Written by Neal Elias

Work of Neal Elias

20 pages (Stapled), published by George Snyder Jr
Illustrated with drawings by R. A. MacKenzie.
Language: English

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Neal Elias Foreword 2
Neal Elias, Bert Fenn A Reverse Sleight deck reversed over cardVariations 3
Unknown Bottom Buckle 3
Martin Gardner, Neal Elias Vanishing Card from deck 4
Neal Elias On the Card to the Pocket palmed card transferred to inside pocketInspired byRelated to 4
Neal Elias Turnover Switch card turned over on deck with cards in right handRelated to 5
Bob Taylor A Truly Fan-cy Cut Related to 6
Neal Elias One Hand Center Cut Related toAlso published here 7
Neal Elias Card From Center Also published here 7
Neal Elias Follow the Leader Related to 9
Unknown Optical Monte Move 10
Frank Csuri Here It Is!! Inspired by 11
Neal Elias Torn Corner Card Trick torn pieces vanish, card restored reversed in deck 12
Unknown Necktie Second Deal as simple switch 12
Neal Elias Torn Card Vanish with Pull 13
Frank Csuri A Spelling Change wrong card spelled to, changes into selection 13
Neal Elias "Tell Ya What I'm Gonna Do" using a combination cull stock shuffle 14
Bob Taylor Combination Cull and Stock Shuffle 14
Neal Elias Blindfold Poker Deal brief idea 16
Neal Elias Zingone Spread Poker Deal ideaInspired by 16
Neal Elias Screwy Square optical thing with a line on a square sheet of cardboard 16
Neal Elias No Gimmick Card Spread long spread, using perpendicular cardRelated toVariations 18
Tommy Dowd, Neal Elias, Bert Fenn We Both Spell Inspired by 19
Neal Elias Well, that's it! 20