Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Gene Maze

93 pages (Paperback), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

(68 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Richard Kaufman Foreward 7
Gene Maze Unit Grip and Rest Positions 10
Gene Maze SingleCard card is switched while turning it over on the tableRelated to 12
Gene Maze Black Jack Switch 13
Gene Maze The Peek A Boo Switch while looking at card, also possible with a packet 14
Gene Maze Pivot card is shown and then switched 16
Gene Maze Sandwich Switch 17
Gene Maze R.T. Top Change tabled, one handed 18
Gene Maze DoubleDrop Switch lap 20
Gene Maze SlideUnder Switch 21
Gene Maze Show Dropper Switch lapping some cards from a small packet 23
Gene Maze HalfDeck No. 1 switching half the deck, concept suggested by Vincent Sabatino, lapping 24
Gene Maze HalfDeck No. 2 switching half the deck, cutting sequence, lapping 25
Gene Maze HalfDeck No. 3 switching half the deck, cutting sequence, lapping 26
Gene Maze The Utility Swipe card steal from a small packetRelated to 27
Gene Maze Oil and Water 3&3, four phases 30
Gene Maze A Squeaky Clean Prediction 32
Gene Maze An Open Sandwich 32
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman A-2-3-4-5, Reverse! uses extra cards 34
Gene Maze Second Deal Lap S.D.L. 34
Gene Maze Ace to Five Again 35
Gene Maze Boxing named four-of-a-kind in box, penetrates table, aces in box instead 36
Gene Maze Subtraction Move bottom card of packet via Kelly Bottom Placement 36
Gene Maze Ripped and Restored with Mene-Teckel/Menetekel 37
Gene Maze Table Tap Lap 38
Gene Maze Pop Jump Aces four aces are each sandwiched between two cards, appear one by one in the center of the tableRelated to 39
Gene Maze Strip Out Addition variation 39
Gene Maze Wait a Minute! Inspired by 42
Unknown Gambler's Center Steal as top half is replaced on tabled half 42
Edward Marlo, Gene Maze Deal Switch Related to 43
Gene Maze The Guaranteed Greatest Envelope Prediction with four envelopes and different front and back color kicker 44
Dai Vernon Through The Fist Flourish 44
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman La Nada System of Gambling 46
Gene Maze The Spectator Cuts the Aces 49
Gene Maze Multiple Switching Technique No. 1 cards picked up from tabled packets one by one and switched for one of multiple palmed cards 49
Gene Maze, Buddy Anckner Triple Play with two decks 51
Gene Maze That Better Be Your Card! 53
Gene Maze Give, Queenie! two red queens transform into black queens, two previously selected cards are now the red queens 54
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman To Be Wild, Or Not to Be Wild... front and back 55
Gene Maze Cutting Colors color changing back climax 58
Gene Maze Multiple Switching Technique No. 2 cards picked up from tabled packets one by one and switched for one of multiple palmed cards, without showing the back 58
Gene Maze The Sincerest Form of Flattery with three duplicates and two blank cards, universal card 59
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman On The Munch, or Eating Out (A Cannibal Card) simultaneous multiple vanish, three double backer 60
Gene Maze Cease, Queenie! two selections through table 62
Gene Maze Tabled Deal Steal stealing a card second from a packet while dealing from tabled packet 62
Edward Marlo, Gene Maze The Shelf and Its Use building a shelf, how to steal cards into the unit grip, tipsInspired by 66
Gene Maze Change of Menu chosen card, changes in a sandwich into the aces one by one and vanishes in the end 68
Richard Kaufman A True Blue Chameleon odd-backed universal card 69
Gene Maze Rising Aces 70
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman A Monte for the Unemployed duplicates, paper clip 71
Gene Maze Wldness of the Wildest Kind blank then, small cards 74
"Senator" Clark Crandall Crandall High-Pressure Mexican Turnover 74
Gene Maze Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow from sandwich to middle of the deck, face up 78
Gene Maze The One-Hand Bottom Deal Switch wrist turn 78
Gene Maze Bon Voyage double backer, lapping 79
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman Five and Ten spectator finds two mates, appearing coins climax 80
Gene Maze The Multiple BlackJack Switch 81
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman Meant for Each Other duplicates 82
Gene Maze Between the Slices (Everywhere and Nowhere No. 1) 84
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman Where, Oh, Where? (Everywhere and Nowhere No. 2) all blank climax 85
Gene Maze Space Age Illusion (Everywhere and Nowhere No. 3) 86
Gene Maze The Square-Up Load in center of deck, tabled 87
Gene Maze, Richard Kaufman Impromptu Tabled Quick 3-Way 87
Richard Kaufman The Hofzinser Ace Problem 89
Richard Kaufman Variations on a Non Musical Theme 90
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 90
Richard Kaufman Strange Harmony three selections add up to ten which is predicted, they then change to Tens 91
Richard Kaufman In Addition 93