Written by Steve Beam

Work of Steve Beam

64 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Steve Beam Introduction 1
Steve Beam Light and Dark Switch "This is a good alternative for The Bobo Switch" 4
Don Morris Copper/Silver Toss paddle move 5
Don Morris, Steve Beam Modified Copper/Silver Toss 6
Steve Beam Thumbs Up Switch table edge, lapping 6
Steve Beam In a Pinch stealing one of several into Tenkai Pinch, one-handed 6
Steve Beam Flipped Out coin switched as it is picked up and flipped in air, one-handed 8
Steve Beam Copper/Silver Flipped Out (transformation) use of previous switch 10
Steve Beam Drawback one half dollar under each hand, they travel under one hand, in repeat change into dollar 11
Steve Beam Drawback and Nothing variation of previous trick with vanish finale, tabled 13
Steve Beam Delayed Table Transit one half dollar under each hand, they travel under one hand 13
Paul Gertner Thumb Kick 13
Keith Breen Join the Club two coins under two cards, one travels over to other, featuring a pick-up load 14
Al Schneider Pick-Up Move 14
Keith Breen, Steve Beam Two Cards, Two Coins transposition underneath two cards 14
Steve Beam Chinese-A-Chinese coins stick to hand 15
Steve Beam Copper/Copper/Copper/Silver coin changes when tossed to hand 17
Steve Beam Change Purse lapping 18
Unknown Purse Palm 18
Unknown Inertia Lap 19
Steve Beam Foreign Coins two coins transform into American coins, ends clean 20
Phillip Young Coin Phillip ("Flip") coin changes when tossed in air 21
Steve Beam Spellbound Again 22
Steve Beam Dime and Penny dime changes into American penny, edge grip 25
Steve Beam The Pancake Coin very thin coin, shaved 26
Steve Beam Polish Heads or Tails coin covered, performer can uncover coin and always win, using Pancake Coin 26
Steve Beam Heads or Heads demonstration of controlled coin flip, using Pancake Coin 27
Steve Beam Through the Table with glass and single coin, coin seen halfway in table, using Pancake Coin 27
Steve Beam Susan B. head on coin changes, using Pancake Coin 28
Steve Beam Push Thru Dollar coin visibly penetrates cased deck, all cards have holes except selection, using Pancake Coin 29
Steve Beam Number One "Doing it by the Numbers", coin changes into small metal number 1 33
Steve Beam Like One coin changes into small metal number 1 33
Steve Beam Nothing Left coin changes into small metal number 0 33
Steve Beam German Coins German coin changes into small metal number 9 33
Steve Beam Nine to Six transformation routine with small metal numbers 33
Steve Beam Rattle Wand coin from wand 34
Steve Beam Show Three, Throw Four three coins become 4 35
Phillip Young Splitting Coins coin is split into two 36
Steve Beam Purse Appearance one-handed using purse palm 37
Steve Beam 2-3-3 Illusion two coins change into 3, optical illusion presentation 38
Steve Beam The Okito Box general comments 41
Steve Beam Toss Out Steal as coins are dumped out 42
Steve Beam Swivel Bottom Move 43
Steve Beam Toss Out Color Change 43
Steve Beam Toss Out Change/Switch with Okito Box 44
Steve Beam Change Box half dollar shaken in Okito Box, when tossed out it changes into 2 quarters 45
Steve Beam Topless Bottom Switch switching two boxes 45
Steve Beam Four Copper, Four Silver four coins change at once 46
Steve Beam, Harvey Rosenthal Box Change box changes color as well, using Rosenthal move from his lecture notes 47
Steve Beam Nest of Box marked coin from hand to box 48
Steve Beam Hand and Box Transposition 48
Steve Beam One Coin Thru through coin box 49
Steve Beam Optional Part II coin from hand to box 49
Steve Beam Coins to Box four coins one by one 50
Don Morris Two Faced coin changed into two-faced and two tailed coin, then back to normalRelated to 53
Steve Beam Another Paddle Move with Coins 54
Steve Beam Modified Salem Switch Related to 54
Rhett Bryson Bryson's Buffalo Chips one side of wooden nickel transforms 54
Steve Beam Pumpkin Seed Diminish coin visibly shrinks to miniature coin 55
Steve Beam Through the Hand through back of hand into glass 55
Unknown Dime Museum coin stands up on palm 56
Jeff White Coin Across Ending with glass, using muscle pass 57
Unknown Muscle Pass brief 57
Steve Beam Nest Egg marked coin to egg 59
Unknown Loading an Egg with a coinRelated to 59
Steve Beam "Thanks-Given" thanking Rhett Bryson, Keith Breen, Jeff White, Phillip Young, Don Morris 60