Written by Al Leech

Work of Al Leech

30 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(23 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Leech Stop Light Thimbles Related to 3
Al Leech Multiplying Thimbles production of eight thimbles 4
Al Leech Thimble Holder holder made out of gloves 5
Al Leech Copper And Silver ungaffed extra coin 6
Al Leech A Coin Switch motivated switch while dropping the coin in the spectators hands 7
Al Leech Coins And Glass four coins to glass 9
Al Leech An Impromptu a coin travels to a second coin, a third coin is pulled through the cloth of the trousers 10
Al Leech A Penny's Worth 11
Al Leech A Quick Opener three tricks in thirty seconds, a knot appears in a silk, a golfball vanishes and reappears and a coin travels into a glass 11
Al Leech A Knife Move color change with sucker element 14
Bob Lotz Bob Lotz' Color Changing Knives shrinking knife climax 14
Al Leech Double Count selection and performer's card show up at the same position in two piles 18
Al Leech Flip Over 18
Al Leech Upside Down Shuffle card is found by pulling a face-up half through a face-down half, based on a Gardner/Marlo idea 19
Al Leech A Transposition Related to 21
Al Leech Another Method variation of "A Transposition", side steal method 22
Al Leech A Sandwich 23
Al Leech Count Down 24
Al Leech Ace Location Variations 25
Al Leech An Ambitious Card 26
Al Leech, Edward Marlo Ace-King A La Marlo Related to 26
Al Leech An Unscrupulous Deal chosen card is dealt apparently from nowhere, second deal 28
Al Leech Spot Remover picking off the pipRelated to 28