Written by Bert Allerton, Robert Parrish

Work of Bert Allerton

72 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Howard Bamman.
Language: English

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Robert Parrish Introduction on Bert Allerton 4
Bert Allerton Foreword 7
Bert Allerton The Vanishing Cigarette with pull 8
Bert Allerton The Bent Spoon Related to 10
Unknown A Star Among Stars... Who Bert Allerton Is 11
Bert Allerton Swallowing A Knife 12
Bert Allerton The Stack of Quarters through spectator's hand, with a bill 14
George Coon The Card and Cigarette Case torn and restored card to cigarette case, two pieces proof 18
Bert Allerton Simplified Magic Square 20
Bert Allerton The Two Card Trick two phases, double facerVariations 22
Bert Allerton The Eye Popper 24
Nate Leipzig, Bert Allerton Screened Leipzig Pass from the middle to second position, briefVariations 25
Bert Allerton Transcendence biddle trick, stolen card is forced to a second spectator 27
Elmer Biddle, Tony Kardyro Kardyro-Biddle Steal Sequence 27
Bert Allerton The Missing Deuce one of four twos transforms into a selected card 28
Bert Allerton Surprise Spelling Related to 30
Unknown Double Lift Reverse as top card is displayed and deck turned over 30
Bert Allerton The New 21 Card Trick with eighteen cardsAlso published here 31
Bert Allerton The Double Lift snapped over right first and second fingersRelated toAlso published here 32
Bert Allerton Double Lift Get-Ready 32
Bert Allerton On The Slip Force 34
Bert Allerton Tricks With A Stacked Deck 36
Bert Allerton Card Stabbing Trick any named cardRelated toVariations 36
Bert Allerton Named Card to Top 37
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Stack 37
Bert Allerton Open Index cutting any named card to top 37
Bert Allerton Nail Count using length of nail to cut off certain amount of cards 37
Bert Allerton The Scissors broken scissors gagRelated to 38
Bert Allerton The Sugar Cube sugar cube penetrates wrapping and hand 41
Bert Allerton The Flutist cutting a straw into a flute 42
Bert Allerton Impromptu Handkerchief Routine 44
Bert Allerton "Not A Knot" 44
Bert Allerton The Invisible Hair 46
Bert Allerton Penetration with a Knife 48
Bert Allerton The Rabbit handkerchief fold into a rabbitRelated to 50
Bert Allerton The Little Hindu fold into a figur 52
Bert Allerton Magic Letter Square a cross-word puzzle 54
George Coon Winding The Pack wind up gag 54
Bert Allerton The Jumping Flower paper napkin flower jumps from lapel to lapel, threadVariations 55
Bert Allerton Making the Flower out of paper 57
Bert Allerton, Buatier de Kolta Vanishing The Bird Cage done close-up, seated 58
Bert Allerton The Glass Through The Table with coin & paper cover 60
Bert Allerton The Aspirin Box photograph of selected card appears on miniature card, includes a neat way to write a nameRelated to 62
Bert Allerton, Paul LePaul The Nest Of Envelopes Inspired byRelated to 66
Bert Allerton Rules for the Close-Up Magician 69
Unknown A Biographical Note Bert Allerton 70
Unknown Bibliography 71