Written by Al Schneider

Work of Al Schneider

143 pages (Hardcover), published by Goldshadow Industries
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Al Schneider Introduction
Al Schneider Six Qualities Of The Performance 1. Importance
2. Non-Challenge
3. Quality Of The Performer
4. Control
5. Communication
6. Clarity
Al Schneider A Word On Drills on learning technique 17
Al Schneider The Basic Vanish - A Coin Drill
- About A Coin Drill
- A Finger Palm Drill
- About A Finger Palm Drill
- The Transfer Drill
- About The Transfer Drill
- Transfer with Hold Drill
- The Vanish
- About The Vanish
- Finishes 1-3
- About the Finishes
Al Schneider The Toss Change based on the basic vanish 28
Al Schneider The Basic Large Ball Vanish 31
Al Schneider Snap Back Vanish 32
Al Schneider Lapping general remarks on lapping, "Rest Lap" 35
Al Schneider Spellbound Too 39
Unknown Finger Palm Change 43
Unknown Drop Change 45
Al Schneider Gasp half dollar to african coin to diamond 48
Al Schneider Ghostal Coin silver of a half dollar is squeezed out, the now transparent coin and the silver is put back together to a normal coin 51
Al Schneider Split Silver Dollar into two half dollars and back 56
Al Schneider Silencing Coins masking tape on one side of coin 56
Al Schneider Cone And Coin with a cone 62
Al Schneider Dream One production of three coins from two cards, see also Jerry Andrus' "Miser's Miracle" 70
Al Schneider Twirl Load load coin under card, while twisting the card one-handed 72
Al Schneider Source four dollars produced, two of them shells 75
Al Schneider Shell Steal Move stealing the shell off a tabled coin under cover of presenting two cards 78
Al Schneider, John Kaiser Australian Gambit two transpositions, then travelling 79
Slydini Revolve Vanish 83
J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch 83
Al Schneider Tri-Change three silver half dollars into pennies 84
Al Schneider Ring Off Pencil Inspired by 90
Dai Vernon, Ron Bauer, Al Schneider fake put on fake ring on stick move 90
Al Schneider Ring on Finger putting a finger ring on, one-handed 95
Al Schneider Bar-None paper balls travel, vanish and reappear, inspired by Slydini, kind of sponge ball routine with crumpled napkins 96
Al Schneider Salt Shaker salt shaker wrapped in paper vanishes, lapping 101
Roy Kissell Ring Gag from hand to hand, humorous presentation
Al Schneider Cigarette Pull Finesse tips about the pull handling 104
Al Schneider Sponge Color Changer with thumb tip 105
Al Schneider A Jumping Gems Routine 107
Al Schneider Shear Magic repeated cut and restored rope 112
Al Schneider Al-Himber Wallet paper to money with Himber Wallet 118
Al Schneider 20th Century Yarn 20th Century Silks with three pieces of yarn and an envelope 124
Al Schneider Salt Silk And Silver salt in a salt shaker, coin stack under a rolled up dollar bill and a silk change places. In the salt shaker is the silk, under the bill is salt and the coins are in the hand. 127
Al Schneider Salt Shaker Switch with a napkin 130
Al Schneider Quickcups with magic kit cups and balls 137