Written by Al Forgione, Bill Madsen

Work of Various

109 pages (Paperback), published by New Jinx Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Bill Madsen, Al Forgione.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Bill Madsen Introduction i
Theodore Annemann Letter to Stuart Cramer iv
Stuart P. Cramer The Parlor Yogi stopping pulse and blood flow 1
Stuart P. Cramer Implanted Thought chosen ESP card predicted on billet, using index on cardsRelated to 4
Harry G. Franke Framed! selection appears between two clear plastic sheets, two methods 7
Harry G. Franke Three Ways Out Six to Nine change, moving pips from card to card, "The Vanishing Lady" Tunnel-like transformation (from Hugard's Magic Monthly, August 1952, p. 965) 14
Jack Merlin Brush Color Change 16
Ace Gorham Hot Money bill to cigarette, torn halves then change to half dollars 19
Ace Gorham Pull Yourself Together 21
Ace Gorham Psychic Spectator? 22
Ace Gorham Last Call force from rough-smooth / Svengali deck 23
Harry Lorayne Snap! Related toVariations 25
Harry Lorayne Half a Faro Onward three cards peeked from Incomplete Faro Condition, random cards turned over, they sandwich selections after faroRelated to 30
Jimmy Williamson Nicomar's Lesson card turns over, then spectator performs trick for performer 35
Paul Marcus A Card Named Bill Variations 38
Edward Marlo Flexible Count 41
Edward Marlo Hop - Skip - Jump 42
Edward Marlo Mental Lie thought-of card, spectator reads cards, performer catches lie, three methods 45
E. Leslie May One Over the Eight gag with 15 of Diamonds, spectator apparently drunk 49
E. Leslie May Thank You, Ted two people select mates in fair manner 51
Theodore Annemann Psychic Telepathy two-way forcing deck handling 51
E. Leslie May Thoughts From Thin Air alphabet cards produced from air that spell out chosen word 52
E. Leslie May Nelson's Column three people choose colored balls, performer knows who has which and has it predicted 54
E. Leslie May Penny for your Thoughts 56
David Ray Nine Numbers spectator thinks one of nine number cards, divined with multiple out prediction 59
David Ray Figures Fantastic one of 9 number cards chosen, assistant divines (placement code on table) 60
David Ray Primary Color cards with colors shown to audience, thought-of color divined 61
David Ray Stigmata design cards, one design chosen with card sword (!), design appears on skin with luminous paint 63
Dan Tong Bill Antics two bills in left hand, one travels to right hand, featuring fold that makes one bill look like two 65
Dan Tong Ring and Ribbon Ellis Ring 67
Dan Tong Rope and Ring 68
Dan Tong Perambulating Coins various travels and hand penetration with penny and nickle, using gimmick with penny/nickle glued together 70
Dan Tong Hippy Nuts three nuts and three bolts magically become joined 71
Dan Tong Rabbits' Habits 72
Joseph M. White Phonomenon comedy prediction with Phoney Phone in pocket (1969!) 75
Joseph M. White Let George Do It marked bill travels to box, paper is cut with silhouette of George Washington 76
North Bigbee Star Living-or-Dead Test large envelopes and paper 79
Stephen Fernandes Jacks - Or Better! one of five cards changes into selection, mate in deck between jacks, full house completed with card in pocket 83
Unknown Small Packet Glide 84
Roy Fromer Reading Through a Brick thing put on hand, covered with brick, information divined 86
Sam Leo Horowitz New Method Duo-Flight envelopesInspired by 87
Tony Kardyro Turnabout Supreme any card turned over, predicted in second deck, "secretly same deck" 90
Gerald Kosky The Spirit Writes writing appears on blank and marked card, using mechanical Card Box 91
Sid Lorraine Cliplink paper clips link in chain 94
Orville Wayne Meyer It's Murder items from murder scene are taken by spectators and performer then knows who has what 99
Floyd Shotts Penetrating Vision with two dice 102