Written by Danny Korem

Work of Danny Korem

181 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Danny Korem Introduction 1
Danny Korem Impossible Coin Catch elbow catch, coins vanish 5
Danny Korem See Through Coin Revelation visible coin production, then transformation 10
Danny Korem Edge Display OK sign, hand looks empty 10
Danny Korem Jumping Shuttle Pass Related to 15
Danny Korem Little Cheat Coin Vanish under card on back of spectator's hand 18
Hubert Lambert "Irish Press" Coin Thru Hank three phases 21
Danny Korem Vanishing Deck Idea topit 25
Danny Korem Revolving Imp Coin Exchange coin changes in hand and becomes jumbo coin which changes again in handkerchief 26
Danny Korem, Slydini Revolving Imp table edge switch, combination of Slydini's Imp Pass & Revolve Vanish 27
Unknown Gypsy Switch coin in handkerchief 31
Danny Korem Putting The Move On Roth Inspired by 32
Danny Korem Third Beat Matrix complex routine with three copper, three silver coins and six cards 38
Unknown Matrix Coin Steal slide on table 40
Unknown Kick Vanish kicking under card 41
Danny Korem The Art of Stand-Up essay on limitations and strengths 47
Danny Korem New Wave Chop Cup stand-up routine, with silk, deceptive loads 52
Danny Korem Distant Passage Coins in Glass for stand-up 65
Unknown Edge Classic Palm Position 66
Unknown Breast Pocket Ditch 69
Danny Korem Trouser Pocket Ditch 73
Unknown Roll Down roll out flourish 73
Danny Korem, Jon Racherbaumer Without a Net! peeked card jumps out of deck in other hand 76
Unknown The Leaper end grip spin-out of top cardRelated to 76
Danny Korem Malini On Stage two spectators on stage, sponge ball routine with paperballs over the head situation and balls appearing at spectator, then watch steal and coconut production from hat 78
Tommy Martin Bird Cage Load from table with live doves, very brief 78
Roger Klause Sponge Vanish in thumb tipRelated to 82
Danny Korem Wrist Watch Steal 86
Scotty York, Danny Korem, Chuck Morris, Dan Garrett Three Round Ringer three phasesRelated to 92
Danny Korem, Jean Merlin French Cut Restoration loop on reel 104
Danny Korem Figure-Eight for Connoisseurs flourish knot without letting go of the ends 107
Danny Korem Pluck Knot knot plucked off rope 110
Danny Korem Tactile Healer inspired by Jack Chanin's "Rip-It" 115
Danny Korem, Paul Harris Solo Card Restoration using only one card, except final corner 120
Danny Korem A Short Digit on Display thumb through spectator's shirt 128
Danny Korem Mind Meddlers - Love is a Trick essay on claimed psychic powers of James Hydrick 133
Danny Korem The Acrobatic Haunted Card thread set-up between two fingers 141
Danny Korem For The Cardician's Game Draw Shift 147
Jerry Andrus Standing-Kneeling Deception Gag 152
Danny Korem, Jerry Andrus The Omni Deck short Ambitious Card routine ending with clear block of glassInspired by 153
Unknown Tilt 154
Danny Korem Signa-Wild Reset Reset in which one four-of-a-kind is signed on back by performer, then signatures transpose on other quartet 156
Unknown Veeser Concept from Erdnase Break 159
Danny Korem Dallas Drop card dealt from deck on table really comes from right hand Tenkai PalmVariations 167
Danny Korem The Korem Deck Switch as deck is put in case, pendulum holdout 170
Danny Korem Epilogue 181