Written by Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle

Work of Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle

76 pages (Stapled), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle Foreword 5
Oscar Weigle Wrong Number page force by pushing several cards in book at random positions 7
Robert Parrish A Prediction to End Predictions playing card, word and date on bill are predicted 9
Unknown Billet Switch 10
Robert Parrish The Payoff Prediction any word predicted on billet in cup 12
Robert Parrish ... Things to Come prediction of card, word, number and a spectator (cloth, appearance) 14
Robert Parrish The "Direct" Divination joke, spectator choked if he does not complyRelated to 17
Robert Parrish The Phantom President imaginary president is elected, choice divined 17
Unknown Jap Hank switching handkerchief 18
Robert Parrish Picture Projection slate as mirrorVariationsAlso published here 19
Oscar Weigle, Robert Parrish Transposed Minds two people remember things from two slates they are shown, yet when they recall the items they are on the other slate 21
Oscar Weigle, Robert Parrish Comedy "Color-Changing" Slate "black cats at midnight", "white swans in snowstorm" appear on slate 23
Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle Two Routines suggestion for a routine with preceding effects 25
Oscar Weigle Thought on the Line card thought amongst a group found over telephone 27
Oscar Weigle "Picture This - " performer knows order of picture cards in shuffled deckAlso published here 29
Unknown Interlocking Chains with partial stack 29
Robert Parrish Name Your Favorite any card named, after riffle shuffle spectator goes through cards and performer stops him at named card 30
Oscar Weigle Remote Reverso two decks, performer and spectator count down and stop and remember card, spectator's card reverses in performer's deck and vice versa 31
Robert Parrish Synchronism performer removes a card openly from blue deck, despite free choice spectator selects same from red deck, forcing deck and interesting deck switchesVariations 32
Robert Parrish Cover Card Deck Switch apparently red and blue deck (= red deck with blue cover card), cover dragged over to other deck 33
Jean Hugard Hindu Shuffle Display 34
Robert Parrish Okito Box Deck Switch openly placing bottomless box (quasi a deck shell) from deck to another deck (see Blizzard Switch) 35
Oscar Weigle Dual Impulsion spectator finds performer's card and vice versaRelated to 35
Unknown Countdown Force 36
Oscar Weigle Duo Prediction 37
Oscar Weigle The Triple Enigma spectator puts cards in pocket and remembers a card in rest of deck, performer divines card and number of pocketed cards, then locates card, short card 38
Unknown Second-from-Top Glimpse 38
Oscar Weigle Nu-Locato key card placement after peek 39
Robert Parrish Simplex Card Stabbing 40
Unknown Under-the-Spread Force 40
Robert Parrish Friction Toss Control 40
Oscar Weigle The Impromptu Fifteen Card Trick three marked cards, envelopes 41
Oscar Weigle The Challenge Blindfold Card Routine genuinely blindfolded
Effect No. 1: think stop
Effect No. 2: performer stops while dealing
Effect No. 3: spectator reads cards and performer detects card by voice
Effect No. 4: performer stops spectator's deal and even names card
Also published here 43
Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle An All-Card Routine suggestion for a routine with preceding effects 47
Oscar Weigle Two Silk Folds preparing for production
- Silk Fold No. 1
- Silk Fold No. 2
Robert Parrish Continuous Production of Silks at the Finger Tips body load 50
Robert Parrish Silks of a Color Follow Each Other two orange and two blue silks put in paper bag
- Part One: spectator removes a silk, its color mate appears outside, only other color remains in bag
- Part Two: knotted silk vanishes from magician's hand and reappears in bag
- Part Three: repeat with variation
Unknown Color-Change Gimmick 52
Oscar Weigle Silks Do As You Do three different colored silks for performer & spectator, spectator ties his silks in any order, performer predicted order with his silks 56
Unknown Slip Knot 57
Oscar Weigle Twin Sympathy second set of silks unties and ties in sympathy with another set 59
Oscar Weigle Fake Compartment Paper Cone 60
Oscar Weigle, Robert Parrish A Routine with Silks 62
Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle A Routine with Silks suggestion for a routine with preceding effects 62
Robert Parrish Parrish's Three to One cut in three pieces 64
Oscar Weigle Weigle's Three to One cut in three pieces 66
Oscar Weigle Quadruple Cut cut in four pieces 68
John Goodrum The Magic Laces unequal laces are stretched several times 70
John Goodrum A Cut and Restored Shoe Lace 73
Robert Parrish The Cut and Restored Lace Tips 74
Oscar Weigle, Robert Parrish A Club Routine of General Magic routine of tricks in the book 75