Written by Tom Sellers

Work of Tom Sellers

20 pages (Stapled), published by The Magic Wand Office
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Tom Sellers Foreword 2
Tom Sellers A New Jumping Card Trick jumps from pack 3
Tom Sellers Steps unusual selection procedure 3
Tom Sellers A Card From Pocket Trick 4
Tom Sellers Card Divination spectator puts cards in pockets, performer divines selection from those 5
Tom Sellers Behind Back Addition deck behind back, cards added via clip 5
Tom Sellers On the Top four phases 5
Unknown Push-In Switch for Ambitious Card 6
Tom Sellers A Trick with the Si Stebbins Pack selection divined by two cards (suit and value) 6
Tom Sellers The Persistent Joker Ace through Ten are spelled, spectator always gets Joker 7
Tom Sellers An Excellent Card Change 7
Unknown Clip Palm between third and fourth finger 8
Tom Sellers The Laughable Rising Card nose drags card up 8
Tom Sellers Lift a Few spectator cuts cards and replaced, performer divines number of cards, two key cards come from sleeve 8
Tom Sellers Unique Card Prediction sandwiched card matches prediction 9
Tom Sellers Finding a Selected Card at Any Number Called For - Method 1
- Method 2
- Method 3
Unknown Slip Back Count 10
Unknown Clip Palm Steal herrmann pass type action 11
Tom Sellers A Two Person Telepathy Effect any object coded with cards 12
Tom Sellers Named Card and Slates named card vanishes from box and reappears between slates 13
Tom Sellers The Paired Card card from odd-backed deck matches prediction in glassRelated to 14
Tom Sellers A Practical Prediction 15
Tom Sellers Adding Card with Envelope 15
Unknown Stabbing Slip Force with knife 16
Tom Sellers Unique Control Card rubber spot on card 16
Tom Sellers Stop! using hat with slit 17
Tom Sellers Take It or Leave It selection remains in spectator's grip when deck is pulled out, variation of "hitting the pack" stunt 18
Tom Sellers A Comedy Card Interlude color change routine with mismade cards (like half changed card) 18
Tom Sellers The Cute Speller using packet with cards that spell with same number of letters 20