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Thomas Fraps Introduction 1
Thomas Fraps O²J - Optical Orange Juice production of a glass of orange juice under a handkerchiefRelated to 2
Thomas Fraps It's A Shoe-Tree! wooden shoe-tree from shoe, gag 4
Thomas Fraps A Face in the Case Related to 6
Thomas Fraps Coin-Flight combination of Han Ping Chien's coin travel and Gaeton Bloom's Ring Flight 9
Geoffrey Latta Ultimate Han Ping Chien 10
Thomas Fraps Walk the Walk selected card is found by a wind-up toy, half forcing deck 13
Alex Elmsley Brainweave Display 14
Norman Gilbreath Gilbreath Principle in combination with a faro 14
Thomas Fraps Jardine Ellis Combo intermezzo with a ring and a handkerchief, spectator's glass appearing climax 17
Patrick Page A Coin Vanish see also Patrick Page: "Magic Page by Page", p. 132 18
Lance Burton King Burton's Drink Related to 19
Thomas Fraps On Movies and Magic essay 20
Thomas Fraps Blinded Triumph blindfolded, accident 23
Thomas Fraps, Daryl Martinez Triumph Cutting Display shortened versionInspired by 25
Thomas Fraps The Do-It Yourself Oscar Awards prediction of a film and an actor, Academy Award presentation 26
Thomas Fraps One Way Sinatra's My Way adaption to One Way 30
Thomas Fraps Epilogue 31