Written by Warren Wiersbe

Work of Warren Wiersbe

18 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Walt Kaeber.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Introduction
Warren Wiersbe Introduction 1
Warren Wiersbe This Card gets Around! (Wiersbe's version of Everywhere and Nowhere), impromptu 2
Unknown Mexican Turnover 2
Warren Wiersbe What a Coincidence! selection vanishes, another card is selected which happens to be first card 3
Warren Wiersbe Back Up about a dozen cards turn over together in center with selection back up in middle 4
Warren Wiersbe Tell How It's Done selection reverses, then sucker explanation 5
Unknown Slip Cut 5
Warren Wiersbe New Ace Control 6
Warren Wiersbe Multiple Control Procedure riffle shuffles 6
Warren Wiersbe The W. W. Color Change 7
Warren Wiersbe Military Mixup Variations 8
Warren Wiersbe Miracle Discovery 9
Warren Wiersbe Delayed Discovery selection vanishes, performer then finds cards for color, suit, value of selection, selection reappears reversed 10
Unknown Card Reverse 11
Warren Wiersbe Numerical Discovery Variations 12
Warren Wiersbe The Hindu "Slop Shuffle" 12
Warren Wiersbe Instantaneous Four Ace Transposition four aces with four indifferent cards 14
Warren Wiersbe Multiple Master Palm Steal from top of deck 14
Warren Wiersbe Master Palm Switch 15
Warren Wiersbe Perpendicular Hideout cards under four-card-spread 15
Warren Wiersbe The Perfect Card Prediction dealing and open red-black sorting procedure 16
Unknown Full Deck Red/Black Relationship Principle 17