Written by Davide Costi

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79 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Filippo Costi.
Language: English

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Aurelio Paviato Preface 1
Davide Costi Introduction 4
Davide Costi Two Words about d.l. 7
Davide Costi Excalibur double lift techniqueAlso published here 9
Davide Costi Ultimate Also published here 14
Davide Costi Supreme Related to 18
Davide Costi Supreme from under double from the bottom, later called "Under Lift"Related to 20
Davide Costi Click Pass Also published here 22
Will De Sieve Key Card Related to 25
Davide Costi Queen of Hearts Also published here 28
Davide Costi One Hand Spread same function as ascanio spreadAlso published here 31
Davide Costi Floating Count Also published here 36
Davide Costi Invisible Palm Also published here 42
Davide Costi Transposition 51
Davide Costi F.T. thumb tip handlingAlso published here 57
Davide Costi, Toni Mantovani David's Reverse Matrix Also published here 64
Davide Costi, Harry Lorayne David's Bottom Slip Cut basically the HaLo cut 77
Davide Costi Bibliography 79