo Rapid Transit card in wallet transposes with card in deck, signed, using David Bendix Bombshell wallet 50
Edward Marlo Table Edge Addition to bottom of deckRelated to 51
Edward Marlo Subtle Cards to Wallet two signed cards to wallet one by one, no palm 54
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Wallet Load getting card from deck underneath wallet 57
Edward Marlo The Spectator's Matcho two cards selected, then another two, they match 60
Edward Marlo Ungaffed Ultra Mental using "Sans Index" principleRelated to 62
Edward Marlo, Jack Vosburgh Double Proof Triple Prediction three selections are predicted on both billets and other cards, extension of Vosburgh's "Prediction Deck" 65
Edward Marlo Double Thought Prediction two cards predicted on other cards, rough smooth deck, five handlings 71
Edward Marlo Olram's Cop alternative for Benzais Cop 75
Edward Marlo False Count to Table using deal cop 76
Edward Marlo Stop Trick using deal cop 77
Edward Marlo Packet Vanishing Aces four aces placed on four piles vanish 79
Edward Marlo Elmsley Count from Dealing Position to Dealing Position comment 80
Edward Marlo A Bonus Item three selections, one turns over and its value is used to count to selections on either side 81
Edward Marlo Multiple Peek Placement Control 82