Written by Louis Lam

Work of Louis Lam

21 pages (Stapled), published by Brunel White
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(18 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Brunel White Foreword 1
Louis Lam Introduction 2
Louis Lam Perplexo "The 'El-El' Disappearance of One or More Cards", selection is put on face-up half and covered with other half, vanishes after separation of halves 4
Unknown Under-Handkerchief-Cut-Force 4
Louis Lam "A-Cee-O" - A Four Ace Effect spectator counts four piles on table, aces on bottom of each 5
Louis Lam Do As I Do "An Experiment in Coincidence", two four-card piles are made by counting some cards with both both decks, bottom cards match 6
Louis Lam The "El-El" Master Four Ace Effect aces disappear one by one between two faced piles, indifferent cards then change to aces via glide 7
Louis Lam Would you Believe it? freely selected and replaced card is instantly named, then reverses itself 8
Louis Lam Center to Top Reverse similar to Future Reverse, but to top instead of to centerRelated to 8
Louis Lam Spelling Made Easy "What's In A Name?", with alphabet cards to produce spectator's nameRelated to 9
Louis Lam "Reverso" 10
Louis Lam Tower Bridge "A New Bridge Effect", number of cut of cards is divined by value of another selection 11
Louis Lam "Coloro" - the Colour Changing Pack of Cards 12
Louis Lam "Alice in Wonderland" card turns over multiple times, then is spelled out 15
Louis Lam The Movie Colour Cards blue deck put in red box and vice versa, decks change place in boxes 16
Louis Lam When Were You Born? weirdly selected word is disclosed with alphabet cards 18
Louis Lam It Pays to Advertise "Advertising stunts every magician must use", playing card with business information on front is forced via Svengali Deck 19
Louis Lam Find the Lady money card changes into card with business information on front 20