Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

325 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by David Bendix, Barry Price, Joe Hartel.
Language: English

(128 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo A Slew of Cannibals 1
David Solomon Womens' Cannibal Liberation only two cannibal cardsAlso published here 3
Edward Marlo Cannibals-Cannibals 6
Edward Marlo Marlo's Impact combo using Aces, envelopes with holes, Kings, pockets
- 1st method
- 2nd method (With No Gaffed Envelopes)
Inspired byVariations 11
Edward Marlo Glimpse position of four Aces is glimpsed 17
Edward Marlo Reversed Image (Visual - Mental - Surprise) two cards are turned over, other two follow, named one reverses, all change 25
Edward Marlo Fake Palm Vanish similar to Rub a dub 28
Edward Marlo Marlo Side-Jog Placement Cull for placing four of a kind for spelling 32
Edward Marlo I came here to Spell the Aces a lot of shuffling, additional cards are spelled to in between 39
Edward Marlo Kick-Out Count counting upwards from break 41
Edward Marlo Under a Spell spelling cards from a shuffled deck with think a card kicker 43
Edward Marlo The Direct Spell spelling cards from a shuffled deck 47
Edward Marlo Shuffles and Spells spelling cards from a shuffled deck, various approaches 48
Edward Marlo "Sophisticated Spellino" spelling specific cards from a shuffled deck 50
Edward Marlo A Routine of Spells spelling Aces and other cards from a shuffled deck 52
Edward Marlo Mental Power #2 card and position are thought of but named 56
Edward Marlo Before the Pass to avoid anticipation of the sleight, casual handling 59
Edward Marlo Marlo Tilt Pass three TechniquesVariations 62
Edward Marlo The Tilt Table Pass four methods 68
Edward Marlo The Tilt Half Pass Related toVariations 75
Edward Marlo The Extended Fingers Cover for Herrmann Passes in General 78
Edward Marlo The Body Pass near the body 80
Edward Marlo Turn Around Action added note to the "Tilt Half Pass"Related to 83
Edward Marlo Marlo Wrist Turn Pass basic pass move and several applications 84
Edward Marlo As A Table Pass Wrist Turn Table Pass 87
Edward Marlo As A Half Pass Wrist Turn Half Pass 89
Edward Marlo Additional Observations 4) ff. Fred Black's "Black Pass" as a Wrist Turn Pass 90
Edward Marlo Additional Observations futher applications and tips for the Wrist Turn Pass 90
Edward Marlo Additional Observations 8) Stanyon's Cover Pass as a Wrist Turn Pass 91
Edward Marlo Notes on Stanyon Top Card Cover Pass quite thorough 93
Edward Marlo As A Table Pass Stanyon's Cover Pass as a Table Pass 97
Edward Marlo Turn Around Half Pass 99
Edward Marlo Spring Dribble Table Pass actually a table edge pass, herrmann 101
Edward Marlo Easy Slip Cut tabled, break used 105
Edward Marlo Ace Additions actually more switches 107
Edward Marlo Off the Face Steal under the headline "Ace Additions" 107
Edward Marlo Bold Substitution under the headline "Ace Additions" 108
Edward Marlo Streamlined Drop Addition under the headline "Ace Additions" 108
Edward Marlo Count Off Addition under the headline "Ace Additions" 109
Edward Marlo Marlo Variation of Veeser Concept (With Pausing Element) under the headline "Ace Additions" 110
Edward Marlo Streamlined Ace Routine three phases 112
Edward Marlo Streamlined Sophisticacetion 114
Edward Marlo Sophisticacetion using seven cards 117
Edward Marlo Combination Olram Subtlety hiding two surfaces 120
Edward Marlo F.O.E. (Faked Out Elmsley) kind of bluff thing 123
Edward Marlo F.O.E. Count Conjuring four backs change back color kicker 124
Edward Marlo Complete Revised Routine effect combo with twisting and back change 128
Edward Marlo The Bluff Count conceal surfaces of cards between top and bottom card of packet 131
Edward Marlo Notes on the Color Changing Deck Routine 133
Joseph Cottone, Edward Marlo Cased Cottone Color Change 134
Edward Marlo My Favorite Combination 135
Simon Aronson Mechanical Color Changing Card Case 136
Edward Marlo Slide Tabled Turnover 140
Edward Marlo Wrist Stroke Changes different methods 143
Edward Marlo Wrist Stroke Changes - First Method two Cards 143
Edward Marlo Wrist Stroke Changes - Second Method multiple change 145
Edward Marlo The Tilt Glimpse single card glimpse 148
Edward Marlo More Miracle Card Changes different variations (including tabled)Related toVariationsAlso published here 149
Edward Marlo The Unbelievable Change card transforms in selection, using a miracle card change 151
Edward Marlo A Delayed Transposition first one of the cards turns over in deck 155
Edward Marlo First Effect using a Miracle Card Change, one card simply turns over in deck 155
Edward Marlo For Cardicians Only although they know that card is nd from top it is shown on top 156
Edward Marlo Paper Clip Miracle Changes note 157
Edward Marlo The Snap Change Variations 158
Edward Marlo Visual Case Color Change using Snap Change 160
Edward Marlo Marlo Swivel Change variation of Push-In Change 161
Edward Marlo Additions to Double Lift Substitutes five methods 165
Edward Marlo The Grab Swing Cut as a false Cut 175
Edward Marlo Marlo Pickup Move add card(s) to packet without palming from tabled deck, three methods 177
Edward Marlo Pickup Move to Card Case from tabled deck 183
Edward Marlo Clipped Card to Case using clip palm, three methods 185
Edward Marlo Variations on Double Vanish & Recovery two aces change color, other aces are found again, different methodsRelated to 191
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Placement a lot of applications and variations 199
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Placement with final lapping 202
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Placement, step 29) 205
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Placement, step 36 as a center reverse 207
Edward Marlo Approaches to the Kelly Bottom Placement 208
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro Technique on T.K. Drop Sleight T.K.=Tony Kardyro 210
Edward Marlo Ambitious Goal using T.K. Drop Sleight 213
Edward Marlo Togetinto using T.K. Drop SleightRelated to 214
Edward Marlo E.Z. Second Deal large strike surface 216
Edward Marlo Marlo's Covered Second Deal with packet in right hand 219
Edward Marlo In Lieu of the Second Deal in the handsRelated to 222
Edward Marlo Bluff Call to Colors "Group Count" 226
Edward Marlo Miracle Call to Colors 229
Edward Marlo Addition to Stanyon Count three aces as four aces 230
Edward Marlo The Amazon Queens two phases 232
Edward Marlo The Phoenix Vanish actually different, with envelope from which card disappears 235
Edward Marlo The Black Thought from black to red packet 238
Edward Marlo Slip Cut Switch 242
Edward Marlo Guffaloed Ace Vanish using Vernon's Monte Switch 243
Edward Marlo Blue Vanish ace vanish phases 245
Edward Marlo Suggested Routine Aces are lost, found, dissappear 250
Edward Marlo Marlo's Routine aces are lost, found, dissappear, found again 251
Edward Marlo Blue Transpo 255
Edward Marlo Blue Selection Transpo selection travels from blue to red deck, two methods 255
Edward Marlo Doubly Ambitious three phases 257
Edward Marlo Face Up Startler card face up in hand changesRelated toVariations 259
Bob Nelson Bob Nelson's Discovery cards are hit out of spectator's fingers 262
Edward Marlo Marlo's Application Application of Bob Nelson's Discovery 263
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico's Application on Bob Nelson's Discovery 263
Edward Marlo Marlo's Sure Grip for Bob Nelson's Discovery 264
Edward Marlo Marlo's Twin Discovery Application of Bob Nelson's Discovery 264
Edward Marlo In Place of Double Lifts - First Effect losing, production of red aces, transpo 265
Edward Marlo In Place of Double Lifts - Second Effect extra card 265
Edward Marlo In Place of Double Lifts - Third Effect 266
Edward Marlo In Place of Double Lifts - Fourth Effect 268
Edward Marlo More Reversos three cards between four Aces turn out to be later selected card (collectors type) 270
Edward Marlo Reversed Collectors standard effect 278
Edward Marlo Double - Double Face Collectors using 8 double facers 283
Edward Marlo Clipped Transposition one card is paper clipped 287
Edward Marlo Double Tilt plus Addition plus Effect aces come back to top and are switched out 291
Edward Marlo Scoop-Up Addition quintuple is used to scoop up cards,context 291
Edward Marlo Double Tilt two breaks, applications 291
Edward Marlo Tilt and K.M.Move Transpo 295
Edward Marlo Tilt Scoop Up Addition double tilt is used to get into position 296
Edward Marlo Simple Blues for simple "S" from deck to leader packet 297
Edward Marlo K.M. Double Exchange changing two tabled cards plus variations 298
Edward Marlo Marlo's Variation on an Idea variation on Marlo's Peek Deck (Secret IF)Inspired by 299
Ken Krenzel Impromptu R. S. Peek Deck secret incomplete faro condition 299
Edward Marlo Fourth Variation Variation on Marlo's Peek Deck 302
Edward Marlo Face Up Aces Extended longer routine combination 304
Edward Marlo The Extended Transposition 309
Edward Marlo A Three Way Illusion with selections and fair process, credit information 312
Edward Marlo Did you ever see the ----? using gaffed decks 319
Edward Marlo The Ace of Spades Trick two methods 320
Edward Marlo Transposition - Transition - Reproduction fours to fives, combo 322
Edward Marlo Marlo Note on Palming to Separate Pockets 325