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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Leech Preface 3
Al Leech Ace King Transposition Aces under spectator's hand, transpose with the kings in the deck. 5
Al Leech Alternate Method for "Ace King Transposition" 7
Al Leech Ace-King Turnover Related to 8
Dai Vernon Vernon Multiple Shift As an exchange of four cards. 8
Al Leech, Edward Marlo Aces Up 10
Al Leech The Influential Ace variation of "Aces Up" 11
Edward Marlo ATFUS 11
Al Leech, Edward Marlo, Martin Gardner Elusive Jacks Inspired byRelated to 12
Al Leech Ace Elimination Related to 16
Edward Marlo The Pushoff Technique 16
Al Leech A Transposition card in pocket transposes with sandwiched cardRelated to 17
Al Leech Sandwich Exchange 18
Al Leech Tabled Method variation of "A Transposition" 20
Jean Hugard Hugard Top Palm 21
Al Leech Super Ace Control finding the aces by their sound, while riffling through the deck 22
Al Leech Turnover Divination Related toVariations 24
Al Leech An Ambitious Card Climax 25
Al Leech Simplified Poker Deal Ace stacking for five hands via re-dealing 26
Al Leech Double Deuce Related to 26
Al Leech A Simple Card Control control card at a certain position with the hindu shuffle or a double cut 27
Al Leech Transposition Extraordinary card travels from one half to the other at a choses positionVariations 28
Al Leech A Quick Opener 29
Al Leech Double Deck Transpo card travels to a second deck at chosen position 30