Written by Al Schneider

Work of Al Schneider

732 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(96 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Schneider Introduction 7
Al Schneider Some Magic Theory 10
Al Schneider The Five Steps of Deception 11
Al Schneider Intention of Reality 15
Al Schneider Intention of Magic 20
Al Schneider Five Steps to Mastery 22
Al Schneider An Important Philosophical Thought 25
Unknown Finger Palm - Position of Coin in Hand
- Holding the Hand in a Natural Position
Unknown Classic Palm 31
Al Schneider Intention Vanish no coin vanish 39
Al Schneider Condition of Hands 39
Al Schneider Schneider Vanish 42
Al Schneider Toss Change based on the Schneider Vanish 45
Al Schneider Schneider Classic Vanish using classic palm 48
Al Schneider Pop Up Move mentions Edward Marlo in the "Linking Ring" June 1957
- Tumble Move
- Slide Move
- Execution of the Pop Up Move
- A Closer Look at the Pop Up Part
- Discussion
Al Schneider Spellbound Drop Change 71
Al Schneider Spellbound Thumb Change 78
Al Schneider, Max Nelson Max Al Ping Chen I Chien, coins are put on the table one by one, shell 83
Al Schneider Max Al Ping Chen II Chien, coins are put on the table one by one 92
Al Schneider Twirl Load load coin under card, while twisting the card one-handed. Two versions, from a deck and with a single card 97
Al Schneider Thumb Flick the coin is flicked under a prop while pretending to pick it up 108
Al Schneider Snap Back Vanish 113
Al Schneider Cup and Ball Moves comments on the props 118
Al Schneider Rest Positions while palming a ball 120
Al Schneider Ball Palms palms for cups and balls, Finger Palm, Tweezers Palm, Final Load Palm 121
Al Schneider Schneider Vanish put-type vanish 126
Al Schneider Cup Pickup and Replace loading a ball under a cup 132
Al Schneider Tip Load 138
Al Schneider Catch Drop Vanish 142
Unknown Turnover Move hiding a ball while placing the cups on the table 145
Al Schneider Tweezers Steal 147
Al Schneider Tweezers Steal with Large Ball large ball hidden under cup
Al Schneider Tweezers Load 157
Al Schneider Twist Pickup cup pickup hiding a large ball 160
Al Schneider Subtlety Pickup cup pickup hiding a palmed ball 163
Al Schneider Rotate Load 165
Al Schneider Double Load 167
Al Schneider Palm Shift palm change 170
Al Schneider, Pete Biro Expansion of Texture 174
Al Schneider Pete Biro Load Sequence loading a coin into a silk for Expansion of Texture 177
Al Schneider Ring and Pencil Related to 193
Dai Vernon, Ron Bauer, Al Schneider The False Ring Put On fake ring on stick move 195
Al Schneider The Drop Steal 198
Al Schneider Getting Ring onto Finger putting a finger ring on, one-handed 202
Al Schneider With One Hand one-handed knot flourish 215
Al Schneider Vanishing Card 219
Al Schneider Top Palm action palm after overhand shuffle 220
Unknown Palm Drop Vanish palmed card on face up card 223
Al Schneider Sly Napkins paper balls travel, vanish and reappear, inspired by Slydini, kind of sponge ball routine with crumpled napkins 226
Al Schneider Vanishing Saltshaker salt shaker wrapped in paper vanishes 238
Al Schneider Ring Gag from hand to hand, humorous presentation 245
Al Schneider Split Silver Dollar into two half dollars and back 250
Al Schneider Silencing Coins sticking paper on back 250
Al Schneider Classic Coins Across HPC three silver and one odd coin 259
Al Schneider Heng Ping Chen 268
Al Schneider Beyond a Shadow of Doubt three silver and one odd coin, shell 273
Al Schneider Beyond a Shadow of Doubt for Real 306
Al Schneider Special Export 332
Al Schneider French Drop Steal four coins are shown in french drop position and taken by the other hand 333
Al Schneider Special Export Plus shell 349
Al Schneider Junior Cross Cards coin travels twice under two cards, shell 368
Al Schneider Tip Up Vanish coin is taken from a handful change and then vanishes 376
Al Schneider Shell Pick Up behind card 380
Al Schneider Classic Cross Cards three coins under two crossed cards one by one 387
Al Schneider Flick Cross Cards three coins under two crossed cards one by one 408
Al Schneider One Half Gone silver coin travels from between copper coins, nested in an okito box, under a card 440
Al Schneider Spread the Joy card travels from a small packet, reversed to the center of the rest 457
Al Schneider False Count from top of deck 458
Unknown Spread Double Lift 461
Al Schneider Card to Card Case 473
Dai Vernon Card Control to the bottom, credited to Vernon in "The Dai Vernon Book of Magic" (?) 476
Al Schneider Al Schneider Palm action palm 477
Unknown Card from Case 479
Al Schneider Face to Face Aces with four Aces 484
Tenkai Ishida Optical Reverse 485
Al Schneider Universal Card three selections, odd-backed universal card 491
Unknown Push Off Double Lift 500
Al Schneider Insurance Policy Insurance policy can be unfolded, picture of selected card 504
Unknown Cut and Turnover Force reversed card 505
Al Schneider Marked Deck with a stripper deckInspired by 511
Unknown Riffle Force 513
Al Schneider Snake Basket 518
Al Schneider Card Wipe transforming a card while flipping a spread over 528
Al Schneider Classic Matrix "Origin and History" and remarksRelated to 535
Al Schneider Transfer Pickup stealing a coin in the action of putting a card on it 546
Al Schneider Transfer Deposit lay down of a secretly hidden coin under a card 553
Al Schneider Schneider Pickup Move 556
Al Schneider Stargate three silver coins and two coppers, hands as portals, copper/silver
Al Schneider Halo five bracelets, explanation how to build the props 600
Al Schneider Linking Two Rings 625
Al Schneider Unlinking Two Rings 630
Al Schneider Up the Chain 631
Al Schneider Down the Chain 634
Al Schneider Cone-n-Coin one coin under a cone one in the hand 654
Al Schneider Osmosis three coins under a transparent handkerchief penetrate the handkerchief one by one 672
Al Schneider LA Street Cups balls travel from cup to cup one by one, vanish and reappear under the cups, one final load 688