Written by August Roterberg

Work of Various

284 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Lee Roy Gossett.
Language: English

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Stephen Minch Everything Old is New again i
Byron Walker Matters Bibliographic vi
August Roterberg Preface with thanks to Conradi for letting him use parts of "Der Moderne Kartenkünstler" (1896) 5
August Roterberg Introduction 6
Unknown The Double Handed Pass 7
Alexander Herrmann The Herrmann Pass with two cover actions 10
Charlier The Charlier Pass 13
Charlier Charlier Pass as a Control delayed with step 15
Unknown The Force with out, included one-handed version 16
Unknown Table Spread Force 17
August Roterberg Changes describing an out for lost selection 17
Unknown The Top Change 18
Unknown The Bottom Change 19
Unknown The New Top Change end grip 20
Unknown The Mexican Turn Over 22
Adrian Plate The Excelsior Change "Palm Change" 22
Unknown The Color Change - First Method
- Second Methods
- Third Method
- Fourth Method (one-handed)
Related to 24
Unknown The Regular Palm 29
Unknown Palm Replacement 30
August Roterberg On Display of Skill 31
Buatier de Kolta The Buatier Palm Related to 31
Unknown The Back Hand Palm 32
William E. Robinson New Thought Card Sleights - First Method (fanning before the spectator's eyes)
- Second Method (face-up classic force behind back)
- Third Method (springing from hand to hand)
Related to 34
Unknown The New Glimpse - First Method (below break)
- Second Method (random card in center via partial Charlier pass)
- Third Method (during insertion of selection, two handlings)
Unknown The Bridge 40
Unknown The Prearranged Pack Eight Kings stack 41
Unknown The Glide 42
Unknown The Revolution air pressure turnover 43
Unknown Card to Top visual, top change and air pressure turnover 43
Unknown Visible Transformation as deck is dropped on table, air pressure turnover 43
Unknown Double Lift brief 44
Unknown False Shuffles - The Cut cutting in two, three, four or five piles while retaining the cyclic order 44
Charlier Shuffling the Entire Pack Charlier Shuffle 46
Unknown For One Card controlling top card or bottom and top card 46
Unknown Ne Plus Ultra - First Method pile of cards removed, noted and placed on pack, after some dealing procedure, the performer divines the cards in face-down layout, also alternative with marked deck or stripper, "quadrating" (p. 50)Also published here 48
Unknown Top Palm Replacement as deck is pushed forward 50
Unknown Corner Crimp 54
Unknown Undoing Riffle Shuffle with Stripper 55
Unknown Ne Plus Ultra - Second Method pile of cards removed, noted and placed on pack, after some dealing procedure, spectator deals through cards and performer stops him at all selectionsAlso published here 55
Unknown Penetration of Matter two methods (one with duplicates), one card or several cardsRelated to 57
Unknown Magic versus Mnemonics thirty-two numbered slips and cards are distributed among audience, performer later recalls them, secret assistant 61
Unknown Deck Switch profonde pocket 62
Unknown The Card Receptacle Related to 63
Unknown The Appearance of Desired Cards top card of shuffled deck changes into any named cardRelated to 64
Unknown The Mysterious Production any card called for from pocket 65
Unknown Double Breast Pocket 65
Unknown The Improved Mysterious Production any card called for from pocket, featuring detachable inside pocket, also with selections and no card index 66
Unknown Improved Cards Read Behind The Back shuffled pack, order called out from behind back, with finesse 67
Unknown The Hypnotised Card deck cuts itself at chosen card on table, hair 68
Unknown The Queen of the Air card rises from pack and floats to glass goblet on other side of stage, transforms in midairRelated to 69
Unknown The Lost Found performer removes sets of four cards from behind back and asks whether selection is among them, once the spectator says yes the card is located, estimation of position of cardRelated to 71
Unknown The Card Caught on the Plate deck thrown in air, card sticks to plateRelated to 72
Unknown Deck Crimp Location 72
Unknown The Lantern of Diogenes card appears in glass lantern, using an acrobatic folding card in lidRelated to 73
Unknown Extraordinary Restoration procedure for adding and forcing the extra corner 75
Unknown Edge Marked Locator 75
Unknown Apparent Second Sight freely chosen cards are located behind back, secret punching of selections through handkerchiefRelated to 76
Unknown The Card Marker device to secretly punch cards, two apparatus 77
Unknown The Attached Card selection vanishes and reappears under back of spectator's coat collarRelated to 78
Unknown Cards Shot Against a Hat three selections torn up and shot at borrowed hat, where they appear attached to the crown of the hatRelated to 80
Unknown Newspaper-Covered Cards back covered with newspaper to hide them on a newspaper 80
Unknown War in Peace card sword with unprepared sword and four cards (standard gaffed one briefly described)Related to 82
Unknown The New Card Table or "Card Tripod", metal apparatus with double-shell coverings, Torn Corner Trick given as example with two-step restoration (first all except corner, then the corner) 83
Unknown Thought Reading Extraordinary thought of card at thought of number up to tenRelated to 85
Unknown A Mysterious Change 87
Unknown Double Lift 87
Unknown The Card and Handkerchief card visibly appears attached to handkerchief 89
Unknown The Itinerant Card sealed pack opened, black cards wrapped in paper, chosen red card travels inside black halfRelated to 91
Unknown Resealing a Card Case 91
Unknown The Terpsichorean Card card stands upright on table, then even dances to music 92
Unknown The Card in the Pocket card at a number is remembered, counted to and vanished, in pocketRelated to 94
Unknown The Spectator as Conjurer spectator shoots chosen number of pins on shower of cards with pistol, they're found in selection 95
Unknown Gravity Defied cards cling to hand, pinRelated to 97
Unknown The Demon Envelope seven cards predicted in nesting envelopes 100
Unknown The Ubiquitous Card card at named numberRelated to 102
Unknown Push-Back Count 102
Unknown Four Cards Caught At The Finger Tips duplicates 103
Unknown Friction Toss 106
Unknown The Card, Ribbon and Envelope selection in deck, other selection pierced an threaded on ribbon, ribbon-card changes to first selection, second selection travels to envelop 106
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Facilis Descensus Averno deck in glass on pedestalAlso published here 108
Unknown The Obedient Card Related to 111
Unknown The Card Appearing On The Bottle card appears on top of unprepared bottle, two methods 112
Unknown The Card On The Table Edge card appears on rear edge of table, mechanical 115
Unknown The Mysteries of the Zodiac elaborate, mathematical selection procedureAlso published here 116
Unknown The Cards, Coins and Glass deck placed on glass, coins penetrate deck and fall into glass, three methods (impromptu, gaffed cards, gaffed tableRelated to 125
Unknown The Halved Card card cut in half, one half destroyed and rediscovered, variant in which the half is brought in theater by district messenger boy (Western Union Card Trick)Related to 130
Unknown The Phoenix picture card burned and restored minus a corner, tearing off a corner off double card 132
Unknown The Lost Ace ace travels to pocketRelated to 133
Unknown Nine as Ace pseudo duplicate 134
Unknown Thought Foretold deck divided in four piles, one chose, all cards divined and predicted 135
Unknown Wide Card 135
Unknown Multiple Out Envelope four outs 135
Unknown The Pierced Card blindfolded, deck crimp location 136
Unknown The Card Box propRelated to 138
Unknown The Mechanical Card Box prop 139
Unknown The Brass Card Box prop 141
Unknown The New Brass Card Box prop 142
Unknown The Vanishing Of Thought Cards twenty-six double facers 143
Unknown X Rays cards in envelopes are divined, two methods, envelopes marked visually or hapticallyRelated to 144
Unknown The Balanced Card on hat, threadRelated to 146
Unknown The Lightning Change double facer 148
Unknown The Card Servante behind chair or similarRelated to 149
Unknown Rapid Transit bold, duplicate 151
Unknown The Cards and the Orange Tree four selections travel into orangeRelated to 151
Unknown Card, Ring and Ribbon borrowed finger ring appears on loop of string tied on card with hole 153
Unknown The Conjurer's Prediction three thought of cards are divined, then travel from Card Box (prop) to deck 155
Unknown Handkerchief and Card silk from cardRelated to 157
Unknown Marvelous Coincidence two selections from two decks match, double facer deckRelated toAlso published here 158
Unknown Grand Card Maneuvre jacks on top and kings on bottom of deck, queens under plate, queens vanish and appear on top of deck, jacks and kings under second plate, then queens back under first plateRelated to 160
Unknown The New General Card 162
Unknown The Small Card Frame two methods, sand frame and black cover cloth that is pulled out with handkerchief coverRelated to 163
William E. Robinson Double Appearance Card Frame first card appears, then second card 167
Unknown Grande Clairvoyance Mysterieuse two cards chosen from two decks match, three methodsRelated to 167
Unknown The Bridge of Cards long spread between hands, elastic underneathRelated to 170
Unknown The Cards and Mirror deck thrown on mirror, three selections stick to it 171
Unknown The Spirit Envelope three selections, slip of paper with their names appears in previously empty envelope 173
Unknown The Divination Of Thought three cards and their positions are predictedRelated to 174
Unknown Envelope with See-Through Dummy 175
Unknown Faced Deck Turnover Force 176
Unknown Mnemonics Applied to Cards deck really remembered 177
Unknown The Acrobatic Cards four cards jump out of borrowed hatRelated to 180
Unknown Singular Transposition two cards travel from middle to bottom, two methods (pseudo duplicate pairs) 182
Unknown Vice Versa two card in two envelopes transpose, duplicate 185
Unknown A Hypnotic Experiment cards adhere to each other and cling together, cards with thread preparation 186
Unknown The Mysterious Hat two cards are divined and then travel into hat 190
Unknown Multiple Bottom Change no details 190
Unknown Mystic Divination pile of card selected and pocketed by spectator, cards are divined by performer 191
Unknown Predestination two packs, one spectator thinks of card and its position, predicted number is counted down in other deck, card there matches first selectionRelated toAlso published here 192
Unknown The Flying and Obedient Card wide distance boomerang card, threadRelated to 194
Unknown The New Multiplication of Cards four selections from envelope to envelope 195
Unknown Cut Force spectator cuts off packet at secret break 196
Unknown Card and Egg Balance impossible balancing stunt with card and egg on wandRelated to 198
Unknown The Fountain of Cards cards jump out of tumblerRelated to 200
Unknown The New Rising Cards From The Hand fake fingerRelated to 202
Unknown Second Method hole in half the packRelated to 204
Unknown The Cards Rising Through The Air selected cards rise from pack and float into performer's handRelated to 205
Unknown The Excelsior Rising Cards gaffed table 207
Unknown Narrow Pack Location deck switch to locate cards 208
Unknown The Rising Cards and Tumbler solo or with assistantRelated to 209
Unknown A Comedy of Errors rising cards with cards turning over and transforming during rise, acrobatic gimmicks that can be palmed offRelated to 211
Unknown Third Method two moving pip cards 213
Unknown The Hand of Cagliostro model of hand used in rising card presentationVariations 217
August Roterberg Prepared and Mechanical Cards 219
Unknown The Changing Card queen of hearts to clubs and vice versa, sliding partRelated to 220
Unknown The Unique Changing Card Queen to Jack of different suit 223
Unknown The Diminishing Card gaffedRelated to 225
Unknown The Latest Diminishing Card gaffed 226
Unknown The Changing and Diminishing Card card changes, shrinks, then disappears 229
Unknown The Changing and Enlarging Card Related to 230
Unknown The New Quadruple Changing Card Related to 233
Unknown The Card and Rose card transforms into flower 234
Unknown The Floral Card card transforms into flowerRelated to 236
Unknown The Penetrative Card card visibly pushed through top hat, gaffedRelated to 238
Unknown The Torn Corner Card torn corner visibly reappearsRelated to 239
Unknown The Improved Torn Corner Card torn corner visibly reappears, can be examinedRelated to 241
Unknown The Flap Card Related to 243
Unknown The Nonpareil Changing Card examinable after changeRelated to 244
Unknown The New Nonpareil Card examinableRelated to 246
Unknown The Bottle Card folding cardRelated to 247
Unknown The Conjurer As Marksman performer shoots in center of Ace of Hearts held by spectator, "Bullet Card"Related to 249
Unknown Moving Pip Card Related to 251
Unknown A Mysterious Transformation Ace with other pips put with vermillion onto it, changes into AceRelated to 254
Unknown The New Ink Card ink changes to water, card dipped into "ink" proves that it's ink 256
Unknown The Envelope Card envelope changes into card 258
Unknown The Vanishing Pips nine changes into five, then three, then ace, then blank on both sides, Multi Pip Card 260
Unknown The Turning Card card rising out of deck visibly turns overRelated to 262
Unknown The Reunited Card card cut into four pieces, restores itself when thrown in air 263
Unknown The Card and Broken Mirror deck thrown on mirror, it breaks and card sticks to mirror, mirror restored 265
Unknown The Coin Card removable pocket 267
Unknown The Eclipsed Pack of Cards fan of cards thrown in air vanishes 269
Unknown The Diminishing Cards gaffed, four methods 270