Written by J. B. Bobo

Work of Various

358 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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J. B. Bobo Preface vii
John Braun J. B. Bobo xi
J. B. Bobo Acknowledgements xiv
Unknown Prologue - Of Coins and Conjuring History of Coin Magic xv
Unknown The Classic Palm 1
Unknown The Edge Palm 2
Unknown The Thumb Palm 3
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Palm 3
Unknown The Finger Palm 4
Unknown The Front Finger Hold 5
Unknown The Back Palm from back to front 5
Unknown The Back finger Clip 7
J. B. Bobo, T. Nelson Downs The Back Thumb Palm three methods to transfer the coin into the palm (Downs, Bobo, Bobo) 8
J. B. Bobo The Bobo Switch 10
Unknown Utility Switch Also published here 11
Unknown One-Hand Switch 12
Allan Shaw, Stewart Judah Shaw-Judah Coin Switch with a glass 13
Chester Woodin The Click Pass two methods retaining one coin and both (Woodin, unknown)Also published here 14
Paul Morris The Click Pass 15
Unknown The Coin Flip flipping a coin while palming an other
Unknown Change-Over Pass from thumb or edge palm to a two finger clip 17
Paul Morris The Bottom Steal bottom coin of a pile is stolen in classic palm of other hand 18
Unknown Producing a Coin from a Spectator's Clothing vanished coin is reproduced under spectator's tie 19
Unknown Take Advantage of a Fumble three methods for vanishing a coin while picking it up from the floor (throw into the other hand, cuffing, under the shoe)Related to 20
Unknown Standart Vanish classis palm 22
Unknown Simple Vanish classic pass, like closing a book 23
Unknown Over the Top hands are crossed, coin is thrown from the lower hand onto the palm of the upper hand 23
Unknown The Tunnel Vanish coin is pushed into the fist of the other hand 24
Unknown Thumb Palm Vanish 25
Milton Kort The Drop Vanish coin is dropped from the right hand into the left hand, also as a switch and as a passRelated to 25
J. B. Bobo The Bobo Coin Vanish 27
John Mulholland The Slide Vanish coin slides from left palm on the the right hand 28
T.J. Crawford The Illusive Coin Pass retention of vision basic 29
Dai Vernon A Coin Vanish reprint from Greater MagicRelated to 30
Unknown The Pinch Vanish for small coins 32
Bill Simon Gone steal to other hand, with reference to produce a coin from spectator's earVariations 32
Jimmy Buffaloe The New Era Coin Go show both sides of both hands, wristRelated to 34
Frank Garcia The Flyaway Coin coin vanishes when tossed up 35
Unknown Behind the Back coin vanishes when tossed up 36
Unknown The French Drop (Le Tourniquet Vanish) 37
Dr. E. M. Roberts The Reverse French Drop 38
Al Saal The Elusive Silver Dollar 39
Royal H. Brin, Jr. The Wrist Watch Vanish 40
Glenn Harrison The Pulse Trick coin vanishes and appears 41
Wallace Lee The Cranium Vanish coin is placed on the head 42
Unknown Vanish with the Aid of a Handkerchief 43
H. Adrian Smith The "Heads and Tails" Vanish as a stack, while closing the hand 44
Unknown Vanish for Several Coins two methods 45
Ross Bertram A Trio of Vanishes three methods, last one with sleeving 46
J. B. Bobo The Bobo Complete Coin Vanish from thumb palm to outer breast pocket 49
J. B. Bobo Complete Thumb Palm Vanish to outer breast pocket, while pulling up the sleeve 50
Unknown Knee-zy Vanish coin through knee, twiceRelated to 50
Unknown Sucker Vanish 50
Unknown Pocket Vanish coin through trouser to the inside pocket, then it vanishesRelated to 52
Unknown With a Handkerchief - Number One coin is dropped into the outer breast coat pocket 53
Jimmy Buffaloe With a Handkerchief - Number Two coin vanishes under a handkerchief on the table, back palm to side pocket 55
Milton Kort With a Handkerchief - Number Three coin is thrown into outer pocket 56
Wallace Lee, Unknown In a Spectator's Pocket Three Methods
a. into spectator's outer breast pocket, back palm
b. into spectator's outer breast pocket, thumb palm
c. hand is put into spectator's outer breast pocket to pull him closer (Wallace Lee Method)
Unknown Bluff Vanish pretending to take a coin from a handful of changeVariations 59
Milton Kort Sucker Bluff Vanish 59
Unknown The Coin Fold paperfold 61
Unknown The Envelope Vanish slit 61
Unknown Through the Leg two methods 63
Unknown Rubbed Through the Leg through leg 64
Dave Coleman, Unknown Through the Pocket three methods
a. one coin
b. with extra coin
c. false transfer (Dave Coleman Method)
Ross Bertram, Clyde Cairy, Unknown Through the Hand three methods a. Inside out (Clyde Cairy Method) b. through the fist, rubbing c. Inside out (Ross Bertram Method) 66
Unknown Through a Handkerchief two methods (fake wrapping and steal) 68
Jimmy Buffaloe Double Penetration two coins through handkerchief 71
Jimmy Buffaloe Pants Leg Miracle half dollar transforms into a dime when placed into a trousers fold 73
Milton Kort Half Dollar to Quarter 73
Unknown The Charmed Coin coin to candy 75
Dr. E. M. Roberts The Coin of Metamorphosis Variations 75
J. B. Bobo Coin to Key Related to 78
Unknown Change for a Half half dollar to a quarter, a nickel and two dimes 80
John Braun Much from Little nickel to penny and half dollar, edge gripVariations 80
Karrell Fox, Roy Kissell The Topsy Turvy Coins five coins alternated heads up/tails up arrange to all heads up 81
Jimmy Buffaloe The Impromptu Mint coin transforms under a card 82
Frank Chapman Smart Coin Trick on the back of the hand 83
Jimmy Buffaloe The Switchover coin appears out of a handkerchief 85
Jimmy Buffaloe The Appearing Half coin appears with aid of a handkerchief 87
Unknown Coin Production from Two Cards 88
Cardini The Touch of Midas four coins are produced 90
Cal Emmett One to Four 92
Jack Chanin One to Six 93
Dr. E. M. Roberts, Louis Tannen, Unknown Cuffing two methods 96
J. B. Bobo Some Observations on the Subject remarks on sleeving 99
Unknown Delayed Action Sleeving 100
Unknown Improved Method on the extreme fingertips 101
Unknown The "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish squeeze methodVariations 101
Ross Bertram Reverse "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish squeeze method 102
Unknown The Catapult Related to 102
Stewart Judah Judah Method while grasping the wrist 103
Ross Bertram A Unique Sleeving Move 103
J. A. Bowling The Throw 104
Milton Kort Kort Method 105
Kirk Stiles Kirk Stiles Method 106
Milton Kort A Method of Sleeving One of Several Coins 107
Dr. E. M. Roberts Dr. E. M. Roberts' Method one handed flickVariations 107
Unknown, Dr. E. M. Roberts Loading four methods of loading a coin into the sleeve 111
Unknown Switching switching coins by sleeving 112
Unknown The Sleeve Pocket 112
Unknown Penetration coin through table 113
Frank Garcia Coin Through Table Ruse simulating the tabbing of a coin from underneath the table 114
Unknown Migration two methods 114
Dr. E. M. Roberts Transposition two coins transpose while wrapped into two silks 115
Tenkai Ishida Devaluation half dollar to quarter 117
Unknown Inflation quarter to half dollar 118
Unknown Transformation nickel to half dollar 118
Unknown Variation concept for transforming a coin to a small object 119
Al Saal, Milton Kort Dime and Penny for the Wiseacre one of two coins vanishes, designed as magician fooler 120
Paul Rosini A Novel Vanish and Reproduction with pencil, see also "The Kaplan Transposition" on page 447 in "Hugard's Magic Monthly" 121
Milton Kort The Vagabond Coins four coins across 121
Dr. E. M. Roberts Splitting the Atom half dollar to two quarters and reverse (wax) 123
Dr. E. M. Roberts Change for a Dollar two half dollars to one dollar bill 124
Dr. E. M. Roberts The Stratosphere Quarters four coins vanish and reappear 124
Dr. E. M. Roberts The World's Fastest Coin Vanish and Reproduction 125
Kirk Stiles Die to Dime coin to small object 127
Stewart James, Milton Kort Almost a Transposition transposition of dime and penny, as a kicker the dime transforms into two nickelsRelated to 127
Unknown Second Version 128
Milton Kort, Robert Ungewitter Third Version 128
Milton Kort Copper and Silver Transposition Related to 129
Milton Kort Loading Move from thumb palmRelated to 130
Stewart Judah Second Method 130
Arthur Punnar Third Method 131
Ross Bertram Fourth Method three phases, two coins transpose, travel and vanish 132
C. James McLemore Guess Which Hand spectator guesses in which hand the performer hides a coin, six phases 134
Laurie Ireland, Glenn Harrison, J. B. Bobo Quarter and Half Dollar Transposition several times a half dollar and a quarter change places, finally the half dollar changes to two quartersRelated to 139
Thomas H. Bearden The Curious Nickel coin travels from hand to hand, appears and vanishes with the aid of a rabbit foot 142
James G. Thompson Jr. Two Pennies on the Leg Variations 143
Unknown The Inseparable Pair crossed handed 144
Unknown Drop Switch crossed handed 144
Unknown Coins in the Teeth 146
Jimmy Buffaloe The Drop Pass 146
Jimmy Buffaloe The Drop Pass 146
Jimmy Buffaloe The Hippity Hop Half 147
Royal H. Brin, Jr. Rapid Transit 149
Nelson Hahne Winged Silver four coins travel one by one, extra 149
Unknown Improved Version with an odd coin as an attraction of the other coins 151
Unknown The Flying Eagles three coins in the left join three coins in the right one by oneVariations 152
Senor Charles Mardo Variation 153
Unknown Three and Three 153
Unknown Chinese Money Mystery Variations 154
Frank Drobina Frank Drobina's Coin Routine five small coins from hand to hand, five phases, in spectator's pocket and with marked coin
Arthur H. Buckley Four Coins to a Glass 160
Unknown Coin Production from edge palm 161
Unknown Second Version 163
J. B. Bobo The Traveling Centavos coins to dice cupRelated to 164
Eddie Fields, Glenn Harrison Miracle Coins to the Pocket coins to glass in jacket pocket, tube from breast to coat pocket, in the book credited to Glenn Harrison, see Giobbi for credit detailRelated to 168
Unknown Coin Through a Ring with a handkerchief, two methods, a.) folding coin, b.) fake wrapping 171
Stewart Judah, Orville Wayne Meyer Silver or Copper Extraction two coins wrapped in handkerchief, spectator can chose which should penetrate. Three methods 174
Unknown Copper Penetration two coins, one is wrapped into a handkerchief and hold by the spectator, the other coin penetrates the silkRelated to 178
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, L'Homme Masqué, Dai Vernon The Expansion of Texture - Expanded! two coins, one is wrapped into a handkerchief and hold by the spectator, the other coin penetrates the silkRelated to 181
J. B. Bobo, George F. Wright The Gadabout Coins two in the hand, one in the pocketInspired by
  • "The Alleurian Coins" by George F. Wright in "The Linking Ring" 1/1950
Unknown Coin through Hand 183
Milton Kort The Three Coin Trick three coins vanish one by one and appear again, the last one in the spectator's pocket, three methods 184
John Ramsay Coin through Hand with extra coin 185
Unknown The Bent Penny coin bends in spectator's hand 186
Dr. Boris Zola Silver Extraction coin to transparent coinVariations 187
Unknown, Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin half dollar to glass disc, two methods 188
Han Ping Chien, J. B. Bobo, Stewart Judah Coins Through the Table eight coins, four penetrate the table, four versions
1.) Classic Han Ping Chien
2.) without putting the coins on the knee
3.) with an odd ninth coin
4.) Steward Judah, six pennies, one nickel
Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien 191
Al Baker, Frank Garcia The Magical Filtration of Four Half Dollars four coins through the table, one by one, with a variation on the last coin by Frank GarciaRelated toVariations 193
Frank Garcia Here is Frank's method for last coin through table 196
Yank Hoe The Sympathetic Coins on a handkerchief with two pieces of paper 197
Unknown Second Version on a handkerchief with two pieces of paper, with extra coin 198
Al Saal The Al Saal Stratagem move to transfer a coinInspired by 198
Unknown Third Version with pennies and playing cards 199
Stewart James Fourth Version The Changing Change coins with different values, covered with two bills, extra coin 199
Unknown The Coin Roll 201
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Coin Star with wax on one coin 202
Unknown Roll Down Flourish with Four Coins four coin roll-outRelated to 204
T. Nelson Downs Downs Eureka Pass four coins vanish and appear one by one, transfer of back palmed coins 205
Arthur Punnar "Eureka" Routine four coins vanish and appear 206
Stewart Judah Rattle Box Routine coin penetrates glass and table, other coin travels from box to glass, rattle box 207
Milton Kort, Stewart James Thieves and Sheep two extra coins 208
Stuart P. Cramer Just Pretend coin vanishes and appears 210
Unknown Downs Palm Load 211
Unknown The Free and Ultimate Coinage of Silver coin is vanished, spectator selects object on the table under it is the coin. Then under all the objects is a coinRelated to 213
Glenn Harrison Coins and Cards Three coins appear under three cards, are vanished and reappear under the cards. six coinsRelated toVariations 214
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Okito Coin Box history 217
Unknown Okito Box Move 218
Unknown Another Way okito box turnover 219
Unknown One Hand Method okito box turnover 219
Unknown Hand to Hand Throw okito box turnover 220
Unknown Coin Through Box and the Hand with a description of four coins through table with the okito box 221
Unknown Okito Box, Coin and Handkerchief marked coin from box to handkerchief 221
Jack Chanin Routine with an Okito Box and a Silk four coins vanish 223
Dr. Carl L. Moore Silver to Copper with the Okito Coin Box 224
J. Elder Blackledge The Half Dollars and the Okito Box five coins, shellRelated toVariations 224
George Boston The George Boston Combination Coin Box coins penetrate box and hand 230
Unknown Copper Silver Transposition with the Combination Coin Box 231
Unknown The German Coin Box Bert Kalmar coin box variation 231
Paul Fox The Paul Fox Coin Boxes three versions 233
Stewart James Sqeeze Play coin through hole in poker chip and ring, with handkerchief, shell 235
Stewart James Jimmy Valentine Picks a Lock two coins wrapped in handkerchief and the corner pulled through a padlock, one is named and that one is removed, nickel & penny set 236
Stewart James Money Paper paper disc penetrates a stack of four pennies and ends up inside a business card, nickel & penny set 237
Stewart James Almost a Transposition trasposition of dime and penny, as a kicker the dime transforms into two nickels, nickel & penny set, dime & penny setRelated to 238
Alfred Caroselli The Homing Coins three coins travel back under a handkerchief, 21 cent shell set 239
Unknown The Circus Trick several coins vanish from a handkerchief, 21 cent shell set 240
Unknown The 16¢ Vanish several coins vanish out of the hand, 21 cent shell set 241
Rolland Hamblen 85¢ Through the Table (The $1.35 Trick) several coins through handkerchief and table, $1.35 shell set 241
Unknown, James G. Thompson Jr. Copper and Silver Transposition all with copper/silver coin
- Number One
- Number Two
- Number Three
- Number Four (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)
Also published here 243
Thomas H. Bearden Presto Chango two coins change several times from silver to copper and back, copper/silver coinRelated toVariationsAlso published here 245
Milton Kort The Inferior Coin two silver one copper, copper vanishes and reappears three times, in the end there are two copper and one silver coin, copper /silver coin 246
Lillian Bobo Thieves and Sheep with double facerRelated toVariations 249
Hen Fetsch In and Out with handkerchief, copper/silver coin 249
Hen Fetsch Up Their Sleeve coin in spectator's sleeve and magician's sleeve transpose, copper/silver 250
Hen Fetsch Buddha's Coin silver coin is sandwiched between two copper coins, it transposes with a copper coin wrapped in Buddha Papers, double facerAlso published here 252
Nate Leipzig, Rolland Hamblen The Stack of Quarters six quarters covered with cone transform into pennies, quarters are found in the hand 253
Unknown Second Method stack of quarters covered with a bill tube transforms into pennies, quarters are reappear in purse 255
Unknown The Hook Coin different stratagems 256
Unknown The Magnet handlings for steel coin and magnet 258
Milton Kort Vanish vanish of a steel coin, with magnet 259
Unknown Sundry Gimmicked Coins and Tricks Therewith 260
Unknown Nickel to Half Dollar special folding half with nickel soldered to center section 260
Unknown Liberty Head Half and U.S. Penny 260
Unknown The Ring Coin coin with ring glued to it 261
Gene Gordon Short Changed several coins vanish, glued coins with hook 262
Jimmy Buffaloe The Marksman hole appears in coin 263
Unknown The Squirting Nickel when pressed, water squirts out 264
J. B. Bobo The Shell Half general remarks 265
Unknown Mystery with a Half Shell two coins, one appears and vanishes 265
Unknown Shell Split shell and coin are clipped in front palm, coin thrown, shell kept in position 265
Unknown How to Make Money one coin appears, two coins are rubbed together and one transforms into a quarter 266
Dave Coleman Three Questions two half dollars - one has an X on one side - are rubbed together, the marked coin transforms to a quarter with an X on it 268
Unknown Coin Through a Glass two coins in a glass, one coin travels visually into the other glass 268
Jimmy Buffaloe Perfect Coin Through Handkerchief shell 270
Dr. Carl L. Moore 25¢ and 50¢ Transposition quarter and half dollar change places, in the end both are halves 272
Unknown The Peregrinating Halves four half dollar coins from hand to hand, one by one 273
Unknown Shell Split Move Related to 274
Milton Kort Coins Through the Table with shell and glassVariations 276
Milton Kort Removing Shell from Stack in spectator's hand 278
Milton Kort The Protean Coin coin changes from copper to silver several times 279
Milton Kort The Sympathetic Coin on handkerchief, one card, three silver & one copper, shellVariations 282
Unknown Shell Pickup Under a Card 283
Unknown The Modern Miser five coins appear 285
J. B. Bobo The Folding Half introduction 286
Ralph De Shong The Half Dollar in the Bottle 286
Stewart Judah Second Method Variations 288
Unknown The Magic Mint nickel in the hand, half dollar appears, nickel transforms into another half dollar 289
Gene Gordon Biting a Piece from a Coin 290
Tom Hollingsworth Second Version coin bite 291
Dave Coleman Coin Through a Card (The Folding Quarter) with handkerchief 291
Unknown Coin Switch with handkerchief 293
Dave Coleman A Comedy Coin Routine coins appear and travel into spectator's hand, coin tray, coin wand 294
Unknown Coin in the Banana marked coin should appear in banana, boy already ate it, coin is produced with a wand from the boy's mouth 298
Rolland Hamblen Coin in Ball of Wool and Nest of Boxes entertaining routine with trick funnel and magic awl 299
Glenn Harrison Flight Three three marked coins travel to a pile of ten coins a spectator is holding, coin tray 303
J. B. Bobo The Miser's Dream general remarks and history 306
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs' Original Version with a hat, includes different palming techniques 308
Unknown Production Of Any Number Of Coins At Finger Tips 316
Unknown To Pass a Coin Trough the Knees 316
Unknown The Elusive Pass vanish of several coins 317
Unknown New Change-Over Palm 318
T. Nelson Downs Downs' New "Click" Pass 318
T. Nelson Downs Downs' New Fan Pass Variations 320
Unknown The Downs' Eureka Pass Related to 320
Unknown The "Turnover" with Forty Coins 320
T. Nelson Downs To Palm and Make the Pass with Forty Coins 321
Glenn Harrison The Miser's Dream with bucket 322
M.S. Whitford The Miser's Dream with glass 326
Jack Makepeace A Miser's Dream Routine with wine glass 329
Harry Bernard Perpetual Coins coin production, coins are always put in the pocket 330
Stanley Collins T. Nelson Downs some comments 332
Stanley Collins William J. Hilliar 332
Stanley Collins L'Homme Masqué 333
Stanley Collins Allen Shaw 333
Stanley Collins Owen Clark Variations 333
Stanley Collins Charles Morritt 334
Stanley Collins Morritt's Purse Trick purse palmVariations 334
Unknown Three Coin Monte three coins, one is labeled, monte 336
Unknown The Jumping Sixpence coin turns or jumps from wrist 337
Stanley Collins The Esscee Half-Crown and Wafers Trick with stickers 338
Unknown Two Heads and a Tail 339
Stanley Collins The Esscee Front and Back Manipulation 340
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 1 With a Single Coin 341
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 2 With a Single Coin 341
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 3 With a Single Coin 342
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 4 with copper/silver 342
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 5 with handkerchief 343
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 6 343
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 7 with handkerchief 344
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 8 344
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 9 344
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 10 shell 345
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 11 345
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 12 346
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 13 346
Milton Kort Routine No. 14 with dice cup 346
Milton Kort Routine No. 15 Too Many Coins 348
Rolland Hamblen Routine No. 16 with boston and lippincott coin box 349
James G. Thompson Jr. Routine No. 17 350